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Nikki Tranter
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Nikki Tranter has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology/Criminology from La Trobe University in Melbourne and George Mason University in the U.S., and an M.A. in Professional Communication from Deakin University in Melbourne. She likes her puppy (Fulci the Fox Terrier), reading, painting, Take That, country music, and watching TV. Her favorite movie is Teen Wolf.


Tuesday, June 8 2010

Funny Enough: An Interview with Tony Martin

Memoirist and comedian Tony Martin talks about commercial radio dumbasses and explains just what it is that makes Running with Scissors so darned unbelievable.

Thursday, October 22 2009

Exit from Nowheresville: My 10 Years with PopMatters

This is my story of how the new media world impacted my life, as a rural Victorian with a big dream. How it changed, and continues to change, my everyday life. How it made me a writer, gave me the confidence to undertake post graduate study, how it gave me the edge I needed to get the job I now utterly love.

Tuesday, September 30 2008

No Easy Reasons: Interview with Camilla Noli

The question at the heart of Camilla Noli's debut novel, Still Waters, is this: Is every woman suited to motherhood? The book is a sharp, distressing look at the answer. PopMatters spoke to Noli about the book, the controversy, motherhood, and the writer's dream realized.

Tuesday, March 4 2008

Historian: Interview with Brian Garfield

"I think that, except for its ludicrous violence toward the end, the Death Sentence movie does depict its character's decline and the stupidity of vengeful vigilantism." Death Wish creator Brian Garfield talks to PopMatters about remakes, sequels, writing, and the meaning of vengeance.

Wednesday, September 27 2006

Story Just Wrote With Music: Interview with Doug Hoekstra

"I do believe that, that even when someone is "bothering" the coffee drinkers, you can look around the audience and find folks connecting and digging what he or she is doing, and from those connections, all sorts of good things emerge, immediately or further on down the road."

The Boy is Gone [14.Sep.05]


Sunday, March 18 2007

The Last Kiss (2006)

This is not a revised look at new-young-adult ideals: it's an age-old crock.

Thursday, March 1 2007

So NoTORIous: The Complete Series

This Tori is a performance. The real Tori is clearly much cooler. Don't you just hate her?

Wednesday, February 7 2007

Jann Arden: A Work in Progress [DVD]

A Work in Progress reveals the good person that Jann Arden is, but not enough of the good musician that she is.

Thursday, December 14 2006

Friends - The Complete Series Collection

Returning to Friends, as the cliché goes, is like visiting an old friend. It's also very much a step back in time; to our own history as much as television history.

Tuesday, November 21 2006

A Star is Found by Janet Hirshenson and Jane Jenkins

In an exuberant, faultlessly pleasant manner, the authors take us behind the Hollywood curtain and into a world often misunderstood.

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Rove Live [31.Dec.94]


Monday, June 14 2010

Girl-Gothic: Five Minutes with Meg Cabot

Vampire stories may have been around for centuries, but it’s undeniable that they’ve never been quite this popular.

Wednesday, January 6 2010

Peter Phelps and Sex Without Madonna

Friday, October 2 2009

Lessons Learned From Banned Books

Monday, September 28 2009

Wake in Fright all over again

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