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Cynthia Fuchs is director of Film & Media Studies and Associate Professor of English, Film & Video Studies, African and African American Studies, Sport & American Culture, and Women and Gender Studies at George Mason University.


Friday, January 2 2015

The 10 Best of ESPN's 30 for 30

On the occasion of 30 for 30's fifth anniversary, ESPN Films has released a 100-Film Gift Set. And on that occasion, a list of the 10 best 30 for 30 films.. so far.

Wednesday, December 31 2014

The Best Documentaries of 2014

As the best of 2014's documentaries find new ways to tell stories, they are also the year's best films.

Sunday, September 11 2011

Documenting Memories of 9/11

The many documentaries on 9/11 show that this is what the day has been and remains, history conveyed by images, history reconfigured to shape what comes after, history that is perpetual.

Thursday, January 13 2011

The Best Documentaries of 2010

A remarkable number of documentaries challenged basic assumptions about structure and representation, faith and truth.

Thursday, November 18 2010

Everything Gets Pulled into Question: Interview with Chico Colvard

Filmmaker Chico Colvard talks about his memories, his award-winning documentary (Family Affair) -- opening this Friday at the Quad -- and the whiteness of the independent film community.

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The Way of the Gun [31.Dec.94]
Baby Boy [31.Dec.94]
Reindeer Games [31.Dec.94]
Price of Glory [31.Dec.94]
The Time Machine [31.Dec.94]
The Way of the Gun [31.Dec.94]
Sugar & Spice [31.Dec.94]
Urbania [31.Dec.94]
Drumline [31.Dec.94]
Judy Berlin [31.Dec.94]
Bamboozled [31.Dec.94]
Dogtown and Z-Boys [31.Dec.94]
Girlfight [31.Dec.94]


Friday, April 17 2015

'Unfriended', Social Media, and the Horror of Sharing Too Much

Unfriended raises a few good questions concerning how social media works, how it is used, and also how it shapes experience.

Friday, April 10 2015

Callous Masculinity and Robot Sexuality Conflict in 'Ex Machina'

This artificial intelligence flick uses the nerd archetype to make points about masculinity, ego, and empathy.

Friday, April 3 2015

'Furious 7': When Cars Fly

Cars parachute into the Caucasus, cars plunge off cliffs, and perhaps most dauntingly, soar from one of the Jumeirah at Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi.

Friday, March 27 2015

Ben Stiller Takes on a Woody Allen Persona in 'While We're Young'

This examination of documentary filmmaking, of truth and not-quite-truth, is somewhat undercut by the neuroses of its male lead (Ben Stiller).

Friday, March 27 2015

Jim Parsons Can't Escape Sheldon Cooper in 'Home'

Even though Jim Parsons is trying to distance himself from his Big Bang Theory character, his role in Home, like the film itself, feels awfully familiar.

