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Andrew McDonald is a messy haired writer and post-rock tragic from Sydney, Australia. He enjoys tea, whiskey, difficult films, minimalist design and inwardly dwelling on his existential crises. He is forever writing his first novel and planning his next tattoo.

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The Best Avant-Garde and Experimental Albums of 2014 | 16 Dec 2014 // 8:10 PM

With new albums from icons like Swans, the continued proliferation of vaporwave, and a bevy of exciting new acts, 2014 has been a wonderful year for experimental and avant-garde music.

Introduction to Identification: Abed in 'Community' | 9 Sep 2013 // 10:00 PM

Synecdoche. Diegesis. Star Wars. Pop Culture. Cool Cool. Open a TV Tropes tab as we look into Abed’s identity in Community.


DJWWWW: U.S.M! | 22 May 2015 // 2:46 AM

The enigmatic DJWWWW delivers a slice of ultra-modern internet pie with the schizophrenic U.S.M!

New Dreams Ltd.: Initiation Tape: Isle of Avalon Edition | 5 Aug 2014 // 7:32 PM

The vaporwave wudnerkind returns with her most accomplished release in years.


This Is Not Your Bloody Valentine: 10 Essential Non-'Loveless' Shoegaze Albums | 11 Sep 2013 // 3:00 AM

Despite all the criticism and perhaps unworthy purple praise, there remains virtually a whole movement people ignore outside of its pink, hazy zenith.

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Learning the Barbarian in 'Conan Exiles'

// Moving Pixels

"There's no one better than a barbarian to teach you how to become civilized.

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