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1 Feb 2011 // 10:00 PM

Missed Movies of 2010

Every year, we put the call out to our staff to pick the year's best and every year, out staff comes up with more selections than we can initially handle. Call them misjudged (or misguided), but from A to Z, these are the movies we missed for 2010.

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28 Jan 2011 // 1:00 PM

The Best Books of 2010

A title deemed "best book" must capture the reader on not just an intellectual level, but on an emotional one, too. It is in this way that a book read in January is remembered the following year, when one considers those which most resonate, still. Here are PopMatters best remembered, best loved books of 2010.

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20 Jan 2011 // 10:00 PM

Slipped Discs 2010

PopMatters looks at those Slipped Discs, the ones that our writers dearly loved and thought were important, but simply didn’t draw enough votes to make the top 70. With that much great music to digest, we’re splitting these picks up over the next three days. So dive in and discover something new or revisit some of last year’s favorites.

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PopMatters Picks: The Best TV, Film, and DVD of 2010

The lack of clear consensus and the more personal nature of the picks makes PopMatters Picks for 2010's media best both scattered... and decidedly personal.

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PopMatters Picks: The Best Music of 2010

Get ready for two weeks of musical greatness. This Monday it was the best singles, next Monday brings the best albums, and in between leading up to the holidays will be more than 15 lists of genre bests. You should have more fun than usual finding out who goes where on what list, since 2010 was all about curveballs and crossovers.

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28 Nov 2010 // 10:00 PM

Performer Spotlight: Ellen Burstyn

Few actors, male or female, have achieved such success and career longevity. Ellen Burstyn possesses a powerful caché of performances which too-often flies under the radar of contemporary cinema-goers.

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We All Shine On: A Tribute to John Lennon

PopMatters presents our eight-day tribute to the revolutionary, the pop smart avant-garde idealist who let his art and his actions do all of the talking (even when he had lots to say personally).

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All Things Reconsidered: Radiohead’s ‘Kid A’

To celebrate the album's 10th anniversary for the next two weeks, PopMatters has collected writings from all across the spectrum, covering the album from every angle and concluding with an exclusive excerpt from Marvin Lin's forthcoming 33 1/3 book about the iconic disc.

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21 Oct 2010 // 10:00 PM

Director Spotlight: Akira Kurosawa

PopMatters is proud to present this Director’s Spotlight on one of the most complicated, enduring and influential voices in world cinema. Over the next two weeks, we’ll bring you short essays on each film in Kurosawa’s prolific body of work, as well as in-depth essays on the style and substance of his legacy as a whole.

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Performer Spotlight: The Women of Woody Allen’s Oeuvre

What is it about the women of Woody Allen's filmic universe that sets them apart from mere mortals? Few contemporary directors have created such a pantheon of memorable female characters. All this week we celebrate these performances.

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24 Sep 2010 // 6:24 AM

Director Spotlight: Oliver Stone

As Oliver Stone's update to the Wall Street hits theatres, PopMatters takes a look back at the influential and thought-provoking director, as well as examines the new film. We also examine the critical backlash Stone has faced in more recent years.

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The PopMatters Fall 2010 Television Preview

All this week, PopMatters highlights the new shows premiering on cable and broadcast channels with in-depth reviews and trailers.

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The Best for Last?: PopMatters Fall 2010 Movie Preview

The next four months will determine is 2010 is a moviemaking "mystery date", meaning a possible dream, or a dismal dud.
Part 1: September 2010
Part 2: October 2010
Part 3: November 2010
Part 4: December 2010

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27 Aug 2010 // 2:00 AM


What were the risks inherent in making these comic books, both creative, and commercial? And who were the industry leaders? Who were the creators who blended together the commercial and the creative to produce the titles and the characters we still read today?

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Essential Film Performances - 2010 Edition

PopMatters updates our annual best performances feature with 50 new performances and features interviews with five of the actresses selected, including Melissa Leo, Pam Grier, and Margaret Cho.

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25 Jul 2010 // 10:00 PM

Performer Spotlight: Sissy Spacek

It is with tremendous excitement that PopMatters shines the first-ever Performer Spotlight onto Sissy Spacek, a true revolutionary, a living legend and a completely cool lady who just so happens to have eyes that are so expressive they rival Bette Davis' legendary gaze in terms of just sheer impact.

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10 Jun 2010 // 10:00 PM

Director Spotlight: Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock's iconic Psycho turns 50 this week and so we're casting an in-depth glance at the entire career of the Master of Suspense over the next 11 days. There will never be another filmmaker quite like Alfred Hitchcock. His genius was singular and indelible.

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20 May 2010 // 10:00 PM

Forever Lost: Celebrating a TV Classic

As the beloved and bewildering Lost TV series comes to an end, we delve into what this show has meant to its fans over the last six years. This special section marks our last chance to get Lost!"

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What’s the Write Word?

Over 100 music scribes are confronted with this not-so-simple question: "If an eager young writer cornered you and asked 'What's the best advice you could give me?' what would you have to say?"

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Retroactive Listening: Perspectives on Music & Technology

Technology has not only continually transformed the structure of the physical world, it has also radically altered the shape and sound of our audible world, which has lead to incredible, and sometimes questionable, modifications in our lives. An idealistic critic might call this modification progress; an evolutionary biologist might call it mutation.

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