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Special [2.Dec.08]
Milk [25.Nov.08]
Australia [25.Nov.08]
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What Just Happened [19.Oct.08]
W. [16.Oct.08]
Saving Marriage [10.Oct.08]
Body of Lies [10.Oct.08]
The Express [9.Oct.08]
Eleventh Hour [8.Oct.08]
Flash of Genius [2.Oct.08]
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No End in Sight [1.Sep.08]
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I.O.U.S.A. [25.Aug.08]
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American Teen [29.Jul.08]
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Step Brothers [24.Jul.08]
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Boy A [22.Jul.08]
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Deception [27.Apr.08]
Baby Mama [24.Apr.08]
Without the King [23.Apr.08]
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The Ruins [3.Apr.08]
Flawless [1.Apr.08]
Compañeras [31.Mar.08]
Shotgun Stories [30.Mar.08]
Stop-Loss [28.Mar.08]
21 [27.Mar.08]
Chapter 27 [26.Mar.08]
Peter & the Wolf [25.Mar.08]
The Grand [23.Mar.08]
Drillbit Taylor [21.Mar.08]
Shutter (2008) [20.Mar.08]
Nice Bombs [18.Mar.08]
The Situation [18.Mar.08]
Doomsday [16.Mar.08]
Funny Games [14.Mar.08]
Never Back Down [13.Mar.08]
Snow Angels [12.Mar.08]
Paranoid Park [11.Mar.08]
Girls Rock! [10.Mar.08]
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10,000 B.C. [6.Mar.08]
The Bank Job [6.Mar.08]
Married Life [5.Mar.08]
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Penelope [2.Mar.08]
Semi-Pro [2.Mar.08]
Chicago 10 [28.Feb.08]
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Hard Road Home [25.Feb.08]
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First Sunday [10.Jan.08]
Protagonist [8.Jan.08]
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3:10 to Yuma [6.Sep.07]
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Nice Bombs (2006) [17.Jul.07]
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Joshua (2007) [5.Jul.07]
Coma [1.Jul.07]
Vitus (2006) [28.Jun.07]
Bamako (2006) [28.Jun.07]
Angel-A (2005) [25.Jun.07]
You Kill Me (2007) [24.Jun.07]
Sicko (2007) [21.Jun.07]
1408 [21.Jun.07]
Street Thief [20.Jun.07]
The Closer [17.Jun.07]
Nancy Drew [14.Jun.07]
Hostel II (2007) [10.Jun.07]
Gracie (2007) [31.May.07]
Knocked Up (2007) [31.May.07]
Hidden Palms [29.May.07]
Bug (2006) (2006) [25.May.07]
Snow Cake (2006) [21.May.07]
Jindabyne (2006) [20.May.07]
Fay Grim (2006) [17.May.07]
Severance (2006) [17.May.07]
The Ex (2007) [10.May.07]
51 Birch Street [9.May.07]
The Unit [7.May.07]
Waitress (2007) [3.May.07]
Lucky You (2006) [3.May.07]
Brando [1.May.07]
Next (2007) [26.Apr.07]
Fracture (2007) [22.Apr.07]
Vacancy (2007) [19.Apr.07]
Painkiller Jane [18.Apr.07]
Bobby (2006) [15.Apr.07]
Disturbia (2007) [12.Apr.07]
Pathfinder (2007) [12.Apr.07]
Red Road (2006) [12.Apr.07]
The Unit [9.Apr.07]
The Hoax (2006) [6.Apr.07]
Rank (2006) [2.Apr.07]
The Lookout (2007) [29.Mar.07]
Memory (2005) [29.Mar.07]
Harsh Times (2006) [27.Mar.07]
Pride (2007) [27.Mar.07]
Offside (2006) [23.Mar.07]
Shooter (2007) [23.Mar.07]
Premonition (2007) [15.Mar.07]
Addiction [14.Mar.07]
300 (2007) [8.Mar.07]
Mafioso (1962) [4.Mar.07]
Zodiac (2007) [1.Mar.07]
Wild Hogs (2007) [1.Mar.07]
Black Sun [28.Feb.07]
Breach (2007) [15.Feb.07]
Ghost Rider (2007) [15.Feb.07]
Norbit (2007) [8.Feb.07]
Smokin Aces (2006) [25.Jan.07]
24: Day Six [21.Jan.07]
The Hitcher (2007) [18.Jan.07]
Primeval (2007) [15.Jan.07]
Lincoln Heights [14.Jan.07]
