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Rob Horning

Robert Horning has developed a substantial body of work in PopMatters’ music reviews, concerts, film, and TV sections. His writing has also appeared in Time Out New York and Skyscraper. In his PopMatters column, “Marginal Utility”, Rob bridges the abstract and concrete aspects of consumerism. His writing is as grounded and approachable as an everyday trip to the grocery store. Rob has a BA and MA in English Literature; his interests in social theory, economics, and sociology generates his solid background knowledge for “Marginal Utility” and informs his music reviews. For more Rob Horning, be sure to read the Marginal Utility blog.


Thursday, September 17 2009

The Frankfurt School in Exile

The positivists regarded Hegelian dialectics as metaphysical voodoo; the New York Intellectuals thought the Frankfurt School's associates were closet Stalinists.

Thursday, July 23 2009

The Cultural Logic of Computation

Far from being the great liberator, computers, Golumbia insists, actually serve to fix us in the grid of global capitalism while concentrating power and shifting it upward to those who control the networks we are enmeshed in.

Monday, June 1 2009

Baby, He's a Star: Prince's Life in Film

Prince's films struggled with several issues, yet the most prominent theme with most of his work was walking that line between credibility and commercialism, turning away from greed in order to embrace his inner artist (which, in Purple Rain's case, is all the more ironic, given that it made him a commercial blockbuster).

Tuesday, March 31 2009

Andrew Ridgeley: An Appreciation

It would seem that time has not been particularly kind to "the other guy in Wham!" The always enigmatic Ridgeley has gone from being one half of the world's most successful pop duo in the 1980s to a punch line on Family Guy. Is this entirely fair?

Thursday, December 18 2008

George Orwell: Forgiving and Championing Bad Art

Orwell's essays remind us that better than our best intentions is our inescapable nature, our shared ordinariness, which will always have the potential to redeem us all if only we will embrace it.


Thursday, July 1 2010

The Future of Intimacy Is But a Text Message Away

One can't comfortably opt out of a social medium that has become part of everyone's standard reality, if you want to stay in their social sphere. With that in mind, I finally bought a cell phone.

Thursday, April 22 2010

Neurocriticism and Neurocapitalism

The cutting-edge of literary studies uses brain scans and evolutionary psychology to fashion a science of reading, but these techniques have already been at work crafting the latest and most invasive phase of capitalism.

Thursday, February 18 2010

The Digital Surplus and Its Enemies

While we are building identity in social networks, our online behavior generates a plenitude of information, meanings and content that constitutes a "cognitive surplus" generated by the "hive mind".

Thursday, January 21 2010

Designing Consent

Industrial design aspires to the commanding heights of consumer society, building its policy prescriptions and dogmatic assumptions about what makes us happy directly into the objects available to us.

Sunday, October 4 2009

Sharing: The New Imposition

Twitter is less about disseminating information than it is about subjects trying to make themselves feel more real, ontologically speaking, in a increasingly mediated world.

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Sunday, November 7 2010

John Phillips: Many Mamas, Many Papas

John Phillips' efforts to revive his career in the 1980s are awkward and emotionally fraught, but surprisingly not awful.

Tuesday, January 12 2010

Modernism and the Culture of Efficiency

The ideology of efficiency, as Cobley details it, can basically be summed up in the phrase Hannah Arendt used to describe Nazi functionaries: "the banality of evil".

Sunday, August 23 2009

Examined Life ed. by Astra Taylor

These conversations reveal philosophers practicing their craft in a somewhat spontaneous fashion, thinking on their feet, grasping for what must be oft-repeated riffs and rendering them applicable to the moment.

Sunday, July 19 2009

To Serve God and Wal-Mart by Bethany Moreton

As conservative Christianity focused more intently on reaffirming that a woman's real work was domestic and reproductive, Wal-Mart became an ideological ally.

Monday, July 6 2009

K Blows Top by Peter Carlson

Carlson effectively conjures the post-Stalin era of the Cold War and the inherent media absurdities revolving around Nikita Khrushchev, Soviet Premier; the man who once promised to bury us all.

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Wednesday, February 1 2012

Google and the Production of Curiosity

Google, then, is the reification of the general intellect. It manages to take human curiosity and turn it into capital.

Tuesday, January 31 2012

Authenticity Issues and the New Intimacies

The social-media companies have largely succeeded in persuading users of their platforms' neutrality. What we fail to see is that these new identities are no less contingent and dictated to us then the ones circumscribed by tradition; only now the constraints are imposed by for-profit companies in explicit service of gain.

Monday, January 30 2012

Data Self Redux

I think the logical extension of the data self -- the self that is secure with itself only to the extent that it is constituted in social media as manipulatable data -- will be for Twitter to come preloaded with plausible friends, Facebook preloaded with life experiences, or at least preordained slots of experiences a user is supposed to have.

