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Bill Evans Trio: Explorations (OJC Remasters) | 23 Aug 2011 // 5:00 PM

For all the attention paid to his sense of harmony and melody, one could overlook an equally integral aspect to Bill Evans' mastery: he knew how to swing.


Musical Auteurism: Recognizing Genius | 29 Sep 2011 // 1:00 AM

An album is not an insulated document, but rather something that breathes and grows within an artist's discography. I challenge music fans to not simply find songs or albums that they like (though certainly that has a completely worthwhile place), but to find entire discographies (from acknowledged classics to forgotten albums) to grow with over time.

Paul McCartney: An Auteur | 17 Jun 2011 // 1:34 AM

Paul McCartney's effortless musical mastery (with no suffering artist gimmick) robs him of the serious consideration he deserves. But like literature and film's greatest auteurs, he will eventually undergo the Hitchcock / Shakespeare transformation from popular entertainer to century-defining artist.

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The Moving Pixels Podcast Discusses 'Tales from the Borderlands Episode 2'

// Moving Pixels

"Our foray into the adventure-game-style version of the Borderlands continues.

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