Alpha Dog (2006) [11.Jan.07]
Armed & Famous [9.Jan.07]
Dirt [8.Jan.07]
Volver (2006) [18.Dec.06]
Dreamgirls (2006) [14.Dec.06]
Black Gold (2006) [12.Dec.06]
Sleeper Cell [10.Dec.06]
Old Joy (2006) [5.Dec.06]
3 Needles (2005) [3.Dec.06]
Turistas (2006) [30.Nov.06]
Day Break [28.Nov.06]
My Boys [27.Nov.06]
Candy (2006) [21.Nov.06]
Déjà Vu (2006) [21.Nov.06]
Shut Up & Sing [19.Nov.06]
Bobby (2006) [16.Nov.06]
3 Lbs. [13.Nov.06]
The Return (2006) [12.Nov.06]
Unknown (2006) [2.Nov.06]
Masters of Horror [31.Oct.06]
Saw III (2006) [29.Oct.06]
Babel (2006) [26.Oct.06]
Flicka (2006) [23.Oct.06]
Dexter [15.Oct.06]
Infamous (2006) [12.Oct.06]
Shortbus (2006) [12.Oct.06]
The Queen (2006) [3.Oct.06]
Veronica Mars [2.Oct.06]
The Unit [2.Oct.06]
Jesus Camp (2006) [29.Sep.06]
Renaissance (2006) [28.Sep.06]
Feast (2005) [21.Sep.06]
Flyboys (2006) [21.Sep.06]
Shark (CBS) [20.Sep.06]
Jericho [19.Sep.06]
Smith [18.Sep.06]
Prison Break [10.Sep.06]
Crossover (2006) [31.Aug.06]
The Quiet (2005) [30.Aug.06]
Idlewild (2006) [24.Aug.06]
Invincible (2006) [24.Aug.06]
The Hill [22.Aug.06]
Silent Hill (2006) [20.Aug.06]
Inside Man (2006) [14.Aug.06]
Brick (2005) [13.Aug.06]
Pulse (2006) [13.Aug.06]
Half Nelson (2006) [10.Aug.06]
Miami Vice (2006) [27.Jul.06]
Scoop (2006) [27.Jul.06]
Clerks II (2006) [20.Jul.06]
Shadowboxer (2005) [20.Jul.06]
ATL (2006) [20.Jul.06]
Tsotsi (2005) [16.Jul.06]
Little Man (2006) [13.Jul.06]
Annapolis (2006) [12.Jul.06]
Psych [12.Jul.06]
Slayer [10.Jul.06]
Edge of Outside [5.Jul.06]
Annapolis (2006) [26.Jun.06]
Waist Deep (2006) [25.Jun.06]
Click (2006) [22.Jun.06]
The King (2005) [21.Jun.06]
Syriana (2005) [19.Jun.06]
Nacho Libre (2006) [15.Jun.06]
Aquamarine (2006) [12.Jun.06]
Cars (2006) [8.Jun.06]
The Omen (2006) [5.Jun.06]
The Omen (2006) [5.Jun.06]
The Da Vinci Code [18.May.06]
Poseidon (2006) [11.May.06]
Poseidon (2006) [11.May.06]
Free Zone (2005) [8.May.06]
Last Holiday [1.May.06]
Kinky Boots (2006) [30.Apr.06]
Stick It (2006) [27.Apr.06]
Water (2005) [27.Apr.06]
United 93 [27.Apr.06]
Aeon Flux (2005) [24.Apr.06]
Casanova (2005) [24.Apr.06]
Shopgirl (2005) [24.Apr.06]
Silent Hill (2006) [20.Apr.06]
Hard Candy (2005) [16.Apr.06]
Protocols of Zion [10.Apr.06]
Brick (2005) [6.Apr.06]
Capote (2005) [3.Apr.06]
ATL (2006) [30.Mar.06]
Slither (2006) [30.Mar.06]
Thief [27.Mar.06]
Inside Man (2006) [23.Mar.06]
Lenfant (2006) [23.Mar.06]
The Unit [8.Mar.06]
Invasion [7.Mar.06]
16 Blocks (2006) [2.Mar.06]
Tsotsi (2005) [23.Feb.06]
Freedomland (2006) [16.Feb.06]
Proof (2005) [16.Feb.06]
Firewall (2006) [9.Feb.06]
The Pink Panther [9.Feb.06]
Serenity (2005) [8.Feb.06]
24 [29.Jan.06]
Annapolis (2006) [26.Jan.06]
Bubble (2005) [26.Jan.06]
Flightplan (2005) [26.Jan.06]
The Shield [23.Jan.06]
Sleeper Cell [17.Jan.06]
Asylum (2005) [16.Jan.06]
Glory Road (2006) [12.Jan.06]
Hostel (2006) [12.Jan.06]
E-Ring [10.Jan.06]
Caché (2005) [5.Jan.06]
Casanova (2005) [5.Jan.06]
Munich (2005) [22.Dec.05]
The Ringer (2005) [22.Dec.05]
Wolf Creek (2005) [22.Dec.05]
Aeon Flux (2005) [15.Dec.05]
24 - Season Four [15.Dec.05]
King Kong (2005) [13.Dec.05]
Homecoming [5.Dec.05]
Naked (1993) [29.Nov.05]
Sky High (2005) [28.Nov.05]
Millions (2004) [22.Nov.05]
Rent (2005) [22.Nov.05]
Syriana (2005) [22.Nov.05]
Bee Season (2005) [10.Nov.05]
Derailed (2005) [10.Nov.05]
Jarhead (2005) [3.Nov.05]
Saw II (2005) [31.Oct.05]
Prime (2005) [27.Oct.05]
Bewitched (2005) [26.Oct.05]
Capote (2005) [24.Oct.05]
Doom (2005) [24.Oct.05]
Shopgirl (2005) [21.Oct.05]
Stay (2005) [21.Oct.05]
