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Kris Ligman
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Kris Ligman is an independent media blogger and a current master’s student of critical studies at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. Her blog, Dire Critic, offers a daily assortment of links to articles on video games, animation, film, science and technology. Her favorite color is orange.


Tuesday, October 25 2011

'White Knight Chronicles II' Is a Waste in Almost Every Sense of the Word

There is not a single original idea in White Knight Chronicles II, and of the stolen ones, few are anything to aspire to.

Monday, August 22 2011

Dragon Age II: Legacy

For a story pitched as casting a shadow on the Hawke family line, the actual revelation doesn't really tarnish anyone's reputation.

Sunday, August 7 2011

'Catherine' Is Fun to Play and That's About It

The puzzle metaphor (as given) may be broken, but it's still useful for displaying the anxieties that Vincent represents on behalf of his target audience.

Thursday, August 4 2011

'Bastion': Putting Character Back into Indie Arcade

Bastion is a grandiose science fantasy with a rustic twang steeped in the mythic Old West.

Tuesday, July 26 2011

Record of Agarest War Zero

The "dating" system consists largely of improving scores so that your descendant will inherit better stats. I seem to recall doing something rather similar in Final Fantasy VII, only with chocobo, not human women.


Monday, October 17 2011

'Rogues in Space': A Post-Mortem

Kris ran a tabletop campaign! Let's talk about it.

Monday, October 10 2011

Space and System in Culver City: A Visit to IndieCade

Beset by sculptures of alien invaders and rampaging teenage zombies, IndieCade manages to be a place of community all but forgotten in mainstream electronic gaming.

Monday, September 26 2011

The 'Ruins' at the 'End of the World': Atmospheric Ambience and Dream Space

Ruins exudes a sense not just of a mystical dream setting but also a private one.

Tuesday, September 20 2011

The Virtue of Virtual Patience

The Artist is Present is not much of a game, but it functions brilliantly as a comment on time and patience in media consumption.

Monday, September 12 2011

Constructing Community in 'Catherine'

Is it cheating when the game wants you to seek outside help?

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