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Tell 'em that it's human nature (Marginal Utility) [30.Jun.09]
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John Is Dead (Marginal Utility) [23.Jun.09]
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More money, more problems (Marginal Utility) [7.Jan.09]
Ereway inway ethay oneymay (Marginal Utility) [6.Jan.09]
Oh, what I want to know is are you kind? (Marginal Utility) [5.Jan.09]
Persuasion industry's assault on personhood (Marginal Utility) [5.Jan.09]
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Meaningful inconvenience (Marginal Utility) [31.Dec.08]
Kapital cool (Marginal Utility) [31.Dec.08]
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Medical risks of headbanging (Sound Affects) [19.Dec.08]
Irrationality and shopping "addiction" (Marginal Utility) [18.Dec.08]
Getting zirpish (Marginal Utility) [17.Dec.08]
Consumer atrophy (Marginal Utility) [16.Dec.08]
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Problems with preventing foreclosures (Marginal Utility) [13.Dec.08]
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Consuming and the safety net (Marginal Utility) [8.Dec.08]
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Consumer demand in China (Marginal Utility) [13.Nov.08]
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Planet Finance (Marginal Utility) [7.Nov.08]
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Where are the young Republicans? (Marginal Utility) [5.Nov.08]
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Harvesting online influencers (Marginal Utility) [29.Oct.08]
Forced smiles (Marginal Utility) [28.Oct.08]
When shows get "televisiony" (Marginal Utility) [24.Oct.08]
Greenspan's principal-agent problem (Marginal Utility) [24.Oct.08]
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False memories and advertising (Marginal Utility) [22.Oct.08]
Second stimulus (Marginal Utility) [21.Oct.08]
Doing it to debt (Marginal Utility) [20.Oct.08]
Screw hedge funds -- smoke weed (Marginal Utility) [17.Oct.08]
The pejorative "gay" (Marginal Utility) [16.Oct.08]
"The faith-based economy" (Marginal Utility) [15.Oct.08]
Indebtedness is not moral weakness (Marginal Utility) [15.Oct.08]
The End of A&R (Marginal Utility) [14.Oct.08]
God bless text messaging (Marginal Utility) [14.Oct.08]
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She ain't heavy (Sound Affects) [9.Oct.08]
Album cover context (Marginal Utility) [8.Oct.08]
Guys with cats: "extra special" (Marginal Utility) [7.Oct.08]
Commercial paper (Marginal Utility) [7.Oct.08]
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Ubiquitous measurement (Marginal Utility) [3.Oct.08]
Privacy and publicity (Marginal Utility) [2.Oct.08]
Joe Six-Pack goes to Washington (Marginal Utility) [1.Oct.08]
Punk's not dead, it's buttery (Sound Affects) [1.Oct.08]
Public and private selves (Marginal Utility) [30.Sep.08]
Band as brand (Marginal Utility) [29.Sep.08]
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Demise of the Mediterranean diet (Marginal Utility) [24.Sep.08]
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Bad bailout (Marginal Utility) [22.Sep.08]
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Regarding "Channels of Desire" (Marginal Utility) [9.Sep.08]
Growing Up at the Side of Chairman Mao (Sound Affects) [8.Sep.08]
Broadcasting the self (Marginal Utility) [8.Sep.08]
Is music still a product? (Marginal Utility) [5.Sep.08]
The subtext of "Drill baby drill" (Marginal Utility) [4.Sep.08]
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The Numerati, by Stephen Baker (Marginal Utility) [3.Sep.08]
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Against curiosity (Marginal Utility) [25.Aug.08]
Can't save, won't save (Marginal Utility) [25.Aug.08]
Happy nations (Marginal Utility) [23.Aug.08]
Beyond the threshold of Burgertime (Marginal Utility) [20.Aug.08]
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The birth of the wrongness (Marginal Utility) [18.Aug.08]
Wrongness and Family Guy (Marginal Utility) [14.Aug.08]
Brand anorexia (Marginal Utility) [13.Aug.08]
Harmful efficiencies (Marginal Utility) [12.Aug.08]
Fear of merging (Marginal Utility) [11.Aug.08]
How brands prime behavior (Marginal Utility) [8.Aug.08]
Advertising as creative destruction (Marginal Utility) [6.Aug.08]
"The exceptionalist fallacy" (Marginal Utility) [6.Aug.08]
Stereotyping musical genres (Sound Affects) [5.Aug.08]
Don't worry, be happy (Marginal Utility) [5.Aug.08]
Fashionable apathy and the power elite (Marginal Utility) [3.Aug.08]
Hipster hatred (Marginal Utility) [1.Aug.08]
Eating symbols (Marginal Utility) [31.Jul.08]
Connoisseurship and snobbery (Marginal Utility) [30.Jul.08]
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Looking for clues (Marginal Utility) [24.Jul.08]
Tired of making choices (Marginal Utility) [23.Jul.08]
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Hyperopia hype (Marginal Utility) [16.Jul.08]
Face management (Marginal Utility) [15.Jul.08]
Fanny and Freddie Got Fingered (Marginal Utility) [14.Jul.08]
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Everybody is a star (Marginal Utility) [10.Jul.08]
Random friends (Marginal Utility) [9.Jul.08]
Corporate rock apotheosis (Sound Affects) [8.Jul.08]
A Minsky moment (Marginal Utility) [8.Jul.08]
Antisocial networking (Marginal Utility) [7.Jul.08]
Starred items are forever (Marginal Utility) [2.Jul.08]
The Eiffel Tower as fountain of illogic (Marginal Utility) [1.Jul.08]
Other people's mixtapes (Marginal Utility) [30.Jun.08]
Anonymous authority (Marginal Utility) [26.Jun.08]
Environmentalism as aspirational brand (Marginal Utility) [25.Jun.08]
Copyright of Murakami (Marginal Utility) [24.Jun.08]
The return of vinyl (Marginal Utility) [23.Jun.08]
The time cost of free goods (Marginal Utility) [20.Jun.08]
Precious moments (Marginal Utility) [18.Jun.08]
Bogus babymaking crises (Marginal Utility) [17.Jun.08]
The copyright industry arms race (Marginal Utility) [13.Jun.08]