The Fog (2005) [17.Oct.05]
Domino (2005) [13.Oct.05]
Close to Home [10.Oct.05]
Medium [2.Oct.05]
Serenity (2005) [29.Sep.05]
Mindhunters (2004) [28.Sep.05]
Veronica Mars [27.Sep.05]
Flightplan (2005) [22.Sep.05]
Roll Bounce (2005) [22.Sep.05]
E-Ring [20.Sep.05]
Surface [18.Sep.05]
Lord of War (2005) [15.Sep.05]
Proof (2005) [15.Sep.05]
Sahara (2005) [30.Aug.05]
The Cave (2005) [25.Aug.05]
Asylum (2005) [18.Aug.05]
Red Eye (2005) [18.Aug.05]
Sin City (2005) [15.Aug.05]
Grizzly Man (2005) [11.Aug.05]
Junebug (2005) [4.Aug.05]
Last Days (2004) [4.Aug.05]
Downfall (2004) [3.Aug.05]
Guess Who (2005) [1.Aug.05]
Stealth (2005) [28.Jul.05]
Sky High (2005) [28.Jul.05]
The Warrior (2001) [28.Jul.05]
Over There [26.Jul.05]
The Jacket (2005) [24.Jul.05]
The Island (2005) [20.Jul.05]
Murderball (2005) [14.Jul.05]
Heights (2004) [7.Jul.05]
Undead (2003) [7.Jul.05]
Après Vous (2003) [30.Jun.05]
Hitch (2005) [30.Jun.05]
Rebound (2005) [30.Jun.05]
Being Bobby Brown [29.Jun.05]
Bewitched (2005) [23.Jun.05]
Rize (2005) [23.Jun.05]
Hostage (2005) [20.Jun.05]
Rescue Me [20.Jun.05]
Cinderella Man [2.Jun.05]
Layer Cake (2004) [27.May.05]
Madagascar (2005) [27.May.05]
Saving Face (2005) [27.May.05]
Abouna (2002) [19.May.05]
Kinsey (2004) [17.May.05]
Hercules [15.May.05]
Mindhunters (2005) [12.May.05]
Unleashed (2005) [12.May.05]
Crash (2004) [5.May.05]
Primer (2004) [4.May.05]
Undertow (2004) [25.Apr.05]
House of D (2004) [14.Apr.05]
The Staircase [10.Apr.05]
Sahara (2005) [7.Apr.05]
Closer (2004) [6.Apr.05]
Elektra (2005) [6.Apr.05]
Spanglish (2004) [6.Apr.05]
Sideways (2004) [6.Apr.05]
Zero Day (2003) [6.Apr.05]
Odd Girl Out [3.Apr.05]
Beauty Shop (2005) [31.Mar.05]
Oldboy (2003) [31.Mar.05]
Sin City (2005) [31.Mar.05]
Kojak [27.Mar.05]
Guess Who (2005) [24.Mar.05]
Alfie (2004) [22.Mar.05]
Laura (1944) [22.Mar.05]
The Shield [20.Mar.05]
Off the Map (2003) [17.Mar.05]
The Ring 2 (2005) [17.Mar.05]
Hostage (2005) [10.Mar.05]
Millions (2004) [10.Mar.05]
Robots (2005) [10.Mar.05]
American Dreams [9.Mar.05]
Ladder 49 (2004) [6.Mar.05]
Be Cool (2005) [3.Mar.05]
Cursed (2004) [3.Mar.05]
She Hate Me (2004) [23.Feb.05]
Constantine (2005) [17.Feb.05]
The Yes Men (2004) [16.Feb.05]
Hitch (2005) [10.Feb.05]
Boogeyman (2005) [3.Feb.05]
Mean Creek (2003) [25.Jan.05]
Jonny Zero [19.Jan.05]
24 [19.Jan.05]
Code 46 (2004) [16.Jan.05]
Elektra (2005) [13.Jan.05]
Alias [11.Jan.05]
Medium [11.Jan.05]
Paparazzi (2004) [9.Jan.05]
The Aviator (2004) [21.Dec.04]
Stander (2003) [21.Dec.04]
Spanglish (2004) [16.Dec.04]
I, Robot (2004) [12.Dec.04]
24: Season 3 [5.Dec.04]
Closer (2004) [2.Dec.04]
Moolaadé (2004) [2.Dec.04]
Hero (2002) [28.Nov.04]
Alexander (2004) [23.Nov.04]
House [21.Nov.04]
Kinsey (2004) [18.Nov.04]
Alfie (2004) [4.Nov.04]
Birth (2004) [4.Nov.04]
p.s. (2004) [4.Nov.04]
Ray (2004) [28.Oct.04]
Saw (2004) [28.Oct.04]
Undertow (2004) [28.Oct.04]
The Grudge (2004) [21.Oct.04]
Sideways (2004) [21.Oct.04]
Vera Drake (2004) [21.Oct.04]
Primer (2004) [14.Oct.04]
Valentín (2002) [12.Oct.04]
Taxi (2004) [7.Oct.04]
Saved! (2004) [4.Oct.04]
Ladder 49 (2004) [30.Sep.04]
Shark Tale (2004) [30.Sep.04]
The Alamo (2004) [28.Sep.04]
CSI: NY [26.Sep.04]
Carandiru (2003) [22.Sep.04]
Mean Girls (2004) [19.Sep.04]
LAX [19.Sep.04]
Silver City (2004) [16.Sep.04]
Wimbledon (2004) [16.Sep.04]
Baadasssss! (2003) [14.Sep.04]
Man on Fire (2004) [14.Sep.04]
Young Adam (2003) [14.Sep.04]
Jack & Bobby [12.Sep.04]
Cellular (2004) [9.Sep.04]
Paparazzi (2004) [9.Sep.04]
Mean Creek (2003) [26.Aug.04]
