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Eric Swain is a self-educated game critic. One day he had the crazy idea that video games could be put under the microscope with the same amount of respect and thought that books and movies are only to discover he was not the first person to think of this. He set out to learn all he could and hopefully add to the growing field of game criticism. He has no idea how far he's come or if he's moved forward much at all. He graduated from Boston University with a B.A. in English. You can read more of his work at .

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Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Is Today | 28 Jul 2015 // 3:26 AM

Some of Dead Synchronicity's attempts at “ripping away the veneer of civility to show man's true nature” are downright comical.

Ends Should Not Concern Us in 'Hand of Fate' | 13 Jul 2015 // 3:30 AM

It is the journey that makes Hand of Fate interesting, the play of the game that matters.


Attempting to Characterize Artificial Intelligence in 'The Fall' | 11 Aug 2015 // 3:09 AM

We want our machines to be more human. As creators, we try to make robots in our image.

One More Episode: A Second Look at 'The Detail' | 14 Jul 2015 // 2:48 AM

Despite its seeming interest in them, the social realities presented at the conclusion of each episode of The Detail aren't integrated into the game's narrative and aren't a part of the game's world.

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Country Fried Rock: Drivin' N' Cryin' to Be Inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame

// Sound Affects

""If Drivin' N' Cryin' sounded as good in the '80s as we do now, we could have been as big as Cinderella." -- Kevn Kinney

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