The great bourgeois virtues (Marginal Utility) [12.Jun.08]
Versioning and the Kindle (Marginal Utility) [11.Jun.08]
More on the promotional culture (Marginal Utility) [10.Jun.08]
Absorbed with gadgets (Marginal Utility) [9.Jun.08]
Evaluative criticism (Marginal Utility) [9.Jun.08]
Financial fictions (Marginal Utility) [7.Jun.08]
The Whitburn Project (Sound Affects) [6.Jun.08]
Snakeskin Jacket Syndrome (Marginal Utility) [6.Jun.08]
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The travails of the megawealthy (Marginal Utility) [5.Jun.08]
Rob Walker's Buying In (Marginal Utility) [4.Jun.08]
Ostentatious gastronomy (Marginal Utility) [3.Jun.08]
Turning goods into experiences (Marginal Utility) [2.Jun.08]
Why are oil prices so high? (Marginal Utility) [29.May.08]
Dead brands (Marginal Utility) [21.May.08]
Having more money vs. buying cheaper goods (Marginal Utility) [20.May.08]
The homeownership cult (Marginal Utility) [19.May.08]
Taste the music (Marginal Utility) [19.May.08]
Manufacturing neuroticism (Marginal Utility) [16.May.08]
The end of record stores (Marginal Utility) [14.May.08]
The New Yorker's 100 essential jazz albums (Sound Affects) [13.May.08]
The conserver society (Marginal Utility) [13.May.08]
"The Hype Cycle" (Marginal Utility) [12.May.08]
Black Metal Baking (Sound Affects) [12.May.08]
Protest branding (Marginal Utility) [12.May.08]
Participatory surveillence (Marginal Utility) [10.May.08]
Wealthy time (Marginal Utility) [9.May.08]
Difficult theory (Marginal Utility) [6.May.08]
Defying the stimulus (Marginal Utility) [6.May.08]
Green thumb strategy (Marginal Utility) [2.May.08]
The unheard music (Marginal Utility) [1.May.08]
The "atmosphere of craven conformity" (Marginal Utility) [30.Apr.08]
The Most Unwanted Song (Sound Affects) [29.Apr.08]
Social surplus or accursed share? (Marginal Utility) [29.Apr.08]
Homeownership ideology (Marginal Utility) [24.Apr.08]
A fifth column at the Wall Street Journal (Marginal Utility) [23.Apr.08]
Silent rave (Marginal Utility) [21.Apr.08]
Jettisoning aesthetic fundamentals (Marginal Utility) [18.Apr.08]
Caring about the music business (Marginal Utility) [16.Apr.08]
"Starve your neighbor" (Marginal Utility) [15.Apr.08]
Grounded planes (Marginal Utility) [11.Apr.08]
Deconstruction time again (Marginal Utility) [10.Apr.08]
Housing as "forced savings" (Marginal Utility) [8.Apr.08]
The return of Malthus (Marginal Utility) [7.Apr.08]
Triumph of the will (Marginal Utility) [4.Apr.08]
Only weirdos rent (Marginal Utility) [3.Apr.08]
Social gaming (Marginal Utility) [2.Apr.08]
Trash-outs as performance art (Marginal Utility) [1.Apr.08]
No smiles (Marginal Utility) [30.Mar.08]
Beating Zippy (Marginal Utility) [28.Mar.08]
Gimmie shelter (Marginal Utility) [21.Mar.08]
Twilight of the English professors (Marginal Utility) [19.Mar.08]
Enemies of the ownership society (Marginal Utility) [18.Mar.08]
Bear Stearns less valuable than A-Rod (Marginal Utility) [17.Mar.08]
Feeling sorry for sex (Marginal Utility) [13.Mar.08]
The Fed's latest bailout (Marginal Utility) [12.Mar.08]
Secrets of the Emperors Club (Marginal Utility) [12.Mar.08]
The end of A&R (Marginal Utility) [11.Mar.08]
Social-conservative theory, an oxymoron? (Marginal Utility) [6.Mar.08]
Consuming the idea of productivity (Marginal Utility) [4.Mar.08]
Kids as consumer goods (Marginal Utility) [3.Mar.08]
Twelve steps to financial disaster (Marginal Utility) [29.Feb.08]
Socialism's moral failure (Marginal Utility) [25.Feb.08]
Too many stores? (Marginal Utility) [21.Feb.08]
Country-fried bigotry (Marginal Utility) [19.Feb.08]
Feeling single (Marginal Utility) [14.Feb.08]
Bastiat and the consumer's point of view (Marginal Utility) [13.Feb.08]
Two-year lifespan of social networks (Marginal Utility) [11.Feb.08]
Cutting credit cards (Marginal Utility) [8.Feb.08]
Polarization (Marginal Utility) [7.Feb.08]
Long live philistinism (Marginal Utility) [5.Feb.08]
Completely incomplete (Marginal Utility) [4.Feb.08]
Metablog blogging (Marginal Utility) [2.Feb.08]
Scientific sanction to love (Marginal Utility) [1.Feb.08]
The taste of luxury (Marginal Utility) [29.Jan.08]
Hedonic marriage (Marginal Utility) [24.Jan.08]
Manufacturing demand for mortgages (Marginal Utility) [22.Jan.08]
Paid followers (Marginal Utility) [21.Jan.08]
Crowdsourced art (Marginal Utility) [17.Jan.08]
Blame the mortgage brokers (Marginal Utility) [16.Jan.08]
Necessary bubbles (Marginal Utility) [14.Jan.08]
Individualist totalitarians (Marginal Utility) [12.Jan.08]
The ease-of-influence factor (Marginal Utility) [10.Jan.08]
Making deals with oneself (Marginal Utility) [9.Jan.08]
Starbucks and McDonald's (Marginal Utility) [8.Jan.08]
Boredom as character flaw (Marginal Utility) [7.Jan.08]
Price incentives and peer production (Marginal Utility) [4.Jan.08]
Cultural consumption at the margins (Marginal Utility) [3.Jan.08]
Small business sentimentality (Marginal Utility) [30.Dec.07]
Disappointed bridges (Marginal Utility) [28.Dec.07]
Egalitarian customer service (Marginal Utility) [26.Dec.07]
Forever catalogs (Marginal Utility) [24.Dec.07]
The NAR's sunshine boys (Marginal Utility) [18.Dec.07]
Waiting for the Rhapsody (Marginal Utility) [18.Dec.07]
"Reading the spreadsheets upside down" (Marginal Utility) [17.Dec.07]
Texting love (Marginal Utility) [14.Dec.07]
Winning at white elephant (Marginal Utility) [13.Dec.07]
Joy in repetition (Marginal Utility) [12.Dec.07]
Taste versus curiosity (Marginal Utility) [10.Dec.07]
Mall shootings (Marginal Utility) [7.Dec.07]
The evils of word-of-mouth advertising (Marginal Utility) [4.Dec.07]
Prime subprime borrowers (Marginal Utility) [3.Dec.07]
Top down culture (Marginal Utility) [30.Nov.07]
Post-commercial entertainment (Marginal Utility) [27.Nov.07]
Consumer confidence and consumerism (Marginal Utility) [23.Nov.07]
Condition branding (Marginal Utility) [19.Nov.07]
The ice-men of competitive goofy golf (Marginal Utility) [14.Nov.07]
The attention of last resort (Marginal Utility) [13.Nov.07]
Speed dating data (Marginal Utility) [12.Nov.07]
Affordable luxury (Marginal Utility) [9.Nov.07]
