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Brett Mobley
Image: Brett Mobley

Brett Mobley has been an engineer, a technical writer, and crazy-cat guy. Seriously: cats! Brett is almost a game-designer, a novelist, and a playwright. Brett hold’s a Master’s degree in English Literature, which is put to good use writing manuals for airplane radios.


Friday, May 24 2013

Eliot, then Chopin: Investigating 'The Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes'

Before Sandman, huh? Well that must mean there's at least a Sandman before, Before Sandman. So let's start at the beginning…

Friday, May 17 2013

Drawn Back Into Dreaming: Spotlight on Neil Gaiman's "Sandman"

Why would Neil Gaiman return to the proverbial scene of the crime, the scene of his greatest, grandest, longest-running comics success, the Sandman? Perhaps the answer lies in the work itself…

Thursday, May 9 2013

Great Literature, Circuits Through Time: A Deeper Look at "Saga #12"

Great literature is instantly recognizable, regardless of how its stories are relocated in historical context. Brian K. Vaughan's Saga reminds us that the same is easily true for the medium of comics…

Tuesday, April 30 2013

That Metal in Your Bones Soundtrack: The Music of Iron Man

Iconic sound effects like Wolverine's snikt or Spider-Man's thwip have always been crucial in comics storytelling. Iron Man and Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau has shown how the right soundtrack can come to identify a superhero in the same way on the big screen…


Wednesday, December 11 2013

Anxiety Dreams: "Sandman Overture #1"

I’ve come to understand the dream as one primarily fueled by anxiety. It's a twisted sort of wish-fulfillment…

Wednesday, November 27 2013

"Acting on Your Best Behavior…": "Action #25"

Why doesn't Superman simply kill all his enemies and rule the world? In Action #25, incoming regular writer Greg Pak confront's Superman's inherent potential for fascism.

Monday, April 15 2013

Eros, Thanatos, and the Mechanized Body: "Saga #12"

The question at stake isn't whether Apple "censored" Saga #12 based on depictions of homosexual sex acts (they didn't), or even whether or not comiXology might be bigoted, the real question is far larger than that…

Tuesday, January 29 2013

Abject of Your Desire: "Final Night #2"

Final Night ties together two of writer Steve Niles' landmark creator-owned properties--Criminal Macabre and 30 Days of Night. It also reads like the perfect body horror…

Tuesday, January 22 2013

Second Guessing the Exits: "Black Beetle: No Way Out #1"

It's not as if the pulp-noir genre has ever really relied on anything being heavily defined, and this is an aspect of the genre that writer-artist Francesco Francavilla relies on heavily in Black Beetle: No Way Out

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