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Evan Sawdey
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PopMatters Interviews Editor

Evan Sawdey started contributing to PopMatters in late 2005, and has also had his work featured in publications such as SLUG Magazine, The Metro (U.K.), Soundvenue Magazine (Denmark), the Daily Dot, and multiple national newspapers. Evan has been a guest on WNYC’s Soundcheck (an NPR affiliate), was the Executive Producer for the Good With Words: A Tribute to Benjamin Durdle album (available for free at, and wrote the liner notes for the 2011 re-release of Andre Cymone’s hit 1985 album A.C. (Big Break Records), the 2012 re-release of ‘Til Tuesday’s 1985 debut Voices Carry, and many others.  He is a current member of The Recording Academy and resides in Chicago, Illinois. You can follow him @SawdEye should you be so inclined.


Monday, March 17 2014

Will We Dry Up Before We Bleed?: An Interview with Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew

Kevin Drew is emotionally unflinching, both on his songs and even during one-on-one discussions. A lot of people think his new album, Darlings, is about sex, but as our intimate chat proves, it goes deeper than that.

Monday, January 27 2014

Nothing Shocking: The 56th Annual Grammy Awards

Was this a great broadcast? It hasn't been for years. But quite frankly, the Grammy Awards may very well turn into a consistently solid event if they just focus on the performance styles that work and slightly retool their format.

Monday, October 28 2013

Legendary Heart: A Remembrance of Lou Reed

Lou Reed lived an extraordinary life, but that's mainly because he never followed any existing archetype. He was Lou Reed, and there was never anyone like him before, and there will never be anyone like him after.

Monday, October 14 2013

Dosh - 'Milk Money' (album stream) (Premiere)

PopMatters is pleased to premiere Milk Money, the latest album by prolific multi-instrumentalist Dosh.

Monday, October 14 2013

Dear Believer: An Interview with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

They organized a carnival-like festival with no opening acts. His solo album had zero outside contributors. Now, Alex Ebert's musical empire has never been more expansive, and tells PopMatters about branding, musical commerce, and wanting to record a jazz album.


Sunday, October 17 2010

The 24-hour News Cycle Rhetoric Yields to Something Far More Human in 'The Promise: President Obama'

This book works because it doesn't skimp on details: the reason behind every major Obama Year One decision is explained, and the result is fascinating. If only Alter toned down the declarative statements...


Tuesday, April 15 2014

My Chemical Romance: May Death Never Stop You: The Greatest Hits (2001-2013)

May Death Never Stop You proves to be a tricky overview of MCR's output, trying to please both casual fans and completists at the exact same time.

Sunday, April 13 2014

A Hands-Off Approach Goes a Long Way in 'Philomena'

The direction is solid but not overbearing, the score subtle and light, the entire affair very nicely cushioned around Coogan and Dench's performances, and the film is all the more effective because of it.

Tuesday, April 8 2014

Todd Terje: It's Album Time

Having remixed great disco tracks and modern day indie floor-fillers for years (hi Hot Chip!), Terje finally breaks out on his own, ready to rock your yacht were it not for some of his more meandering passages.

Monday, March 24 2014

Sex & Drugs & Stocks 'n' Blow

The Wolf of Wall Street becomes a frightening morality play wherein the morals worth celebrating or demonizing depend entirely upon the viewer.

Monday, February 24 2014

'Thor: The Dark World' Brings the Hammer (and the Enthusiasm) Down

Thor worked due to its surprisingly-effective Shakespearean framework. Thor: The Dark World follows conventional Hollywood tropes and suffers for it.

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Tuesday, April 22 2014

The Music Industry's "1-2%" Death Knell

Articles hailing "the death of the music industry" are a dime a dozen, but recent stories about album sales, iTunes Radio, and radio audience shares -- when bundled together -- indicate that the big shift everyone has feared is actually genuinely happening.

Wednesday, April 16 2014

20 Questions: We Are Scientists

These guitar-based indie pop titans release a delightful new album, discuss the greatness of Tusk, and find a correlation between Macbeth and BASEketball.

Thursday, April 3 2014

20 Questions: Barzin

This Canadian songsmith writes gorgeous music that is simultaneously lush and intimate, but that doesn't mean he still has some choice words about Frank Zappa, Rob Ford, and so much more.

Thursday, March 20 2014

Jody Rosen vs. Ted Gioia, and the Advent of New Fogeyism

Ted Gioia's piece "Music Criticism Has Degenerated Into Lifestyle Reporting" spread like wildfire, and Jody Rosen's response was equally compelling. While the debate rages on, these two critical titans are highlighting a changing of the critical guard that is happening slowly and begrudgingly.

Tuesday, March 18 2014

20 Questions: New Bums

When you take the Skygreen Leopards' frontman and place him with the prolific indie god Ben Chasny, what do you get? Stories about Settlers of Catan, drunk-tank philosophy, and a great new band called New Bums, we discover ...

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