Headbanger's dole (Marginal Utility) [8.Nov.07]
Ironic tourism (Marginal Utility) [7.Nov.07]
Blabber jammers (Marginal Utility) [5.Nov.07]
Cavestomp 2007 (Marginal Utility) [4.Nov.07]
Costumes are creepy (Marginal Utility) [31.Oct.07]
Timeless (Marginal Utility) [28.Oct.07]
Haggling (Marginal Utility) [25.Oct.07]
Smoking crack (Marginal Utility) [23.Oct.07]
Vicariousness in Trollope (Marginal Utility) [22.Oct.07]
Manly Sunday (Marginal Utility) [21.Oct.07]
Facebook's future (Marginal Utility) [19.Oct.07]
Political transvestism (Marginal Utility) [18.Oct.07]
Priests and jesters (Marginal Utility) [17.Oct.07]
Ideological education (Marginal Utility) [16.Oct.07]
Financial narratives (Marginal Utility) [14.Oct.07]
Scalping Hannah Montana (Marginal Utility) [12.Oct.07]
Ads for cell phone use (Marginal Utility) [11.Oct.07]
Overrating rating (Marginal Utility) [10.Oct.07]
Market failures (Marginal Utility) [4.Oct.07]
Radiohead becomes economists' favorite band (Marginal Utility) [3.Oct.07]
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Did Americans really want McMansions? (Marginal Utility) [12.Sep.07]
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A few theses about the Beatles (Marginal Utility) [10.Sep.07]
Nimbyism and environmental justice (Marginal Utility) [8.Sep.07]
Burning the early adopters (Marginal Utility) [7.Sep.07]
Opera for the masses (Marginal Utility) [6.Sep.07]
Trickle-down recession (Marginal Utility) [5.Sep.07]
Bankerpalooza (Marginal Utility) [31.Aug.07]
Digital books (Marginal Utility) [29.Aug.07]
Winds of creative destruction (Marginal Utility) [28.Aug.07]
Photographs as heirlooms (Marginal Utility) [22.Aug.07]
Rolling off a cliff (Marginal Utility) [21.Aug.07]
Hard news (Marginal Utility) [20.Aug.07]
Correction and amplification (Marginal Utility) [17.Aug.07]
Decline and fall (Marginal Utility) [14.Aug.07]
Flexible labor utopia (Marginal Utility) [13.Aug.07]
Chinese booze (Marginal Utility) [12.Aug.07]
Coffee is hard (Marginal Utility) [7.Aug.07]
Vernacular Art (Marginal Utility) [6.Aug.07]
Infinite sustain (Marginal Utility) [31.Jul.07]
Identity as byproduct (Marginal Utility) [24.Jul.07]
Folk jam (Marginal Utility) [22.Jul.07]
Preppy paradox (Marginal Utility) [20.Jul.07]
Lead and pica (Marginal Utility) [17.Jul.07]
Sprezzatura and style (Marginal Utility) [16.Jul.07]
Richardson's Pamela as management treatise (Marginal Utility) [13.Jul.07]
People take pictures of each other (Marginal Utility) [12.Jul.07]
Inorganic democracy (Marginal Utility) [10.Jul.07]
Hipster politics (Marginal Utility) [9.Jul.07]
Anticipated terrorism (Marginal Utility) [7.Jul.07]
Terrorism and class struggle (Marginal Utility) [5.Jul.07]
"The red holidays of genius have begun" (Marginal Utility) [2.Jul.07]
Dumpster diving (Marginal Utility) [26.Jun.07]
Chevy Chase's Fletch as hipster creep (Marginal Utility) [25.Jun.07]
Baby branding (Marginal Utility) [22.Jun.07]
The meosphere and behavioral targeting (Marginal Utility) [20.Jun.07]
Bourgeois blues (Marginal Utility) [19.Jun.07]
Thick and thin (Marginal Utility) [14.Jun.07]
Playing chess against a computer (Marginal Utility) [14.Jun.07]
Stumbling on Bibles (Marginal Utility) [14.Jun.07]
Music subscriptions (Marginal Utility) [11.Jun.07]
Conquesting (Marginal Utility) [11.Jun.07]
Brand consciousness as capital (Marginal Utility) [9.Jun.07]
Desperation as business model (Marginal Utility) [8.Jun.07]
The default effect (Marginal Utility) [7.Jun.07]
Trash treasures (Marginal Utility) [6.Jun.07]
Gastarbeiteren (Marginal Utility) [5.Jun.07]
"Letting the dandelions grow" (Marginal Utility) [30.May.07]
"Ultimate convenience" (Marginal Utility) [27.May.07]
Chinese arithmetic (Marginal Utility) [26.May.07]
All sold out (Marginal Utility) [25.May.07]
Franglish (Marginal Utility) [23.May.07]
The ocean of bliss (Marginal Utility) [22.May.07]
Gasoline gouging (Marginal Utility) [21.May.07]
The ecstasy of boredom (Marginal Utility) [19.May.07]
Twittering (Marginal Utility) [19.May.07]
Returns to education (Marginal Utility) [18.May.07]
Is college a waste of money? (Marginal Utility) [17.May.07]
Foodie infantilism and vanity (Marginal Utility) [16.May.07]
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What's left (Marginal Utility) [14.May.07]
Happy? (Marginal Utility) [12.May.07]
The moral part of the brain (Marginal Utility) [11.May.07]
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Rent exhaustion and retail giveaways (Marginal Utility) [9.May.07]
Discouraging free labor (Marginal Utility) [8.May.07]
Sprezzatura for brands (Marginal Utility) [7.May.07]
Using music (Marginal Utility) [4.May.07]
Credentialism and critical thought (Marginal Utility) [3.May.07]
Bottled water snobbery (Marginal Utility) [1.May.07]
Context externalities (Marginal Utility) [1.May.07]
Web sharecropping (Marginal Utility) [27.Apr.07]
Novel reading (Marginal Utility) [26.Apr.07]
Difficult poetry (Marginal Utility) [25.Apr.07]
Job consciousness (Marginal Utility) [24.Apr.07]
Authenticity traps (Marginal Utility) [23.Apr.07]
Farm subsidies (Marginal Utility) [23.Apr.07]
Visual pollution (Marginal Utility) [20.Apr.07]
Incentives to work and spend (Marginal Utility) [19.Apr.07]
Patient and inconsiderate (Marginal Utility) [17.Apr.07]
Fictions of musical taste (Marginal Utility) [16.Apr.07]
Orphan brands (Marginal Utility) [15.Apr.07]
The American Health Care Money-go-round (Marginal Utility) [14.Apr.07]
Convenience and material culture (Marginal Utility) [11.Apr.07]
Paying people in work (Marginal Utility) [10.Apr.07]
Cheap beer and violence (Marginal Utility) [10.Apr.07]
Innovation and fashion (Marginal Utility) [9.Apr.07]
Credit democratization (Marginal Utility) [8.Apr.07]
Perilous productivity (Marginal Utility) [6.Apr.07]
Realistic optimism: oxymoron (Marginal Utility) [5.Apr.07]
Chocolate Jesus (Marginal Utility) [3.Apr.07]
A trip to exclusivity (Marginal Utility) [2.Apr.07]
Microfinance and subprime borrowing (Marginal Utility) [29.Mar.07]
The Postmodern Condition (Marginal Utility) [27.Mar.07]
