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Sunday, March 24 2013

SXSW: The Good The Bad and The Ugly Fest

What once began as a regional music festival that invited people to sample a local artistic community has become a spring break bowel movement and a corporate invasion that leaves the city blanketed in a cindering Dresden of bad faith branding.

Monday, February 1 2010

Stop Me If You Think That You've Seen This Grammys Before

The Grammys seem like a festering boomer leftover, far removed from the present where major labels live in post-apocalyptic decline.

Monday, February 11 2008

Dead Grammy Walking

The Grammys are a tradition whose bottom has fallen out, a relic still standing only because people are too bored to say otherwise.

Tuesday, September 11 2007

MTV Killed the Video Star: The MTV Video Music Awards

The overall effect from watching this year's MTV VMAs was club drug vertigo -- but with none of the fun of the club or the drugs.

Tuesday, July 24 2007

Karen Dalton: In My Own Time

Just as the ambiguous details surrounding Nick Drake's death led people to exhaustively make his sorrow sacred, Karen Dalton was soul country's undiscovered Ophelia.

Burn, Baby, Burn [10.Jul.05]
Bottom Feed [3.Aug.03]
Rebel Yawn [28.May.03]


Thursday, January 19 2006

Meta-Bullshit: The Trouble with Sarah Silverman and the Fawning Cult of Meta-Bigotry

In the guise of smarts, there's woeful lack of intellect. Silverman tears-up the historical significance of the words she uses only to quilt them back together in meticulously parsed clashes of shock.

Tuesday, January 11 2005

Fighting Chance

After the 2004 US Presidential election, part of me still waited for the Diebold voting scandals to unfold, irrationally hoping that Bush's victory was simply a dirty backroom handshake hammered out during an Illuminati luncheon at Cracker Barrel.

Tuesday, November 9 2004

Smear the Queer

We were too frightened by the possibility of Bush's reelection to recognize that Kerry frets his way around the language of values, handling it in his speeches the way macho men hold their wives' purses for them.

Tuesday, October 5 2004

Derailing the Peace Train

If the former Cat Stevens were barred entry to the US due to his bad music, one might not feel compelled to defend him. As it is, we've got a problem, here.

Tuesday, June 8 2004

The Rape of Logic: Conservatives and Abu Ghraib

Conservatives have tried at every turn to whore out the country's existential fears since 9-11. Abu Ghraib is no exception. Maybe I should be more understanding of the environmental factors that have caused the Right to abandon their rhetoric of individual responsibility.


Sunday, March 17 2013

SXSW Music: Finding the Diamonds in the (Very) Rough

Although the big brands wouldn't have you know it, there's still lots of talented, indie bands littering the SXSW landscape. You just have to know where to look.

Friday, March 15 2013

SXSW Music: Hitting Up the Day Parties

The atmosphere at the Scratched Vinyl SHowcase was one steady thump of laidback head-nod while amazing emcees jumped in with the loving crowd, who rose halfway up to meet the performance.

Thursday, March 14 2013

SXSW Music: Doing Things the Old Fashioned Way

One writer dares to brave the new world of SXSW music without *gulp* proper credentials.

Thursday, March 4 2010

Nneka: Concrete Jungle

Nneka clearly views pop art as a mechanism for transformation and vision, in the way that John Lennon and Bob Marley used both in a dizzying concoction of myth and talent.

Thursday, March 6 2008

Hanne Hukkelberg: Rykestrasse 68

Rykestrasse 68 is not the record you put on when you're trying to multi-task your way onto the next thing on your list. It rewards stillness, listening, and deciphering.

Ladytron [29.Oct.06]
Jamie Lidell [26.Oct.05]
Three Wishes [5.Oct.05]
My Name Is Earl [19.Sep.05]
Elkland: Golden [18.Sep.05]
Trailer Park Boys [21.Nov.04]
Harsh Realm [31.Oct.04]
Deadline (2004) [26.Oct.04]
Wanda Does It [10.Oct.04]
Blue Collar TV [26.Sep.04]
Outfoxed (2004) [22.Sep.04]
Six Feet Under [23.Aug.04]
Peaches [25.May.04]
Ty: Upwards [17.May.04]
Good Day Live [21.Mar.04]
Kingdom Hospital [21.Mar.04]
Mya: Moodring [4.Mar.04]
Tijuana Hercules [17.Dec.03]
The Simple Life [7.Dec.03]
Amateur (1994) [30.Nov.03]
Miss Match [28.Sep.03]
Love Liza (2002) [29.Jun.03]
Da Ali G Show [2.Jun.03]
Pram: Dark Island [29.May.03]
Wanda at Large [30.Mar.03]


Thursday, March 14 2013

Brian Reich and a Response to SXSW Interactive's Brand Nation

Brand is so omnipresent at SXSW that companies strap fur to cars to try and catch your numbed out attention.

Monday, May 3 2010

High End Lowlifes

Bitterly tiny inhabitants of a tedious itinerary-driven world, most of High Society revolves around the ways in which these cruel and insensitive people seek to damage each other's mystifyingly outsized egos.

Friday, March 12 2010

Why 'Hoarders' Should Merge with 'Judge Judy'

These people are sad, but it is a sadness wholly self-imposed, accumulated over years of lacking a critical inner voice.

Monday, February 15 2010

Ra the MC - "Lost Ones" (video)

RuPaul's Race Dragging (Channel Surfing) [10.Feb.10]
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Film: Still Bill (Notes from the Road) [21.Mar.09]
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