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Matt Grant teaches writing workshops to students in Harlem. He has a B.A. in film production and occasionally writes DVD and film reviews for PopMatters. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn.

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Go Home, Walter: The Case for Gustavo Fring as the Greatest Villain in Television History | 21 Aug 2013 // 6:14 PM

Gus Fring has earned his spot in the all-time Villain Hall of Fame. It his unexcitable demeanor when enraged that makes him unpredictable and highly volatile to be around, and that's exactly what you want in a good antagonist: never knowing what he is going to do next.

To Be Young Again: Maturity and Adolescence in Wes Anderson's 'Moonrise Kingdom' | 17 Jul 2012 // 6:15 PM

Was love purer for us when we were 13? Probably not, but it sure is nice to remember it that way.


Growing Up Is Hard to Do: A 'Wonder Years' Retrospective | 10 Nov 2014 // 9:30 PM

Executive producer Bob Brush and actor Dan Lauria ruminate on The Wonder Years timeless nostalgia.


'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' Is a Small Part of a Growing Live-Action Comic Book | 30 Sep 2014 // 2:00 AM

Marvel is making their own live-action comic series, and while you don’t necessarily need to collect all the pieces to enjoy the story, there’s a much bigger payoff if you do.

'I Love Lucy: Ultimate Season One' Is Really Smokin' | 8 May 2014 // 2:00 AM

I Love Lucy has been treasured for years, but this is the first time that it has been presented in a manner so thoroughly studied and examined within its historical context.


'Rises' Is More Like 'Begins' Than 'Knight', and That's a Good Thing | 2 Aug 2012 // 12:00 AM

The final installment in Nolan’s saga brings the focus back where it belongs: on the man behind the mask.

'Battleship': What Did You Expect? | 28 May 2012 // 6:00 AM

The film is a huge missed opportunity, not because of its action potential but because of its subtext.

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The Thoughtful Absurdity of 'Spaceplan'

// Moving Pixels

"Spaceplan is a goofy game that still manages to pack a potent emotional punch.

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