"Two Lovers" by Mary Wells (Marginal Utility) [26.Mar.07]
Management theory (Marginal Utility) [26.Mar.07]
Elevated (Marginal Utility) [24.Mar.07]
March madness (Marginal Utility) [18.Mar.07]
Overborrowing (Marginal Utility) [16.Mar.07]
Selling your attention (Marginal Utility) [13.Mar.07]
Pseudoconservativism (Marginal Utility) [12.Mar.07]
Fight this generation (Marginal Utility) [11.Mar.07]
Clout of iTunes (Marginal Utility) [9.Mar.07]
Jean Baudrillard, RIP (Marginal Utility) [8.Mar.07]
Buying into the American Dream (Marginal Utility) [7.Mar.07]
Privacy: class matter, not generation gap? (Marginal Utility) [5.Mar.07]
Compulsive self-revelation (Marginal Utility) [5.Mar.07]
Introversion as sensitivity (Marginal Utility) [1.Mar.07]
Slackers, hipsters (Marginal Utility) [1.Mar.07]
Pent-up pessimism (Marginal Utility) [28.Feb.07]
Sororities and social awkwardness (Marginal Utility) [27.Feb.07]
"Rock Me Tonite" (Marginal Utility) [26.Feb.07]
Cold war nostalgia (Marginal Utility) [24.Feb.07]
Entertaining the poor (Marginal Utility) [23.Feb.07]
Hook-up culture (Marginal Utility) [22.Feb.07]
Metablogging (Marginal Utility) [21.Feb.07]
Sub-prime lending (Marginal Utility) [21.Feb.07]
Supercities and trustafarians (Marginal Utility) [20.Feb.07]
Britney's breakdown in Tarzana (Marginal Utility) [19.Feb.07]
The gift economy (Marginal Utility) [18.Feb.07]
Motivational research and the death drive (Marginal Utility) [16.Feb.07]
The porn supply (Marginal Utility) [15.Feb.07]
Is this love or just revolution? (Marginal Utility) [14.Feb.07]
Phoning it in (Marginal Utility) [13.Feb.07]
Beauty and its enemies (Marginal Utility) [9.Feb.07]
Everyone an outsider artist (Marginal Utility) [8.Feb.07]
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Super Bowl ads vs. service workers (Marginal Utility) [6.Feb.07]
Induced alexithymia (Marginal Utility) [5.Feb.07]
Catwalk robots (Marginal Utility) [3.Feb.07]
Health care in America (Marginal Utility) [2.Feb.07]
Ad creeps (Marginal Utility) [1.Feb.07]
Income inquality creates political inequality (Marginal Utility) [31.Jan.07]
Historical gambling (Marginal Utility) [30.Jan.07]
Ad generator (Marginal Utility) [30.Jan.07]
The libidinal economy of "Simon Says" (Marginal Utility) [29.Jan.07]
Let them eat brands (Marginal Utility) [26.Jan.07]
Consumption inequality (Marginal Utility) [25.Jan.07]
"Mellow out or you will pay" (Marginal Utility) [24.Jan.07]
Business Heaven (Marginal Utility) [23.Jan.07]
Buying autonomy at the check-out counter (Marginal Utility) [23.Jan.07]
Revenge of hope (Marginal Utility) [23.Jan.07]
Variety shows (Marginal Utility) [22.Jan.07]
Economics of free (Marginal Utility) [19.Jan.07]
A representative from Corwood Industries (Marginal Utility) [18.Jan.07]
The end of music collecting (Marginal Utility) [15.Jan.07]
Freecycle and utility traps (Marginal Utility) [12.Jan.07]
Against happiness (Marginal Utility) [11.Jan.07]
iPhone? iDontCare (Marginal Utility) [10.Jan.07]
Brand equity and class warfare (Marginal Utility) [10.Jan.07]
Adam Smith's moral philosophy (Marginal Utility) [9.Jan.07]
Taste arguments (Marginal Utility) [5.Jan.07]
Hayekian literary studies (Marginal Utility) [3.Jan.07]
The shrunken Wall Street Journal (Marginal Utility) [2.Jan.07]
The tropic of Sir Galahad (Marginal Utility) [30.Dec.06]
Indisposability (Marginal Utility) [29.Dec.06]
Amusia (Marginal Utility) [27.Dec.06]
Instilling the fear of success (Marginal Utility) [26.Dec.06]
Cash is king (Marginal Utility) [25.Dec.06]
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The pursuit of loneliness (Marginal Utility) [20.Dec.06]
The pop cognoscenti and the holiday spirit (Marginal Utility) [19.Dec.06]
Form separate lines (Marginal Utility) [18.Dec.06]
Robotic love (Marginal Utility) [15.Dec.06]
Vanity activism (Marginal Utility) [14.Dec.06]
Consumption inequality (Marginal Utility) [13.Dec.06]
Gift woes (Marginal Utility) [12.Dec.06]
Family sentimentality (Marginal Utility) [11.Dec.06]
Ideas 2006 (Marginal Utility) [9.Dec.06]
Unboxing (Marginal Utility) [8.Dec.06]
Up on the Catwalk (Marginal Utility) [7.Dec.06]
Cultural production for fun and...well, fun (Marginal Utility) [6.Dec.06]
The TLS and the egregious she (Marginal Utility) [6.Dec.06]
"Approximeeting" ourselves (Marginal Utility) [5.Dec.06]
"Economic calculus" and the end of curiosity (Marginal Utility) [4.Dec.06]
Patent medicine as paradigm (Marginal Utility) [1.Dec.06]
Modern life in Maricopa County (Marginal Utility) [29.Nov.06]
Mommies' remorse (Marginal Utility) [22.Nov.06]
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Milton Friedman is dead (Marginal Utility) [16.Nov.06]
Entertainment as attention (Marginal Utility) [15.Nov.06]
Rape logic (Marginal Utility) [14.Nov.06]
Suburbanal pals (Marginal Utility) [13.Nov.06]
MarketThink and moderateness (Marginal Utility) [12.Nov.06]
Ugly cars (Marginal Utility) [10.Nov.06]
The price of noble gestures (Marginal Utility) [8.Nov.06]
Armand de Brignac (Marginal Utility) [7.Nov.06]
Who wants to be a paparazzo? (Marginal Utility) [6.Nov.06]
Simulating yourself (Marginal Utility) [5.Nov.06]
Silas Lapham and self-interest (Marginal Utility) [3.Nov.06]
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Smoke signals (Marginal Utility) [1.Nov.06]
The dangers of autodidacticism (Marginal Utility) [31.Oct.06]
This just in: Women enjoy shopping (Marginal Utility) [30.Oct.06]
Connoisseurs of emotion (Marginal Utility) [27.Oct.06]
Big-box-store Götterdämmerung? (Marginal Utility) [24.Oct.06]
Cost of children (Marginal Utility) [23.Oct.06]
Starbucks as a cultural filter (Marginal Utility) [22.Oct.06]
The demise of niche marketing (Marginal Utility) [20.Oct.06]
File-sharing decoys as ads (Marginal Utility) [19.Oct.06]
Fat taxes (Marginal Utility) [18.Oct.06]
Youth as authenticity (Marginal Utility) [17.Oct.06]
Cosmetic surgery as clothing (Marginal Utility) [14.Oct.06]
Freedom from Choice (Marginal Utility) [13.Oct.06]
Pop music critics: Raconteurs or racketeers? (Marginal Utility) [11.Oct.06]
Defining altruism as impossible (Marginal Utility) [10.Oct.06]
