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Crispin Kott
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Crispin Kott is a father, writer/editor, drummer and gadfly living in Brooklyn, NY. You can find some of his published professional work unprofessionally archived at


Thursday, January 3 2013

The Return of Sir Lucious Left Foot: Big Boi on World Domination

"As long as the music is jamming, I’m open to it. It’s always about the search for that new sound, that new groove. This is how you keep music going. The art form, period. The craft of making the coldest shit on the planet. This is what I do, this is what I was put here to do, and I’m just getting started." -- Big Boi

Wednesday, September 5 2012

Today's Supernatural: PopMatters Interviews Animal Collective

A few months before the release of their latest opus, Centipede Hz, the psyilocybin Super Friends sat down with PopMatters to talk about the past, the present and the future of Animal Collective.

Thursday, April 26 2012

The Sklar Brothers: The Hardest-Working Twins in Showbiz

In the time it took you to finish this sentence, Randy and Jason Sklar have already come up with 10 jokes about LeBron James.

Thursday, January 26 2012

Different Flavored Skulls: An Intimate Chat with the Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne

In speaking to PopMatters about the creation of the Flaming Lips' latest edible piece of insanity, frontman Wayne Coyne reveals how he turned mistakes into opportunities, gives much love to the major label he's signed to, and remains unshakably upbeat about what's next for one of the greatest bands working today.

Sunday, September 25 2011

ATP America Presents: I'll Be Your Mirror Curated by Portishead & ATP

All Tomorrow's Parties' I'll Be Your Mirror opens in its new location in Asbury Park, New Jersey this weekend with a lineup curated by Portishead and ATP. PopMatters speaks to the festival's founder, Barry Hogan, to discuss where ATP has been and where it's going.


Thursday, February 11 2010

The Velvet Underground's Lost Chapter

Putting aside the music, the history of the Velvet Underground is marked not by innovation or inspiration, but by frustration and disappointment.


Thursday, June 5 2014

Duran Duran's 'Beautiful Colors' in Posters

This is a weighty tome, independently released, but with the high-end quality one might expect to have found at the recently shuttered Rizzoli flagship store.

Tuesday, October 16 2012

All Tomorrow's Parties: I'll Be Your Mirror, Day Three

Considering I’ll Be Your Mirror after the fact should, for this year anyway, come with an asterisk. It wasn’t complete, even with all the good shit that happened on the Sunday. I’ll Be Your Mirror felt unfinished, like a dress rehearsal.

Thursday, July 12 2012

Mountain Jam: May 31 - June 3

Mountain Jam may be an accurately-named festival, but there's much more to the story than you might think.

Thursday, May 31 2012

Paul Weller: 18 May 2012 - New York

On the street, actually in the city, fighting through a million people craning their necks to figure out where the ball drops each New Year’s Eve, the air was still crackling. Weller is more than just an institution, but an active genius still capable of creating vital music. On one night in May in New York City, Weller’s sense of adventure was more than matched by a terrific performance with his band.

Thursday, April 19 2012

Kraftwerk at the Museum of Modern Art on 10 April 2012

Nearly 40 years ago, Kraftwerk must have seemed as though they’d beamed in from another dimension, a window into a clean, emotionless yet oddly sexy future. And they still sound like that today.


Wednesday, August 22 2012

'Blur 21': The Best of the Rarities

The most compelling reason to opt for the CD version of the Blur 21 box set is the inclusion of four rarities discs covering the span of the revived Britpop group’s history.

Friday, May 18 2012

NYC Popfest Is Here!

The 2012 incarnation is set to swarm the city from May 17 through Sunday, May 20, with good vibes all across the city and bands from all over the world.

Monday, November 7 2011

Duran Duran Releases New Video for "Girl Panic!"

For a band who helped build their reputation on music video, it's been a long time since Duran Duran made a promotional film worthy of their classic clips from the '80s, which repeatedly cast the band as a hedonistic, futuristic, slightly effeminate gang of pirates.

Tuesday, August 9 2011

Friendly Fires + The Naked and Famous + Cults - Live at SummerStage in Central Park

On record, Friendly Fires are a kinetic blend of dance rhythms, massive washes of synthesizers and guitars and the blue-eyed soul yelps of frontman Ed Macfarlane. Live, however, they’re even better, a frenzy of motion from which the noise escapes.

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