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Jimmy Callaway
Image: Jimmy Callaway

Jimmy Callaway lives and works in San Diego, CA.  Please visit Attention, Children. to read more of his writing.  Thank you.


Tuesday, August 24 2010

MAD’s Maddest Artist Gets Even: Don Martin Strikes a Blow for Creators’ Rights

In 1988, MAD's Don Martin helps set the stage for the move towards comics creators' rights in the '90s.

Sunday, August 22 2010

Milagro: Image Comics Makes Creators’ Rights an Issue for a New Generation

Image Comics was the game-changer. Not only did they proactively assert their rights as creators, but instilled in those to follow, the notion of creator autonomy.

Tuesday, August 3 2010

Confederacy of Bad-Asses #2: The Life of Reilly

From here on in for the next few years, The Punisher would be published exclusively under Marvel’s mature-readers MAX imprint, allowing Ennis to explore the character in a more realistic setting, with more swear words and fewer men in capes.

Wednesday, June 23 2010

Confederacy of Bad-Asses 1: You 'n Me, We Onna Same Side, Homes

The first in a series of Iconographies examining Garth Ennis-scripted Punisher villains spotlights Barracuda, one of the Punisher's sickest, most deranged enemies, who also turns out to be almost the exact same man.

Thursday, January 28 2010

Die With Your Mask On: The Grim Superheroics of Rick Veitch

Rick Veitch wonders where the next step in superhuman evolution will take us.


Thursday, June 23 2011

Beauty Is Found Below Levels of Trauma in 'American Masculine'

Shann Ray's debut collection of short stories is not just a reimagining of the American West, but of the American man.

Sunday, May 15 2011

Betty White's 'If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won't)' Makes for Delightful Company

This is a perfectly sweet distraction with which to pass a few hours, an easy way to pay a visit to your 'bonus grandma'.

Thursday, April 21 2011

Selective Amnesia, OCD Ticks and Other Useful Character Flaws in 'The Dewey Decimal System'

Private-eye fiction is being kept vital and relevant by many creative and intelligent authors. Nathan Larson's book is proof positive that the private detective will remain a serious and seriously enjoyable literary archetype.

Monday, April 4 2011

In 'AC/DC In the Studio' the Music is There, but the Narrative Isn't

The best thing about this book is that it will likely make you want to put your AC/DC albums on the home stereo and play them really loud.

Wednesday, February 9 2011

'Storyteller' Is a Thorough Telling of One of the Greatest Minds in Children's Literature

Roald Dahl may have personally found biographies boring, but Donald Sturrock's book is anything but.


Thursday, February 17 2011

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!: Mr. Show vs. the Rift between Parody and Satire

Parody and satire: two great tastes that taste great together.

Friday, February 11 2011

Blessed Are the Big Noses: Monty Python vs. the Sermon on the Mount

I can't hear a bloody thing.

Sunday, January 23 2011

Even As You Gag on It: MST3K vs. Post-War America

Nothing destroys the charm of a meal more quickly than having a personality.

Wednesday, October 13 2010

The Early Days of New England Comics Press #2: This Foul Romper Room

The second in a 3-part series revisiting the NEC Press of the late 1980s and early 1990s, focusing on that monolith of Japanese propriety, Paul the Samurai.

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