Damn Yankees (Marginal Utility) [9.Oct.06]
Listener fatigue (Marginal Utility) [5.Oct.06]
Extended warranties (Marginal Utility) [5.Oct.06]
Despicable, but all too rational (Marginal Utility) [4.Oct.06]
other Desert Cities (Marginal Utility) [3.Oct.06]
The security of humorlessness (Marginal Utility) [2.Oct.06]
Risk compensation (Marginal Utility) [29.Sep.06]
Mortgaged future watch (Marginal Utility) [28.Sep.06]
Aggressive driving (Marginal Utility) [27.Sep.06]
The snobbery of Wal-Mart rejection (Marginal Utility) [26.Sep.06]
Emulating machines (Marginal Utility) [25.Sep.06]
Retail stocks (Marginal Utility) [22.Sep.06]
Virtual fashion and zero-sum games (Marginal Utility) [22.Sep.06]
Adorno for pop critics (Marginal Utility) [20.Sep.06]
Blackjack, the new poker? (Marginal Utility) [19.Sep.06]
iTunes 7 (Marginal Utility) [18.Sep.06]
Perverse financial incentives (Marginal Utility) [16.Sep.06]
Meritocracy and likability (Marginal Utility) [14.Sep.06]
Diminishing returns on obscure tastes (Marginal Utility) [13.Sep.06]
Asymmetric paternalism (Marginal Utility) [12.Sep.06]
A few anecdotes (Marginal Utility) [11.Sep.06]
Serendipity (Marginal Utility) [10.Sep.06]
Why theory? (Marginal Utility) [8.Sep.06]
Organic Wal-Mart (Marginal Utility) [7.Sep.06]
The politics of envy (Marginal Utility) [6.Sep.06]
Online house shopping (Marginal Utility) [6.Sep.06]
I love to say dada (Marginal Utility) [2.Sep.06]
Punk rock deathwatch (Marginal Utility) [1.Sep.06]
Vegetarian bigotry (Marginal Utility) [31.Aug.06]
Truths from books (Marginal Utility) [30.Aug.06]
Wal-Mart's purchasing power trade-off (Marginal Utility) [30.Aug.06]
Collecting people (Marginal Utility) [29.Aug.06]
The use of anti-irony (Marginal Utility) [28.Aug.06]
Tattoo nation (Marginal Utility) [27.Aug.06]
Cool jobs (Marginal Utility) [25.Aug.06]
Arbitrarity and evolutionary psychology (Marginal Utility) [24.Aug.06]
Bodegas (Marginal Utility) [23.Aug.06]
The anxiety of property (Marginal Utility) [23.Aug.06]
Sexy ads for girls (Marginal Utility) [21.Aug.06]
The professionals (Marginal Utility) [21.Aug.06]
Fausse route feminism (Marginal Utility) [18.Aug.06]
Coming soon: ads on your phone (Marginal Utility) [17.Aug.06]
Alone time (Marginal Utility) [16.Aug.06]
Who needs satellite radio? (Marginal Utility) [15.Aug.06]
Ticket auctions (Marginal Utility) [15.Aug.06]
Showgirls (Marginal Utility) [14.Aug.06]
Leisure counselors (Marginal Utility) [12.Aug.06]
The cost of beauty (Marginal Utility) [10.Aug.06]
Gendered behavior (Marginal Utility) [9.Aug.06]
Meet Joe Francis (Marginal Utility) [8.Aug.06]
More on brand friends (Marginal Utility) [7.Aug.06]
Third-wave feminist joins Sesame Street cast (Marginal Utility) [7.Aug.06]
The compulsion to confess (Marginal Utility) [3.Aug.06]
No-frills Germans repel Wal-Mart (Marginal Utility) [3.Aug.06]
Commonsensical slugs (Marginal Utility) [2.Aug.06]
Zukünftiger Kulturkampf (Marginal Utility) [1.Aug.06]
Self-checkout and self-importance (Marginal Utility) [31.Jul.06]
Brand friends (Marginal Utility) [30.Jul.06]
Ownership of time (Marginal Utility) [28.Jul.06]
Conspicuous cognition (Marginal Utility) [27.Jul.06]
Fashion gravitas (Marginal Utility) [26.Jul.06]
Culture and perpetual triage (Marginal Utility) [25.Jul.06]
Street styles (Marginal Utility) [24.Jul.06]
Low voltage (Marginal Utility) [24.Jul.06]
Derrida for CEOs (Marginal Utility) [20.Jul.06]
Lotteries and voting (Marginal Utility) [19.Jul.06]
Don't Talk Like (Marginal Utility) [18.Jul.06]
Real friends (Marginal Utility) [18.Jul.06]
Fake parks (Marginal Utility) [17.Jul.06]
Rooting against fashion (Marginal Utility) [16.Jul.06]
Beyond the profit motive (Marginal Utility) [15.Jul.06]
Creativity (Marginal Utility) [14.Jul.06]
The video-store clerk as icon (Marginal Utility) [13.Jul.06]
Communication breakdown (Marginal Utility) [12.Jul.06]
Electric Cars (Marginal Utility) [10.Jul.06]
Self as niche market (Marginal Utility) [10.Jul.06]
Zoning friendship for commerce (Marginal Utility) [7.Jul.06]
The New South (Marginal Utility) [6.Jul.06]
Generation Porno (Marginal Utility) [5.Jul.06]
Productivist bias (Marginal Utility) [4.Jul.06]
Fashion rocks (Marginal Utility) [3.Jul.06]
Hamdan and the Night of the Long Knives (Marginal Utility) [30.Jun.06]
Childish fun (Marginal Utility) [28.Jun.06]
Pabst Blue Ribbon (Marginal Utility) [28.Jun.06]
Romantic comedy (Marginal Utility) [27.Jun.06]
Private road (Marginal Utility) [26.Jun.06]
Updike's fear of readers (Marginal Utility) [24.Jun.06]
Bus riders (Marginal Utility) [22.Jun.06]
Libertarian democrats (Marginal Utility) [21.Jun.06]
Kissing girls (Marginal Utility) [21.Jun.06]
Meta-listening (Marginal Utility) [20.Jun.06]
Robotic love (Marginal Utility) [20.Jun.06]
Revealed preference (Marginal Utility) [19.Jun.06]
Human milk banquet (Marginal Utility) [17.Jun.06]
Coblabberation (Marginal Utility) [16.Jun.06]
"Moonlight Feels Right" (Marginal Utility) [15.Jun.06]
Personal muzak (Marginal Utility) [14.Jun.06]
Versificators (Marginal Utility) [13.Jun.06]
Golden Gate Bridge (Marginal Utility) [12.Jun.06]
Lord Krideldek's ploy (Marginal Utility) [9.Jun.06]
Litterbugs (Marginal Utility) [9.Jun.06]
Self-harm (Marginal Utility) [8.Jun.06]
Gaming airline fares (Marginal Utility) [7.Jun.06]
The error of generosity (Marginal Utility) [6.Jun.06]
Price targeting (Marginal Utility) [5.Jun.06]
Interns (Marginal Utility) [2.Jun.06]
Art into fashion (Marginal Utility) [1.Jun.06]
Empty words (Marginal Utility) [31.May.06]
Business best-sellers (Marginal Utility) [31.May.06]
Books about Dylan (Marginal Utility) [31.May.06]
Video snacking (Marginal Utility) [30.May.06]
Manufactured desire (Marginal Utility) [26.May.06]
Baby photo boom (Marginal Utility) [25.May.06]
Tattoo you (Marginal Utility) [24.May.06]
Theses about commercial fiction (Marginal Utility) [23.May.06]
Which beer am I? (Marginal Utility) [22.May.06]
We are all stupid girls (Marginal Utility) [19.May.06]
Crazy creativity (Marginal Utility) [18.May.06]
Attention Economy redux (Marginal Utility) [17.May.06]