Open Water (2004) [12.Aug.04]
Stander (2003) [12.Aug.04]
Hidalgo (2004) [8.Aug.04]
Code 46 (2004) [4.Aug.04]
She Hate Me (2004) [29.Jul.04]
Catwoman (2004) [21.Jul.04]
I, Robot (2004) [14.Jul.04]
Sleepover (2004) [7.Jul.04]
The Show (1995) [5.Jul.04]
De-Lovely (2004) [1.Jul.04]
The Mother (2003) [23.Jun.04]
Monster (2003) [6.Jun.04]
Carandiru (2003) [2.Jun.04]
Baadasssss! (2004) [27.May.04]
Soul Plane (2004) [27.May.04]
Shrek 2 (2004) [19.May.04]
Stateside (2004) [19.May.04]
In America (2003) [16.May.04]
Paycheck (2003) [16.May.04]
Troy (2004) [12.May.04]
Valentín (2002) [5.May.04]
Envy (2004) [28.Apr.04]
Godsend (2004) [28.Apr.04]
Mean Girls (2004) [28.Apr.04]
Big Fish (2003) [25.Apr.04]
Osama (2003) [25.Apr.04]
Timeline (2003) [25.Apr.04]
Man on Fire (2004) [22.Apr.04]
Young Adam (2003) [14.Apr.04]
The Alamo (2004) [7.Apr.04]
Hellboy (2004) [31.Mar.04]
Jersey Girl (2003) [25.Mar.04]
Touching Evil [21.Mar.04]
Spartan (2004) [10.Mar.04]
The Shield [8.Mar.04]
Hidalgo (2004) [3.Mar.04]
Twisted (2004) [25.Feb.04]
The Missing [22.Feb.04]
Miracle (2004) [4.Feb.04]
Manic (2001) [1.Feb.04]
Thirteen (2003) [1.Feb.04]
Underworld (2003) [25.Jan.04]
Osama (2003) [14.Jan.04]
Torque (2004) [14.Jan.04]
Out of Time (2003) [12.Jan.04]
S.W.A.T. (2003) [12.Jan.04]
Monster (2003) [7.Jan.04]
Paycheck (2003) [7.Jan.04]
21 Grams (2003) [10.Dec.03]
Gigli (2003) [8.Dec.03]
Honey (2003) [3.Dec.03]
Timeline (2003) [3.Dec.03]
Gothika (2003) [19.Nov.03]
The Missing [19.Nov.03]
Home Room (2003) [16.Nov.03]
Elephant (2003) [9.Nov.03]
Elf (2003) [9.Nov.03]
Tru Calling [9.Nov.03]
Skin [3.Nov.03]
Radio (2003) [22.Oct.03]
Respiro (2002) [20.Oct.03]
Wonderland (2003) [15.Oct.03]
Wrong Turn (2003) [13.Oct.03]
All of Us / Eve [12.Oct.03]
Tarzan [5.Oct.03]
Duplex (2003) [1.Oct.03]
Fargo (1996) [29.Sep.03]
Angel [28.Sep.03]
Threat Matrix [28.Sep.03]
The Rundown (2003) [24.Sep.03]
Underworld (2003) [17.Sep.03]
Enough (2002) [14.Sep.03]
Cabin Fever (2002) [10.Sep.03]
The Order (2003) [10.Sep.03]
The Core (2003) [8.Sep.03]
Identity (2003) [8.Sep.03]
24: Season 2 [8.Sep.03]
Thirteen (2003) [27.Aug.03]
Levity (2003) [24.Aug.03]
xx/xy (2003) [17.Aug.03]
Open Range (2003) [13.Aug.03]
The Hunted (2003) [10.Aug.03]
Street Time [10.Aug.03]
S.W.A.T. (2003) [6.Aug.03]
Gigli (2003) [31.Jul.03]
Daredevil (2003) [27.Jul.03]
Spider (2002) [27.Jul.03]
Solaris (2002) [27.Jul.03]
Northfork (2003) [23.Jul.03]
Seabiscuit (2003) [23.Jul.03]
nip/tuck [21.Jul.03]
Spun (2002) [20.Jul.03]
Bad Boys II (2003) [16.Jul.03]
How to Deal (2003) [16.Jul.03]
The Hours (2002) [13.Jul.03]
Phone Booth (2002) [13.Jul.03]
Respiro (2002) [2.Jul.03]
Narc (2002) [22.Jun.03]
Alex & Emma (2003) [18.Jun.03]
Whale Rider (2002) [18.Jun.03]
Blue Car (2003) [5.Jun.03]
Manic (2001) [28.May.03]
Adaptation [27.May.03]
The In-Laws (2003) [21.May.03]
Lockdown (2000) [11.May.03]
xx/xy (2003) [7.May.03]
Drumline (2002) [4.May.03]
Angel [4.May.03]
Confidence (2003) [23.Apr.03]
Identity (2003) [23.Apr.03]
Levity (2003) [23.Apr.03]
Platinum [20.Apr.03]
Spun (2002) [10.Apr.03]
Black Sash [30.Mar.03]
Basic (2003) [27.Mar.03]
The Core (2003) [27.Mar.03]
Auto Focus (2002) [17.Mar.03]
The Hunted (2003) [12.Mar.03]
Willard (2003) [12.Mar.03]
Spider (2002) [27.Feb.03]
Dark Blue (2003) [19.Feb.03]
Daredevil (2003) [19.Feb.03]
Gerry (2002) [19.Feb.03]
The Guru (2002) [12.Feb.03]
Lockdown (2000) [12.Feb.03]
Max (2002) [5.Feb.03]
Dragnet [3.Feb.03]
Kingpin [3.Feb.03]
Biker Boyz (2003) [30.Jan.03]
The Recruit (2003) [29.Jan.03]
Miracles [27.Jan.03]
