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With the vast net of media -- radio, television, magazines, newspapers, and everything from yesterday's webrings to today's music blogs on the Internet -- cast out over the cultural landscape, it's hard to imagine that any musical act that was even marginally trying could truly pass "under the radar". But the fact remains that the critical eye (or ear) can only take in so much, and while much of the media is focused in one direction, plenty of other noteworthy acts pass us by.

In order to highlight some of the musicians currently honing their craft and quietly building a reputation for quality on the fringes of the spotlight, PopMatters brings you an updated and serialized "Now Hear This!". The formerly annual feature caught some bright young stars just before everyone else caught on to them -- the Darkness, Goapele, Saturday Looks Good to Me, Joanna Newsom, Richard Buckner. Having been re-launched as a regularly recurring music feature, "Now Hear This!" promises to continue to feature artists who, for one reason or another, have yet to stake their claim as major media players, but are no less worthy of attention.

Make no mistake, however. The goal of "Now Hear This!" isn't to predict the next "it" band or artist. Instead, its purpose is to provide a featured space for performers who truly deserve a closer look. These are acts worth paying attention to because they're fun, engaging, exciting, and plain old interesting. Some may be fresh new faces on the scene, others might have toiled in relative obscurity for years, and whether or not they become superstars is beside the point. In all cases, these are merely artists that the PopMatters staff feels should not go overlooked, recommendations from our own writers of bands they personally find compelling. So listen up!

Tuesday, March 17 2015

Curiouser and Curiouser: An Interview With Charlie Winston

The British singer's latest LP, Curio City, finds all of his influences distilled down to a funk-strummed groove of pure pop magic.

Thursday, February 12 2015

What’s He Banging on About?: An Interview with Rapper Bang On!

The young MC Bang On! may play dumb, but he's sharp as a tack.

Thursday, August 7 2014

Another Jewel in the Crown: An Interview with Ruby’s Lesley Rankine

After more than a decade on hiatus, Ruby returns with another set of intriguing, thought-provoking tunes. Lesley Rankine speaks with PopMatters about the return.

Monday, July 28 2014

Storm in a Teacup: An Interview with Bedouin Soundclash’s Jay Malinowski

Canadian artist Jay Malinowski takes to the high seas for his lushly sprawling sophomore effort Martel.

Monday, June 30 2014

Psalmships - ‘I Sleep Alone’ (album premiere)

PopMatters is pleased to premiere I Sleep Alone the new album by Psalmships.

Friday, June 20 2014

Home Video - ‘Here in Weightless Fall’ (album stream) (Premiere)

The inviting melancholy of Home Video's Here in Weightless Fall, a document of a group that knows exactly how to write moody electronic music, is available to stream here exclusively at PopMatters.

Wednesday, May 28 2014

Various Artists: Six Degrees of Brazil 2 (album stream) (Premiere)

With 2014's World Cup being held in Brazil, Six Degrees Records has put together a stunning collection of Brazilian music. We premiere that as well as offer a free download of one of the tunes.

Monday, May 5 2014

Hallelujah the Hills - ‘Have You Ever Done Something Evil?’ (album premiere)

PopMatters is pleased to premiere Have You Ever Done Something Evil?, the new album by Boston's Hallelujah the Hills.

Monday, April 28 2014

Wesley Wolfe - ‘Numbskull’ (album premiere)

PopMatters is pleased to premiere Numbskull, the latest power-pop nugget from North Carolina's Wesley Wolfe.

Monday, February 10 2014

Now Hear This!: The Caribbean - ‘Moon Sickness’ (album premiere)

PopMatters is pleased to premiere the latest album by the Caribbean, Moon Sickness releasing next week via Hometapes.

Tuesday, January 28 2014

Now Hear This!: Parker Millsap - ‘Parker Millsap’ (album premiere)

PopMatters is pleased to premiere Parker Millsap's self-titled album, the latest from the wise-beyond-his-years 20-year-old Americana songwriter.

Monday, January 13 2014

Now Hear This!: Hard Working Americans - ‘Hard Working Americans’ (album premiere)

PopMatters premieres the self-titled debut by Hard Working Americans, the new full-band project spearheaded by singer-songwriter Todd Snider.

Tuesday, October 15 2013

Dosh - ‘Milk Money’ (album stream) (Premiere)

PopMatters is pleased to premiere Milk Money, the latest album by prolific multi-instrumentalist Dosh.

Wednesday, October 2 2013

Wild Child - ‘The Runaround’ (album premiere)

PopMatters premieres The Runaround, the second album by up-and-coming Austin band Wild Child.

Monday, September 9 2013

Now Hear This!: Tommy Keene - ‘Excitement at Your Feet’ (album premiere)

PopMatters premieres a collection of covers by underground power pop hero Tommy Keene, Excitement at Your Feet.

Tuesday, August 20 2013

Now Hear This!: Capsula - ‘Solar Secrets’ (album premiere)

PopMatters premieres Solar Secrets, the latest album by Buenos Aires-bred, Bilbao-based rock outfit Capsula.

Tuesday, August 13 2013

Now Hear This!: Paper Lions - ‘My Friends’ (album premiere)

PopMatters premieres My Friends, the upcoming album by power-pop classicists Paper Lions.

Monday, August 12 2013

Now Hear This!: The Goldberg Sisters - ‘Stranger’s Morning’ (PopMatters Album Premiere)

PopMatters premieres Stranger's Morning, the new album by the Goldberg Sisters, Adam Goldberg's semi-pseudonymous musical project.

