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Dave Mistich comes to PopMatters having primed himself for a career in music journalism by studying--both as a undergraduate and graduate student--at Marshall University's School of Journalism and Mass Communications. He's written for a slew of publications, including The Charleston Daily Mail (WV), Relix Magazine, Graffiti, and WVRockScene. Aside from working as a music writer, Dave is desperately trying to find the time to finish a thesis on authenticity in the earliest years of "Crawdaddy!" (Which, if you didn't know was the first real American magazine of rock criticism.) Dave has plans to enter a doctoral program in the fall of 2013 (where is yet to be determined) and was once called "tenacious" by '80s pop icon Huey Lewis. Yes, "tenacious."
Dave can be reached via email at [email protected] Or, you can follow him on Twitter: @davemistich

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