A Guy Thing (2003) [15.Jan.03]
The Hours (2002) [15.Jan.03]
Mister Sterling [15.Jan.03]
Narc (2002) [8.Jan.03]
Trapped (2002) [8.Jan.03]
Drumline (2002) [12.Dec.02]
Adaptation [5.Dec.02]
Empire (2002) [4.Dec.02]
Ararat (2002) [28.Nov.02]
Solaris (2002) [28.Nov.02]
8 Mile (2002) [6.Nov.02]
24 [6.Nov.02]
Frida (2002) [30.Oct.02]
I Spy (2002) [30.Oct.02]
Auto Focus (2002) [23.Oct.02]
Abandon (2002) [17.Oct.02]
Formula 51 (2001) [17.Oct.02]
Heaven (2002) [17.Oct.02]
The Ring (2002) [17.Oct.02]
Enough (2002) [9.Oct.02]
C.S.I.: Miami [29.Sep.02]
Secretary (2002) [25.Sep.02]
Snipes (2001) [25.Sep.02]
Snatch (2000) [25.Sep.02]
Trapped (2002) [25.Sep.02]
Fastlane [22.Sep.02]
Barbershop (2002) [11.Sep.02]
Panic Room (2002) [11.Sep.02]
Swimfan (2002) [11.Sep.02]
Scratch (2001) [11.Sep.02]
feardotcom (2002) [29.Aug.02]
Simone (2002) [21.Aug.02]
Undisputed (2002) [21.Aug.02]
Blue Crush (2002) [14.Aug.02]
Possession (2002) [14.Aug.02]
Signs (2002) [31.Jul.02]
Tadpole (2002) [24.Jul.02]
K-19 (2002) [17.Jul.02]
Like Mike (2002) [7.Jul.02]
Mr. Deeds (2002) [26.Jun.02]
Pumpkin (2002) [26.Jun.02]
Lift [25.Jun.02]
Windtalkers (2002) [12.Jun.02]
CQ (2001) [30.May.02]
Enough (2002) [22.May.02]
Insomnia (2002) [22.May.02]
About A Boy (2002) [14.May.02]
Enigma (2001) [8.May.02]
Nine Queens (2000) [17.Apr.02]
Frailty (2002) [10.Apr.02]
Spy Game (2001) [10.Apr.02]
Crush (2001) [3.Apr.02]
Panic Room (2002) [28.Mar.02]
Blade II (2002) [21.Mar.02]
Showtime (2002) [14.Mar.02]
Dragonfly (2002) [21.Feb.02]
Hart's War (2002) [14.Feb.02]
John Q (2002) [14.Feb.02]
Slackers (2002) [31.Jan.02]
The Shield [6.Jan.02]
Impostor (2001) [3.Jan.02]
Ali (2001) [24.Dec.01]
How High (2001) [20.Dec.01]
Kandahar (2001) [13.Dec.01]
Vanilla Sky (2001) [13.Dec.01]
Spy Game (2001) [20.Nov.01]
The Wash (2001) [13.Nov.01]
The One (2001) [1.Nov.01]
Madonna: Music [18.Sep.00]
Hamlet (2000) [31.Dec.94]
The Animal [31.Dec.94]
Antitrust (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Angel Eyes (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Affliction (1999) [31.Dec.94]
The Beach (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Bait (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Bounce (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Bubble Boy (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Backstage (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Bandits (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Bones (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Blow (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Brother (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Baby Boy (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Blue Streak (1999) [31.Dec.94]
Bring It On (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Boiler Room (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Bamboozled (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Coyote Ugly (2000) [31.Dec.94]
The Claim (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Committed (2000) [31.Dec.94]
The Cell (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Down to You (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Double Take (2001) [31.Dec.94]
The Dish (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Election (1999) [31.Dec.94]
End of Days (1999) [31.Dec.94]
Exit Wounds (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Evolution (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Eureka (2001) [31.Dec.94]
15 Minutes (2001) [31.Dec.94]