"Stupid Girls" (Marginal Utility) [16.May.06]
Tuangou (Marginal Utility) [16.May.06]
Whitney Biennial (Marginal Utility) [14.May.06]
Broken windows (Marginal Utility) [12.May.06]
"Poptimism": The Death of Pop Criticism (Marginal Utility) [11.May.06]
Me media and self-induced shallowness (Marginal Utility) [11.May.06]
Perfect credulity (Marginal Utility) [10.May.06]
Clean and simple (Marginal Utility) [9.May.06]
Plagiarism's future (Marginal Utility) [7.May.06]
Chindogu (Marginal Utility) [5.May.06]
American values (Marginal Utility) [5.May.06]
Pricing songs (Marginal Utility) [4.May.06]
Leonard Cohen, what happened? (Marginal Utility) [2.May.06]
Radio personality (Marginal Utility) [2.May.06]
Social mobility (Marginal Utility) [1.May.06]
The triumph of the self-aware (Marginal Utility) [28.Apr.06]
The Notorious Bettie Page (Marginal Utility) [28.Apr.06]
American Apparel and youth utopia (Marginal Utility) [27.Apr.06]
Art's value (Marginal Utility) [26.Apr.06]
Ornament and crime (Marginal Utility) [26.Apr.06]
The desire drug (Marginal Utility) [25.Apr.06]
Confusion pricing (Marginal Utility) [24.Apr.06]
The pejorative gay (Marginal Utility) [21.Apr.06]
The Stork Club of our imagination (Marginal Utility) [20.Apr.06]
I hate capri pants too (Marginal Utility) [19.Apr.06]
Democracy as nostalgia (Marginal Utility) [19.Apr.06]
Lost on the web (Marginal Utility) [18.Apr.06]
Corporate rock (Marginal Utility) [17.Apr.06]
Student protests in France (Marginal Utility) [14.Apr.06]
Cell phone as security blanket (Marginal Utility) [13.Apr.06]
Ho-hum, nuclear war. Whatever. (Marginal Utility) [12.Apr.06]
The revelvance lag (Marginal Utility) [11.Apr.06]
Operation Northwoods (Marginal Utility) [10.Apr.06]
Media Bias (Marginal Utility) [7.Apr.06]
Gene Pitney found dead in hotel (Marginal Utility) [6.Apr.06]
Reputation management (Marginal Utility) [6.Apr.06]
Audio architects (Marginal Utility) [5.Apr.06]
Ads work (Marginal Utility) [4.Apr.06]
Don't get too close to my fantasy (Marginal Utility) [3.Apr.06]
Meet the Liberal communists (Marginal Utility) [31.Mar.06]
Immigration (Marginal Utility) [31.Mar.06]
The Prison House of Web 2.0 (Marginal Utility) [30.Mar.06]
Travel classes (Marginal Utility) [29.Mar.06]
Imagineering (Marginal Utility) [28.Mar.06]
Denim revolution (Marginal Utility) [23.Mar.06]
Paying teachers (Marginal Utility) [22.Mar.06]
Compulsive price disclosure (Marginal Utility) [21.Mar.06]
Art as oppression (Marginal Utility) [20.Mar.06]
Refeudalization (Marginal Utility) [18.Mar.06]
Popularity contest (Marginal Utility) [17.Mar.06]
More on data processing (Marginal Utility) [17.Mar.06]
Do it yourself ads (Marginal Utility) [16.Mar.06]
Purchasing decision (Marginal Utility) [15.Mar.06]
The outer inner life (Marginal Utility) [14.Mar.06]
"The cynical and the bullied" (Marginal Utility) [13.Mar.06]
Free iPods (Marginal Utility) [10.Mar.06]
The attention economy (Marginal Utility) [9.Mar.06]
Classical gas (Marginal Utility) [8.Mar.06]
Music appreciation as data processing (Marginal Utility) [7.Mar.06]
Sugar, sugar (Marginal Utility) [6.Mar.06]
Headphones and head space (Marginal Utility) [3.Mar.06]
Requiem for Serge Gainsbourg (Marginal Utility) [2.Mar.06]
Entrenched privilege (Marginal Utility) [28.Feb.06]
Prestige factories (Marginal Utility) [27.Feb.06]
Copyranter (Marginal Utility) [24.Feb.06]
MySpace hysteria and popularity games (Marginal Utility) [23.Feb.06]
The spiggot of social recognition (Marginal Utility) [22.Feb.06]
Flash mobs and deindividuation (Marginal Utility) [21.Feb.06]
Celebrity brands (Marginal Utility) [21.Feb.06]
Legitimation crisis (Marginal Utility) [20.Feb.06]
Consumer DrivenHealth Care (Marginal Utility) [17.Feb.06]
Social roots of music preferences (Marginal Utility) [17.Feb.06]
Mental accounting (Marginal Utility) [16.Feb.06]
Size double zero (Marginal Utility) [15.Feb.06]
The "Anti-Valentine bandwagon" (Marginal Utility) [14.Feb.06]
Signals of satiety (Marginal Utility) [14.Feb.06]
Leisure puzzles (Marginal Utility) [13.Feb.06]
Shameful snacks (Marginal Utility) [11.Feb.06]
Sudoku (Marginal Utility) [10.Feb.06]
Conservative critiques of consumerism (Marginal Utility) [9.Feb.06]
Spiritualized (Marginal Utility) [8.Feb.06]
A fever to tell (Marginal Utility) [7.Feb.06]
Knowledge economy (Marginal Utility) [6.Feb.06]
The water: a parable (Marginal Utility) [4.Feb.06]
Pleasures of spending (Marginal Utility) [4.Feb.06]
No counterculture (Marginal Utility) [2.Feb.06]
Art blogging (Marginal Utility) [1.Feb.06]
Group gropes (Marginal Utility) [31.Jan.06]
Purchasegasms (Marginal Utility) [30.Jan.06]
Glamour smoking (Marginal Utility) [28.Jan.06]
HSAs and you (Marginal Utility) [26.Jan.06]
Experience economy and freedom (Marginal Utility) [25.Jan.06]
"Bin Your Gum" (Marginal Utility) [24.Jan.06]
Competitive individuality (Marginal Utility) [23.Jan.06]
The paranoid shopper (Marginal Utility) [23.Jan.06]
Sentimentality of property (Marginal Utility) [20.Jan.06]
Word-of-blog advertising (Marginal Utility) [20.Jan.06]
Shopping for customers (Marginal Utility) [19.Jan.06]
The pleasures of no imagination (Marginal Utility) [18.Jan.06]
The Gang of Four are dead (Marginal Utility) [17.Jan.06]
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Is blogging "punk"? (Marginal Utility) [11.Jan.06]
Politics of obesity (Marginal Utility) [11.Jan.06]
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The look of music (Marginal Utility) [9.Jan.06]
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Spy chips (Marginal Utility) [3.Jan.06]
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Outsmarted (Marginal Utility) [29.Dec.05]
Cheapening information (Marginal Utility) [27.Dec.05]
Wheat (Marginal Utility) [22.Dec.05]
Scrooged (Marginal Utility) [22.Dec.05]
Art as Ponzi scheme (Marginal Utility) [21.Dec.05]
Death of local scenes (Marginal Utility) [19.Dec.05]
Transit strike (Marginal Utility) [16.Dec.05]
Like a Virgin (Marginal Utility) [15.Dec.05]
No childhood left behind (Marginal Utility) [14.Dec.05]
Hype (Marginal Utility) [14.Dec.05]
