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Imran Khan is a writer who lives in Canada. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Communications at York University before studying Creative Writing at the University of Toronto for Continuing Studies. In addition to PopMatters, he has also written for other publications like Inside Entertainment, aRUDE and The Toronto Quarterly.

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Come to Dada: Maestro Gamin's Hip-Hop Surrealism | 16 Mar 2016 // 9:30 PM

Maestro Gamin's surreal and irregular grooves court hip-hop culture as much as they do jazz, his music transmitting from some Dadaist aperture of sound.

Soviet Misfit: The Life and Music of BB Gabor | 13 Mar 2016 // 10:00 PM

A Hungarian-born refugee haunted by a host of personal demons, BB Gabor made a startling impression in Toronto's punk scene of the early '80s, producing arresting works of pop music which have left an indelible mark in Canada's rock music history.


Murder for Two: Oedipal Death-Cycles in 'The Eye of the Beholder' | 18 Apr 2016 // 9:30 PM

Behm turns the detective novel first on its head and then sideways before shot-putting it across a terrain of Żuławskian terror; its film adaptation is an equally nerve-wracking descent into oedipal destruction.

Effortless Deliciousness: The 'Bite Me' Sisters Have Got It Licked | 27 Mar 2016 // 9:30 PM

With Lick Your Plate, their latest cookbook, these sisters endeavour to bring meals humming with deliciousness and humor to your table.


Betty Boo: Grrr! It's Betty Boo | 20 Apr 2016 // 9:15 PM

A charming mix of pop kitsch, lite rap and Julie London mannerisms, Betty Boo's lost gem, 1992's Grrr! It's Betty Boo, gets a re-release from Cherry Red Records.

Aparat: Aparat | 6 Apr 2016 // 9:05 PM

Achingly fragile and beautiful, Aparat's self-titled debut captures the wide scope of cinematic arrangements in closed and personal spaces.


The Sensual Machine: 'The Typewriter Revolution' | 21 Mar 2016 // 3:30 AM

Richard Polt’s work is simply a confessional love letter to a most charming and pioneering creation.

In Brodsky's 'The Immortals', Greek Mythology Is a Sculptural Tool (Sponsored Article) | 3 Mar 2016 // 3:00 AM

Like the surreal, dreamlike romance of Jean Cocteau’s Orpheus, the immortals of Brodsky’s world wander throughout cities, caught between their ethereal origins and the gritty realism of their oneiric existence.

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