From Hell (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Girlfight (2000) [31.Dec.94]
The Gift (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Get Real (1999) [31.Dec.94]
Gossip (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Ghost World (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Hanging Up (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Hardball (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Iris (2001) [31.Dec.94]
I Am Sam (2001) [31.Dec.94]
In Too Deep (1999) [31.Dec.94]
Judy Berlin (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Jesus' Son (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Jackpot (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Light It Up (1999) [31.Dec.94]
Limbo (1999) [31.Dec.94]
Last Resort (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Left Behind (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Lost Souls (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Loser (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Last Orders (2002) [31.Dec.94]
Lumumba (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Memento (2001) [31.Dec.94]
The Mexican (2001) [31.Dec.94]
The Mexican (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Magnolia (1999) [31.Dec.94]
Made (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Next Friday (1999) [31.Dec.94]
Nurse Betty (2000) [31.Dec.94]
The Others (2001) [31.Dec.94]
O (2001) [31.Dec.94]
On the Line (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Piñero (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Pitch Black (2000) [31.Dec.94]
The Patriot (2000) [31.Dec.94]
The Pledge (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Rat Race (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Romance (1999) [31.Dec.94]
Rush Hour 2 (2001) [31.Dec.94] (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Swordfish (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Shrek (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Scream 3 (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Snatch (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Sexy Beast (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Shiri (1999) [31.Dec.94]
Spy Kids (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Shaft (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Scary Movie (2000) [31.Dec.94]
The Score (2001) [31.Dec.94]
The 6th Day (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Turn It Up (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Traffic (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Titus (1999) [31.Dec.94]
28 Days (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Three Kings (1999) [31.Dec.94]
Tomb Raider (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Trippin' (1999) [31.Dec.94]
True Crime (1999) [31.Dec.94]
Tape (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Urbania (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Unbreakable (2000) [31.Dec.94]
The Visit (2001) [31.Dec.94]
Whipped (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Waking Life (2001) [31.Dec.94]
The Wood (1999) [31.Dec.94]
The Yards (2000) [31.Dec.94]
Alias [31.Dec.94]
Bojangles [31.Dec.94]
Blade: The Series [31.Dec.94]
City of Angels [31.Dec.94]
Dark Angel [31.Dec.94]
Dark Angel [31.Dec.94]
Edge of Outside [31.Dec.94]
A Girl Thing [31.Dec.94]
Psych [31.Dec.94]
Slayer [31.Dec.94]
They Call Me Sirr [31.Dec.94]
Thief [31.Dec.94]
UC: Undercover [31.Dec.94]
Wolf Lake [31.Dec.94]
Nas: Nastradamus [31.Dec.94]


