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Victor P. Corona, Ph.D. ( is a Lecturer in the Department of Sociology at Columbia University. Follow him on Twitter: @victorpcorona

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'America’s Medicis': The Rockefellers’ Love of Art and Its Impact on American Culture | 11 Jan 2011 // 4:00 PM

America’s Medicis explains how the Rockefellers nurtured world-class museums, art collections, plazas, and stunning works of architecture around the country.

Why Are We So 'Starstruck'? | 22 Nov 2010 // 4:00 PM

Starstruck is a succinct account of the commercial apparatus behind those stars whom we seek to uplift, observe, and emulate.


Gaga Studies | 24 Nov 2010 // 3:00 AM

It’s not surprising that the intense curiosity about Lady Gaga’s music and aesthetic is being brought into undergraduate classrooms.

Kelly Cutrone: Televising Her Revolution | 19 Nov 2010 // 4:30 AM

Having just signed on to be Dr. Phil's newest correspondent, Kelly Cutrone will continue to urge young people to abandon emotional neediness and pursue their career goals with diligence and hard work.

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Call For Papers: Celebrating Star Trek's 50th Anniversary

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"To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the hit franchise, PopMatters seeks submissions about Star Trek, including: the TV series, from The Original Series (TOS) to the highly anticipated 2017 new installment; the films, both the originals and the J.J. Abrams reboot; and ancillary materials such as novelizations, comic books, videogames, etc.

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