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Joseph Fisher


Sunday, August 25 2013

"I Can't Do It, Mr. White": When Education Tastes Like Los Pollos Hermanos

Walter White as aged teacher and Jesse Pinkman as retired student grow to be somewhat of a family for each other, but the way in which Jesse learns and applies himself shows that Breaking Bad's theme of learning goes deeper than one might initially think.

Monday, February 13 2012

My Indie Is Not a Centerfold, Nor Is It Indie

What has come to be known as indie music cannot be recorded and released in places where people are absolutely independent. We need to start thinking -- really, seriously thinking -- about how something that is supposed to be inherently independent can be so dependent on so much else.

Wednesday, October 12 2011

"Something in the Way": 'Loveless' and the Un-Invention of Cock Rock

My Bloody Valentine's Loveless stands as an album of (at least) equal importance to Nirvana's Nevermind, garnering a great deal of its importance for the way that it offers a gender-bending sonic style that severed the entrenched connections between the electric guitar and masculine phallic power.

Sunday, March 21 2010

Loneliness Is a Cool iPod... Happiness Is a Warm Album Cover

The communal nature of MP3 filesharing is often idealized to the point where the discourse surrounding it masks what are ultimately fractured connections between musicians and their listeners.


Monday, January 27 2014

Either Twitter Is Mean or Slowdive Are Reuniting

All the world's a stage, and Slowdive might soon be playing on it (again).

Thursday, December 5 2013

New Music from Swervedriver to be Released Immediately

Humble PopMatters Readers, we are interrupting the internet's End-of-2013-Yeezus-Coverage for an important announcement: Swervedriver will be releasing their first new material in over 15 years.

Thursday, August 15 2013

Beach Fossils - "Crashed Out" (video)

The National and Beach Fossils both released new records in early 2013, each effort playing like the inverse of the other.

Thursday, August 8 2013

The Sound of Silence: On Rolling Stone's 'Bomber' Cover

Joseph Fisher examines the controversy over Rolling Stone's Dzhokhar Tsarnaev cover issue, as well as the lack of response from the indie music publishing world.

Tuesday, June 4 2013

Facing the Path of Time: Alice in Chains Remembered

The sumo wrestler suits are still awesome.

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