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Megan Milks

Megan Milks is currently working on a Ph.D. in Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has had critical work published on, Lost Magazine,, and Sparknotes; her fiction has been published or is forthcoming in DIAGRAM, Pocket Myths, Forge, and Wreckage of Reason, an anthology of experimental women writers. Like once a year, if that, she publishes a magazine called Mildred Pierce, which more people should know about.


Wednesday, November 29 2006

Coming Soon: Tori Amos, A Collection of Collections

Tori Amos is a fascinating person and she will always be, among other things, the classically trained pianist who rebelled against her preacher father; sought inspiration from witch doctors and their drugs; made zany, unmediated statements in interviews; and proved that pianos are as liberating as guitars.


Wednesday, April 30 2008

Xiu Xiu

Yes, a Xiu Xiu performance is intense. However, this intensity does not much involve an audience. It’s an intensity directed inward, with frontperson Jamie Stewart offering little to no interaction with the crowd -- indeed, very little eye contact at all.

Wednesday, April 2 2008

Sex Workers Art Show

Since its inception, the Sex Workers Art Show has advanced the conversation about sex work by opening the lines of communication and throwing a number of wrenches into the idiot side of American sex culture.

Tuesday, January 15 2008

The Artist's Joke by Jennifer Higgie

What is surprising is that so little of 20th-century art criticism has focused on humor in art.

Sunday, December 2 2007

Diamanda Galas

It'd be easy to parody Diamanda Galas, but a spoof would necessarily omit what's so stunning about her music: in all their ugly, abrasive glory, her songs redefine what music can and should be.

Sunday, November 18 2007


I’d never thought of Spoon as bourgie, but, suddenly, it seems obvious. After all, they play tight, melodic rock that’s just a little bit uppercrust. These guys are, dare I say it, adults...

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