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Bill See was the lead singer of critically acclaimed L.A. band Divine Weeks. He is the author of 33 Days: Touring In A Van. Sleeping On Floors. Chasing A Dream.

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What's a Sellout? Art and Commerce, Now vs. Then | 12 Sep 2011 // 5:00 PM

Only a generation ago, it was career suicide for a band to allow one of their songs to appear in a commercial. These days? Not so much.

Jane's Affliction: How the Music Biz Sucked the Life Out of Yet Another Great Band | 23 Aug 2011 // 5:00 PM

When Jane's Addiction took L.A. by storm in the late '80s, everyone knew they'd have a huge impact on pop music. Yet by 1991 they were creatively spent. What happened?


The Cost of Success: When Lives Intersect With Fame | 25 Mar 2012 // 6:00 PM

The Swell Season is one of the most intimate fly-on-the-wall peeks at the effects of stardom on two people at two very different points in their lives. It’s arguably the most accomplished music documentary of its kind since D.A. Pennebaker’s Don’t Look Back.

Sinéad O'Connor: A Mea Culpa | 26 Feb 2012 // 4:00 PM

Sinéad's never going to play the game or be someone who has finally "learned her lesson", so forget it. Here’s someone whose career was derailed for being blasphemous. Well, as it turns out, she was right. It’s time to offer our apologies.

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'Doctor Who': Casting a Woman as the Doctor Offers Fresh Perspectives and a New Kind of Role Model

// Channel Surfing

"The BBC's announcement of Jodie Whittaker as the first female Doctor has sections of fandom up in arms. Why all the fuss?

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