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"I Get Recognized at Least Once a Day": An Interview with Kristen Schaal | 12 Jul 2011 // 12:40 AM

She wrote The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex and is the Women's Issues Correspondent on The Daily Show. The upfront female comic sits down to talk to PopMatters about comedy, fame, and so much more ...


'Thelma and Louise': Still the Coolest Girls to Ever Drive a T-Bird | 15 Feb 2011 // 4:00 PM

Twenty years old this year, Thelma and Louise is not just a classic, but the ultimate road map for breaking the rules.

Hawkeye Is Back in Hi-Def: 'The Last of the Mohicans' | 10 Jan 2011 // 3:58 PM

For the truly obsessed, The Last of the Mohicans is newly available in sleek Director’s Cut Blu-ray format. New tomahawk sound effects included.


Handbuilt Bicycles at the Museuem of Art and Design | 24 Jun 2010 // 1:00 AM

"Bespoke: The Handbuilt Bicycle" / The Museum of Art and Design / New York / May 13 - August 15, 2010

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"No Dollars in Duende": On Making Uncompromising, Spirited Music

// Sound Affects

"On the elusive yet clearly existential sadness that adds layers and textures to music.

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