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Dorothy Burk
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Dorothy Burk is a full-time writer and media fiend from Northeastern California. Her work has appeared in Matter journal and on Dorothy loves talking about crime on television, Homicide: Life on the Streets and John Steinbeck. She shares thoughts and critical impressions over on Twitter.


Tuesday, October 22 2013

Living Inside the Song: An Interview with Mike Doughty

He didn't play his old band's songs for years. Now, with CIRCLES SUPER BON BON, Doughty tackles the ghosts of his past and tells PopMatters all about it (and guitar pornography).

Monday, September 16 2013

Pretty Time Bomb: An Interview with Sam Phillips

After releasing things online for some time, Sam Phillips tells PopMatters about the joy of a physical release, how technology is impacting music today,

Sunday, April 28 2013

We All Want to Be the Police: Crowdsourcing, Fantasy and National Tragedy

During the Boston Marathon bombings, reputable news agencies were chasing Reddit and 4Chan leads, and social media commentators were lauding this “new move” in crime fighting: crowdsourcing.

Sunday, March 10 2013

'The Network' Premieres at SXSW: An Interview with Filmmaker Eva Orner

Academy Award-winning producer Eva Orner marks her directorial debut with a documentary that is at once compelling and heart-breaking. The Network is about how one TV station challenges, informs, and entertains a country emerging from 30 years of war.


Tuesday, February 26 2013

'Southland' Offers a Fresh Take on Police Procedurals

Southland is both the epitome of a cop show and a substantial departure from traditional police procedurals.


Monday, January 27 2014

'Big Sur' Brings Kerouac to the Screen with Fury and Force

Michael Polish's adaptation of Jack Kerouac's novel is a perfect example of how a flowing, Beat classic can be transcribed to the screen with its spirit intact.

Sunday, January 12 2014

'Dancing, a Man's Game' and '50s-era Masculinity

Masculinity, athleticism and grace take center stage in the newly released Omnibus special from 1958 featuring a young, fiery Gene Kelly.

Friday, January 10 2014

Brothers Together Again in Fox's 'Enlisted'

The show's two central flaws work against each other, as interactions among the characters are consistently unfunny and unrealistic.

Tuesday, December 3 2013

'Fan Phenomena: Twin Peaks' Offers a New Look at the Cult Classic

This new collection of critical essays on Twin Peaks has bright moments, but suffers from poor curation.

Tuesday, November 19 2013

Anabel Hernández's 'Narcoland' Is a Definitive Work on Cartel History

Behind the rhetoric of the drug war and the feverish promises of politicians lies an incredible network of corruption that has turned one of the world's most notorious criminals into one of its most powerful men.


Friday, May 17 2013

'33 Postcards' Is a Classic Coming-of-Age Tale

Chinese orphan Mei-Mei and her Australian sponsor, Dean Randall, have communicated throughout postcards for years. When Mei-Mei visits Australia with the children's choir she helps direct, she discovers the truth about her sponsor and even more about herself.

Wednesday, May 8 2013

SFIFF Day 7: Frances Ha + Everyday Objects

Stories about the ordinary lives of young women have abounded at film festivals this year. As we look at two of the most popular at SFIFF, we ask whether or not these films are as interesting as they're made out to be.

Monday, May 6 2013

'Pearblossom Highway' Fails to Fully Address the Issues It Raises

Mike Ott's Pearblossom Hwy is meant as a film about a generation of lost youth. Unfortunately, it just can't engage with the concerns that it raises, leaving viewers with no real way to empathize with the film's main characters.

Wednesday, May 1 2013

Atiq Rahimi Chats with the Audience About 'The Patience Stone'

Atiq Rahimi's new movie is a powerful portrait of a woman struggling to care for her comatose husband and protect her two young daughters in war-torn Afghanistan.

Friday, April 12 2013

'42': Is It Too Simplistic?

The new Jackie Robinson bio-pic 42 is taking some heat in critical circles for portraying racism too simplistically. Have writers embraced over-criticism of the movie when they should be paying attention to its positive potential?

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