Chadwick Jenkins

Chadwick lives in New York City and teaches Music History and Theory at The City College of New York. He earned his doctorate in Musicology at Columbia University. He has given papers on topics ranging from 12th Century lament to Duke Ellington and early radio to the use of Wagner's music in Bugs Bunny cartoons. He has published in scholarly journals on the music of John Cage, Richard Strauss, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He has taught courses on music history, the history of rock, and the history of jazz at the University of Maryland, College Park, and Columbia University

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John Huston and Truman Capote’s Bizarre Confection, 'Beat the Devil' | 15 Feb 2017 // 9:00 PM

Beat the Devil, playing at the Film Forum, is so tongue-in-cheek that it would seem to have caused disfiguration.

Luigi Pirandello on Film: L'Umorismo and Confronting the Other of the Self | 12 Jan 2017 // 9:00 PM

The Film Forum hosts seven films based on the writing of Luigi Pirandello that illustrate the complex ironies of the fractured Self.


Confronting Evil, Determinism, and Death in 'It's a Wonderful Life' | 1 Dec 2016 // 9:30 PM

Exploring the darker core of a Christmas classic reveals just what is so wonderful about life.

A Melancholic Way of Knowing | 29 Sep 2016 // 9:15 PM

Melancholy, in its deepest truth, is not bereft of hope but rather relies upon it.


The Asymmetry of Love in Fassbinder’s Fox and His Friends | 14 Mar 2017 // 4:30 AM

Love always threatens to reduce one to the status of the mere thing, but Fassbinder finds hope precisely within this hopeless situation.

Works -- Not ‘of Art’: Marcel Duchamp As Not an Artist | 13 Mar 2017 // 4:30 AM

Filipovic's new book explores the ways in which Duchamp marshaled his curatorial efforts to investigate the ontological bounds of the artwork.


The Beatles on Record (videos) | 2 Dec 2009 // 3:15 AM

A wonderfully produced documentary on the most important recorded legacy of popular music.

New History Channel Show: Pawn Stars | 17 Jul 2009 // 7:00 AM

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'Steep' Loves Its Mountains

// Moving Pixels

"SSX wanted you to fight its mountains, Steep wants you to love its mountains.

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