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Jonathan Tjarks
Image: Jonathan Tjarks

An award-winning freelance writer who has worked with the Dallas Morning News and Talking Points Memo, Jonathan Tjarks wanted to be an NBA player growing up. But he stopped growing at 6’5, so he became a writer instead. A former rap critic at the Austin American-Statesman, he is a basketball writer at RealGM and SBNation while his writing on public policy and popular culture is collected at jonathantjarks.blogspot.com.


Wednesday, February 8 2012

“Don’t Let Me Fall”: Hip-Hop in the Age of Austerity

Rappers have always wrestled with the question of how to succeed in a society where the odds are stacked against them. The biggest difference now is that their middle class listeners have the same worries.


Monday, March 12 2012

'Sex, Bombs and Burgers' Bombs

In a a poorly-written book that never grabs the reader's attention, Nowak ignores many of the most interesting implications of his premise.

Monday, February 6 2012

The Magician Inside Us All: Sleights of Mind'

Two neuroscientists show how magicians exploit our brains' cognitive process to fool us.

Sunday, January 15 2012

Bill Maher's 'The New New Rules' is Nothing New

Maher is an insightful social critic, but his shtick runs thin over a book with far too much needless filler.

Friday, December 2 2011

'Why the West Rules--for Now': Blind Social Inertia of Billions of Lazy, Greedy, Frightened People

This is a ground-breaking book that places modern Western dominance within the context of the entire scope of human history while giving a frightening view of the shape of things to come.

Tuesday, October 11 2011

A Definitive Eulogy for Late Night TV: Bill Carter's 'The War for Late Night'

Bill Carter turns the Leno/Conan battle over The Tonight Show into a page-turning thriller, while also exploring why it was ultimately a Pyrrhic victory for both.


Thursday, July 14 2011

Archer: A Perfect Satire of Modern America

The funniest show on TV, FX's cartoon Archer, skewers the mentality of today's "Masters of the Universe" on Wall Street.

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