Karl Blau (Marginal Utility) [13.Dec.05]
The Aesthetics of Silence (Marginal Utility) [12.Dec.05]
Online predators (Marginal Utility) [10.Dec.05]
Lennon's Some Time in New York City (Marginal Utility) [9.Dec.05]
Mellow out or you will pay (Marginal Utility) [9.Dec.05]
Christian goods (Marginal Utility) [8.Dec.05]
Government spoils (Marginal Utility) [7.Dec.05]
Noble lies (Marginal Utility) [6.Dec.05]
In defense of pretentiousness (Marginal Utility) [5.Dec.05]
Endangered enthusiasm (Marginal Utility) [3.Dec.05]
Politicized pop (Marginal Utility) [2.Dec.05]
The accident-prone economy (Marginal Utility) [1.Dec.05]
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Mail-in rebates (Marginal Utility) [29.Nov.05]
Year end lists (Marginal Utility) [28.Nov.05]
Drug legalization and petty crime (Marginal Utility) [28.Nov.05]
"Air security is meaningless" (Marginal Utility) [23.Nov.05]
Generosity and file-sharing (Marginal Utility) [22.Nov.05]
Slow brewed for the connoisseur (Marginal Utility) [21.Nov.05]
More power of negative thinking -- bad films (Marginal Utility) [21.Nov.05]
Tipping (Marginal Utility) [18.Nov.05]
Look-alike dolls (Marginal Utility) [17.Nov.05]
Teacher evaluations: Don't waste your time (Marginal Utility) [17.Nov.05]
"Consumer-driven" health care (Marginal Utility) [16.Nov.05]
Short-pants for ladies (Marginal Utility) [15.Nov.05]
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Boycott Target (Marginal Utility) [14.Nov.05]
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Expensive jeans (Marginal Utility) [10.Nov.05]
Against personal responsibility (Marginal Utility) [9.Nov.05]
Rock snobbery and male bonding (Marginal Utility) [7.Nov.05]
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Art and stupidity (Marginal Utility) [1.Nov.05]
Travel programming (Marginal Utility) [1.Nov.05]
National Novel Writing Month (Marginal Utility) [28.Oct.05]
Oh, Yoko (Marginal Utility) [28.Oct.05]
Company loyalty (Marginal Utility) [27.Oct.05]
Ebay and the myth of use value (Marginal Utility) [26.Oct.05]
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Brand Blogs (Marginal Utility) [24.Oct.05]
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Music-review reification (Marginal Utility) [20.Oct.05]
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Target's moral pharmacists (Marginal Utility) [19.Oct.05]
Wedding documentation (Marginal Utility) [18.Oct.05]
Matrimonial paradoxes (Marginal Utility) [17.Oct.05]
Sponsored memories (Marginal Utility) [14.Oct.05]
Generation sell-out (Marginal Utility) [13.Oct.05]
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Relative individuality (Marginal Utility) [12.Oct.05]
L'apothose du soixante-huitard (Marginal Utility) [11.Oct.05]
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Start analyzin' (Marginal Utility) [10.Oct.05]
Stoic shopping (Marginal Utility) [7.Oct.05]
Mandatory beauty (Marginal Utility) [6.Oct.05]
The cunning of bad art (Marginal Utility) [5.Oct.05]
Return the gift (Marginal Utility) [5.Oct.05]
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The branded life (Marginal Utility) [3.Oct.05]
The vanity pitch (Marginal Utility) [29.Sep.05]
The power of negative thinking (Marginal Utility) [28.Sep.05]
Instant souvenir (Marginal Utility) [27.Sep.05]
Technology and fashion (Marginal Utility) [27.Sep.05]
Stock screens for pop music (Marginal Utility) [27.Sep.05]
Nostalgia and history (Marginal Utility) [26.Sep.05]
Diminished marginal utility and collecting (Marginal Utility) [25.Sep.05]
Placebos and ads (Marginal Utility) [24.Sep.05]
The New York Times is a lousy paper (Marginal Utility) [22.Sep.05]
Concentration as diversion (Marginal Utility) [22.Sep.05]
Tax code (Marginal Utility) [21.Sep.05]
Blissful nowhere (Marginal Utility) [20.Sep.05]
Five-blade razors (Marginal Utility) [19.Sep.05]
The tattered teddy bear (Marginal Utility) [19.Sep.05]
Convenience as quantity (Marginal Utility) [16.Sep.05]
Induced indecisiveness (Marginal Utility) [15.Sep.05]
Prose style and ideology (Marginal Utility) [14.Sep.05]
Spending heroically (Marginal Utility) [13.Sep.05]
The final frontier of consumerism (Marginal Utility) [12.Sep.05]
Social capital and the New Orleans evacuation (Marginal Utility) [12.Sep.05]
The sincere fiction of disinterestedness (Marginal Utility) [12.Sep.05]
Tyranny of criteria (Marginal Utility) [9.Sep.05]
Rebuilding demographically (Marginal Utility) [8.Sep.05]
Machines for forgetting (Marginal Utility) [8.Sep.05]
Proliferating satisfactions (Marginal Utility) [7.Sep.05]
Theses on commercial fiction (Marginal Utility) [6.Sep.05]
Disaster photos (Marginal Utility) [6.Sep.05]
Unbelievable (Marginal Utility) [2.Sep.05]
Against fiction (Marginal Utility) [2.Sep.05]
Pleasures of politeness (Marginal Utility) [31.Aug.05]
New Orleans (Marginal Utility) [31.Aug.05]
Hard discounters (Marginal Utility) [30.Aug.05]
The habitus (Marginal Utility) [29.Aug.05]
Technophobia (Marginal Utility) [28.Aug.05]
The tax on stupidity (Marginal Utility) [26.Aug.05]
Auto mechanics and their flunky front men (Marginal Utility) [26.Aug.05]
Trailer jouissance (Marginal Utility) [22.Aug.05]
Adjectives as code (Marginal Utility) [22.Aug.05]
Classically modern (Marginal Utility) [19.Aug.05]
Trend spotting and therapeutic shopping (Marginal Utility) [19.Aug.05]
Star Trek, pedophilia, garage rock (Marginal Utility) [18.Aug.05]
Target shooting (Marginal Utility) [18.Aug.05]
Publicity and downshifters (Marginal Utility) [18.Aug.05]
Identity technology (Marginal Utility) [17.Aug.05]
Downshifters (Marginal Utility) [17.Aug.05]
Laptop stampede (Marginal Utility) [16.Aug.05]
The customer is always wrong (Marginal Utility) [16.Aug.05]
Status consumption and autonomy (Marginal Utility) [15.Aug.05]
The Sixth Borough (Marginal Utility) [14.Aug.05]
Kitchen Couture (Marginal Utility) [12.Aug.05]
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Love and shopping (Marginal Utility) [8.Aug.05]
A time for renewal (Marginal Utility) [5.Aug.05]
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