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Imran Khan is a writer who lives in Canada. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Communications at York University before studying Creative Writing at the University of Toronto for Continuing Studies. In addition to PopMatters, he has also written for other publications like Inside Entertainment, aRUDE and The Toronto Quarterly.

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An Anxious Eroticism: The Flesh and Machinery Grooves of Elyas Khan | 8 Jun 2016 // 4:49 AM

Elyas Khan's sensuously-disquieting music, in his own words, is a hallucinatory event: it embodies the kind of fear, alarm and agoraphobia we sometimes feel when we've read too many headlines for the day.

A Poetic Filament: An Interview with Writer and Musician Azeem | 24 May 2016 // 9:30 PM

What you hear in Azeem's music is bluster and anger, a rage of words and sound. But at the very core of his sonic tirade is the enveloping silence of anagogic contemplation.


The Hunted and the Haunted in 'King Stakh's Wild Hunt' | 19 Aug 2016 // 3:29 AM

Deeply baroque and shamelessly foreboding, Uladzimir Karatkevich’s King Stakh’s Wild Hunt is a crowning achievement of Belarusian gothic.

The Veridical Dream: Running on Empty With Etienne Daho | 5 Jul 2016 // 9:29 PM

It’s funny how a dream, which has its basis in the intangible unknown and is full of fanciful fabrications, can lead to an indisputable truth. Daho soundtracks such dreams.


Angela Pleasence Exhibits Madness and Love in 'Symptoms' | 24 Aug 2016 // 9:15 PM

Symptoms reaches for a different sort of horror, the kind that festers in the obsessive minds of the romantically distraught.

Fantôm Menace: The Films of 'Fantômas' | 15 Jun 2016 // 3:30 AM

One can’t help but feel as though the movements of this romantic and dreamlike world are the work of some whimsical puppet-mastery.


When Kontagious Was Shaken, Not Stirred | 28 Jun 2016 // 4:52 AM

Koray Fuat, formerly of UK band Kontagious, recounts how the band's briefly ubiquitous single "Shake It Up" shook things up in London's hip-hop underground for a short while.

The Glow Lives on in Taimak's 'The Last Dragon' | 27 Jun 2016 // 7:30 AM

The actor's memoir is a backtracking through a life under scrutiny and a life eventually left to chance.

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The Specter of Multiplayer Hangs Over 'Door Kickers'

// Moving Pixels

"Door Kickers is not a multiplayer game, but for a while there, I couldn’t tell the difference.

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