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Andra Moldav studied German Literature at New York University and Liberal Studies at The New School. She worked briefly in publishing and as an assistant to a documentary filmmaker before deciding to move to Los Angeles and pursue screenwriting. Looking at and writing about art has been a passion since graduate school.

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A Slice of Berlin in Los Angeles | 12 Dec 2011 // 4:00 PM

Time takes away the meaning of an object. But then again, it also imbues an object, such as fragments of the Berlin Wall, with another.

Art from Protest | 30 Oct 2011 // 5:00 PM

From the art inspired by America's Civil Rights movement to today's Occupy Wall Street / Occupy Everywhere demonstrations art, like taking to the streets, is a form of rebellion -- and expression.


'Immigrant Nations' Is Told from the Vantage Point of Those Receiving the Influx of Migrants | 10 Nov 2011 // 4:02 PM

Paul Scheffer takes an unemotional look at a present day issue with lots of historical precedents, reminding us that we are not tasked to reinvent the wheel.

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Of Pillow Forts and Play: Epic Games' 'Fortnite'

// Moving Pixels

"Everybody loves building a fort.

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