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Michael Underwood


Wednesday, April 6 2011

Compelling but Uneven, the Two Leads Carry 'Love and Other Drugs' with Charm

An up-and-coming pharmaceutical sales rep and an artist with early-onset Parkinson's are stubborn anti-romantics, but they can't help but fall for one another.

Thursday, March 10 2011

'Monsters': Agents of Political Expediency

Two Americans attempt to get back to the US, making the trek through the dangerous 'infected' zone an obvious political allegory.

Sunday, March 6 2011

Mischiefmaking in 'Megamind'

Supervillain Megamind finally defeats his nemesis, Metroman and takes over Metro City. Deprived of any challenge, he creates a new opponent and becomes a hero in the process.

Tuesday, January 11 2011

'Generator Rex, Vol. 1': A Fun Action Series for Young Audiences

Five years ago, a world-wide nanite plague infected every living thing on Earth. When those nanites transform people and animals into mindless monsters, Providence and their secret weapon Rex are there to fight back.

Tuesday, October 5 2010

Musical Numbers and Neal Patrick Harris Help Save 'How I Met Your Mother: The Complete Season 5'

This season had great highs and unimpressive lows, with the formerly central Ted drifting into being usually a background character while Barney takes center stage.


Monday, August 23 2010

LXD 1x10 "I Seen a Man" (video)

A young tapper confronts his own demons through dance and joins the group of dancers invited to join the LXD in the series' first-season finale.

Thursday, August 19 2010

LXD 1x09 "The Fanboys"

A group of nerdy LXD fans push themselves and try to prove themselves worthy to join the group.

Sunday, August 8 2010

LXD 1x08 "Elliot's Shoes"

An unsuspecting young man discovers a pair of magical shoes that compel him to dance.

Monday, August 2 2010

LXD 1x07 "The Dark Doctor Deal"

Autumn pays the price for the deal that spared her husband's life.

Sunday, August 1 2010

LXD 1x06 "Duet"

Former lovers dance in sync across space in an incredibly-choreographed piece of storytelling dance.

LXD 1x05 "The Lettermakers" (Mixed Media) [27.Jul.10]
LXD 1x04 "The Uprising Begins" (Mixed Media) [23.Jul.10]
LXD 1x03 "Robot Lovestory" (Mixed Media) [15.Jul.10]
LXD 1x02 "Antigravity Heroes" (Mixed Media) [9.Jul.10]
LXD 1x01 "The Tale of Trevor Drift" (Mixed Media) [8.Jul.10]
Forever's Not So Long (short film) (Mixed Media) [20.Apr.10]
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