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Michael McKee is a contributing writer to The A.V. Club, a senior lecturer at the University of the Arts, and the author of "More Than Music," a book documenting 1990s punk culture.

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More Than Music: How Going Underground Kept Punk From “Breaking” in 1991 | 19 Oct 2011 // 4:00 PM

From pivotal, iconic venues in New York and California and the ubiquity of the house show, to the dramatic, intentional divorce from the highly lucrative hardcore/metal crossover scene, 1991 saw numerous DIY punk rock groups reinterpret a 14-year-old subculture with new and urgent relevance.


The Yellowness of the 'Moby Duck': Chasing Bath Toys Lost at Sea | 23 May 2011 // 3:59 PM

The sea and and its many drifters, rubber or otherwise, have long been synonymous with the freedom of limitless possibility. What can these drifters tell us about the environment, our planet and ourselves?

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A Crooked and Unseen Highway: lowercase - "She Takes Me"

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"The newest Between the Grooves series tackles Lowercase's Kill the Lights, a great marriage of slowcore and post-punk: raw, angry, sullen, and very much alive almost 20 years later.

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