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Mattie Brice
Image: Mattie Brice

Mattie Brice currently writes reviews and articles on gaming for Moving Pixels, The Border House, and Game Critics. She focuses on sexuality, diversity, and narrative topics in games and aims to study and create interactive narratives. You can follow her on Twitter with @xMattieBrice


Sunday, February 26 2012

'Final Fantasy XIII-2' Looks Like a Company Grasping at Straws

A lot of XIII-2’s value comes from the correct choices it made to improve its predecessor, but it also makes you wonder if Square Enix improved the right things.

Thursday, January 19 2012

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

It isn’t just being pretty that makes Skyrim feel like a Jack London story, but instead its philosophy of striving for a photorealistic depiction of a reality.

Tuesday, December 6 2011

Girl With a Heart of

There aren’t many games that you play as a young girl in a mature situation.


Monday, April 9 2012

Must I Say Goodbye?: Leaving Behind jRPGs

The idea of Japanese RPGs vs. Western RPGs seems like a false dichotomy. Rather, it’s just jRPGs vs. everything else.

Monday, March 26 2012

'Dear Esther', We’re Moving Past Story

Dear Esther critiques games that use innumerable amounts of game mechanics to communicate experience. It achieves much with just one.

Monday, March 12 2012

One Day That Wall Is Gonna Fall: Game Design for Everyone

Zia’s song from Bastion wasn’t meant to be a challenge to gaming juggernauts, but it will be on the lips of those leaving GDC this year.

Monday, February 27 2012

Women, the Ensemble, and Narrative Authority in the 'Final Fantasy' Series

What makes some of the games in the Final Fantasy series interesting is how much the women share narrative responsibility with other characters.

Monday, February 13 2012

How Could He?: Exploring Social Issues Through 'Dragon Age II'

No one is implying that the LGBT community turn into blood magicians and that the religious march out to cage and murder them, but this conflict still echoes the tensions felt in the lives of real people.

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