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Jimmy Callaway lives and works in San Diego, CA. Please visit Attention, Children. to read more of his writing. Thank you.

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MAD’s Maddest Artist Gets Even: Don Martin Strikes a Blow for Creators’ Rights | 24 Aug 2010 // 5:00 PM

In 1988, MAD's Don Martin helps set the stage for the move towards comics creators' rights in the '90s.

Milagro: Image Comics Makes Creators’ Rights an Issue for a New Generation | 22 Aug 2010 // 8:40 PM

Image Comics was the game-changer. Not only did they proactively assert their rights as creators, but instilled in those to follow, the notion of creator autonomy.


Beauty Is Found Below Levels of Trauma in 'American Masculine' | 23 Jun 2011 // 5:00 PM

Shann Ray's debut collection of short stories is not just a reimagining of the American West, but of the American man.

Betty White's 'If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won't)' Makes for Delightful Company | 15 May 2011 // 4:59 PM

This is a perfectly sweet distraction with which to pass a few hours, an easy way to pay a visit to your 'bonus grandma'.


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!: Mr. Show vs. the Rift between Parody and Satire | 17 Feb 2011 // 2:55 AM

Parody and satire: two great tastes that taste great together.

Blessed Are the Big Noses: Monty Python vs. the Sermon on the Mount | 11 Feb 2011 // 2:03 AM

I can't hear a bloody thing.

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"No Dollars in Duende": On Making Uncompromising, Spirited Music

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"On the elusive yet clearly existential sadness that adds layers and textures to music.

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