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Imran Khan is a writer who lives in Canada. In addition to PopMatters, he has also written for other publications like Inside Entertainment, aRUDE and The Toronto Quarterly.

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Coming in to Land: Pigeon John Inducts Hip-Hop Into the Twilight Zone | 20 Oct 2016 // 9:00 PM

Hip-hop’s most loquacious jester forges ahead into a twilight zone of skewed and jacked up hip-hop.

Lost (and Found) in Space: United Sounds of Joy Transmit From Another Universe | 28 Sep 2016 // 8:30 PM

If beauty and horror were two parallaxes in the vast expanse of the galaxy, somewhere between those points you might hear these songs.


Home Alone: Laird Koenig's 'The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane' | 11 Dec 2016 // 8:30 PM

Novelist Laird Koenig managed to capture the world of children with an exactitude that is rare nowadays. His children are often sagacious -- and sometimes they're sociopaths.

An Italian in New York: Mondo Marcio Gets Fresh | 30 Nov 2016 // 8:30 PM

Italy's favourite rapper mines the crates of American '90s hip-hop on his latest work.


Private Goes Public in Miklós Janscó's 'Private Vices, Public Virtues' | 13 Nov 2016 // 8:45 PM

With this highly contentious erotic drama, Miklós Janscó fashions a most insular story of sexual freedom with an impenitent degree of self-indulgence.

U.G.: Portals | 13 Nov 2016 // 8:05 PM

Delivered through a mastery of dark spell, Portals finds rapper U.G. ensuring that his telesthetic rhymes are grounded in the loping swings of granite-heavy beats.


Stone Dead: Murder and Myth in 'Medousa' | 15 Jan 2017 // 8:45 PM

A wry tale which takes in Greek mythology, punk rock and influences of American suspense-drama, this is an effective and curious thriller about myth and obsession.

Astrid Williamson: Requiem and Gallipoli | 22 Dec 2016 // 5:30 AM

Returning to her formative classical music training, singer-songwriter Williamson releases a set of orchestral compositions exploring musical grounds traversed by such composers like Górecki and Pärt.

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That Ribbon of Highway: Sharon Jones Re-shapes Woody Guthrie's Song

// Sound Affects

"Sharon Jones and Woodie Guthrie knew: great songs belong to everybody.

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