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Eric Swain is a self-educated game critic. One day he had the crazy idea that video games could be put under the microscope with the same amount of respect and thought that books and movies are only to discover he was not the first person to think of this. He set out to learn all he could and hopefully add to the growing field of game criticism. He has no idea how far he's come or if he's moved forward much at all. He graduated from Boston University with a B.A. in English. You can read more of his work at .

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'Fragments of Him' Is Emotionally Resonant, But Also Exhausting | 21 Jun 2016 // 3:29 AM

Several times while I was playing Fragments of Him, I asked myself: why is this a game?

'1979 Revolution: Black Friday' Blurs the Line Between Fact and Fiction | 10 May 2016 // 3:35 AM

I didn't know much about the Iranian revolution, and having played 1979 Revolution: Black Friday, I don't feel anymore informed on the matter.


Storytelling Engines: The Story Arc Has Ended and Yet the Game Keeps Going | 13 Apr 2016 // 3:00 AM

Adventurers come and go in some video games, meaning that sometimes the only narrative element that remains consistent in such games is the boss.

Mind of the Machine: AlphaGo and Artificial Intelligence | 31 Mar 2016 // 3:31 AM

I see the great gaps between actual thinking and what AlphaGo is doing much more clearly having watched it play.

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Paul McCartney: Pure McCartney (take 2)

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"Pure McCartney really is a compilation for those wanted to dip their toes in wading pool instead of jumping waterfalls.

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