Monday, February 23 2015

Oscar Winner 'Citizenfour' Debuts on HBO Monday 23 February

“The disclosures that Edward Snowden revealed don’t only expose a threat to our privacy but to our democracy itself."

Friday, February 20 2015

The Exquisite Observational Documentary 'Approaching the Elephant' Is Now in Theaters

This documentary about a New Jersey "free school" is as adventurous and experimental as its subject.

Monday, January 19 2015

'The Kill Team' Counts the Costs of War

Those interested in the American Sniper controversy ought to check out Dan Krauss' documentary The Kill Team, which similarly explores the dehumanization of war.

Saturday, November 8 2014

'Watchers of the Sky': Oscar Hopeful Explores the Concept of Genocide

Watchers of the Sky screens at the Doc Yard on 8 November.

'Return to Homs': Cycles in Syria (Mixed Media) [21.Oct.14]
'56 Up': Lives as TV, Back on TV (Mixed Media) [14.Oct.13]
'Only the Young': Kids Find Themselves (Mixed Media) [27.Jan.13]
'The Imposter': Lies and Losses (Mixed Media) [10.Jan.13]
'The Loving Story': Why Laws Change (Mixed Media) [10.Dec.12]
Wonderful Doc 'Kati with an I' on DVD (Mixed Media) [22.Oct.12]
'The Girl': Hitchcock's Horrors on the Set (Channel Surfing) [20.Oct.12]
'Lemon' on PBS' Voces Starting 19 October (Channel Surfing) [19.Oct.12]
New POV 'Short Cuts' on PBS 9 August (Channel Surfing) [9.Aug.12]
'Real Sports' Looks at Marching Bands Hazing (Channel Surfing) [17.Jul.12]
'The City Dark' on POV starting 5 July (Channel Surfing) [3.Jul.12]
'My Reincarnation' on POV 21 June (Channel Surfing) [21.Jun.12]
'The Carrier' at Maysles Cinema 21 June (Mixed Media) [20.Jun.12]
'Dallas' Comes to TNT Starting 13 June (Channel Surfing) [12.Jun.12]
'Saving Hope' Premieres on NBC 7 June (Channel Surfing) [7.Jun.12]
'Jesse Owens' Premieres on PBS on 5/1 (Channel Surfing) [1.May.12]