Friday, July 12 2013

Now Hear This!: Adam Franklin and Bolts of Melody - ‘Black Horses’ (album premiere)

PopMatters is pleased to premiere Black Horses, the latest offering by Swervedriver frontman Adam Franklin and his Bolts of Melody.

Now Hear This!: White Dove - ‘The Hoss, the Candle’ (album premiere)

PopMatters premieres The Hoss, the Candle, L.A.-based White Dove's new album.

Monday, June 17 2013

Now Hear This!: Spider Bags - ‘Singles’ (album premiere)

PopMatters is pleased to premiere Singles by North Carolina underground heroes Spider Bags.

Tuesday, June 4 2013

Now Hear This!: Case Studies - ‘This Is Another Life’ (album premiere)

PopMatters is pleased to premiere This Is Another Life, the stunning new album by Case Studies.

Sunday, May 19 2013

Now Hear This!: Emma Louise - ‘Vs. Head Vs. Heart’ (North American premiere)

PopMatters presents the North American premiere of Vs. Head Vs. Heart, the debut album by fast-rising Australian songwriter Emma Louise.

Monday, May 13 2013

Now Hear This!: Aufgang - ‘Istiklaliya’ (album premiere)

PopMatters premieres Istiklaliya, the new album by hybrid classical-electronic trio Aufgang.

Sunday, May 12 2013

Now Hear This!: Radical Dads - ‘Rapid Reality’ (album premiere)

PopMatters premieres the latest album by Brooklyn guitar-guitar-drums trio Radical Dads, Rapid Reality.

Monday, May 6 2013

Now Hear This!: We Are Loud Whispers - ‘Suchness’ (album premiere)

PopMatters premieres Suchness, the debut album by trans-Pacific duo We Are Loud Whispers.

Sunday, May 5 2013

Now Hear This!: The Orange Peels - ‘Sun Moon’ (album and video premiere)

PopMatters premieres Sun Moon, the latest from Bay Area indie-pop vets the Orange Peels.

Monday, April 15 2013

Now Hear This!: Jetman Jet Team - ‘We Will Live the Space Age’ (album premiere)

PopMatters premieres We Will Live the Space Age, the debut by Seattle noise-pop act Jetman Jet Team.

Tuesday, March 26 2013

Now Hear This!: Port St. Willow - ‘Holiday’ reissue (album premiere)

PopMatters is pleased to premiere the reissue of Port St. Willow's compelling debut Holiday.

Monday, March 18 2013

Now Hear This!: Plates of Cake - ‘Teenage Evil’ (album premiere)

PopMatters is excited to premiere Teenage Evil, the second full-length by up-and-comers Plates of Cake.

Now Hear This!: Dump - ‘Superpowerless’ (album premiere)

PopMatters is pleased to premiere the reissue of Dump's Superpowerless, one of the quintessential four-track albums of the '90s.

Monday, March 11 2013

Now Hear This!: Stornoway - ‘Tales from Terra Firma’ (US album premiere)

PopMatters is pleased to present the U.S. premiere on Stornoway's latest album, Tales from Terra Firma.

Now Hear This!: Thalia Zedek Band - ‘Via’ (album premiere)

PopMatters is proud to premiere Via, the latest from indie-rock all-timer Thalia Zedek and her band.

Sunday, March 3 2013

Now Hear This!: The Mary Onettes - ‘Hit the Waves’ (Album Premiere)

PopMatters is pleased to premiere Hit the Waves, the latest album by Swedish indie-pop band the Mary Onettes.

Now Hear This!: Golden Grrrls - ‘Golden Grrrls’ (Album Premiere)

PopMatters is happy to introduce the self-titled debut by Glasgow-based noise-pop up-and-comers Golden Grrrls.

Sunday, February 24 2013

Now Hear This!: Wayne Hancock, ‘Ride’ (Album Premiere)

PopMatters is pleased to premiere Ride, the latest by one-of-a-kind Texas Swing troubadour Wayne Hancock.

Wednesday, February 20 2013

BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet - ‘From Bamako to Carencro’ (Album Premiere)

PopMatters is proud to premiere the 25th album by Cajun music legends, BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet.

Tuesday, February 19 2013

Popstrangers - ‘Antipodes’ (album stream) (Premiere)

PopMatters premieres Antipodes, the debut album by promising Auckland, New Zealand power trio Popstrangers.

Thursday, February 14 2013

Stubborn Heart - ‘Lovetape’ Valentine’s Mixtape (PopMatters Premiere)

The UK's amazing electro-soulsters Stubborn Heart share with PopMatters an exclusive Valentine's Day mix for this most romantic of days.

Tuesday, January 29 2013

The SteelDrivers - ‘Hammer Down’ (Album Premiere)

PopMatters proudly premieres the latest album by soulful neo-bluegrass band, the SteelDrivers, Hammer Down.

Tuesday, January 22 2013

Radar Brothers - ‘Eight’ (Album Premiere)

PopMatters offers the online premiere of Eight, the eight album -- obviously -- by venerable Los Angeles band Radar Brothers.

The History of Apple Pie - ‘Out of View’ (U.S. Album Premiere)

PopMatters presents the U.S. premiere of the debut album by the History of Apple Pie, Out of View.

Tuesday, October 30 2012

Turkish Rapper’s Delight: An Interview with Vardar

The Turkish hip-hop star discusses censorship in his native land, the might of Eminem, and his own influences.

Wednesday, July 11 2012

Now Hear This!: Will Stratton

Four albums into his career, Will Stratton just finished his first-ever European tour, having just barely formed a new label to put out his incredible new disc Post-Empire. Not bad for someone who just turned 25 ...

Tuesday, May 22 2012

Poppy & the Jezebels: Dig the New Breed!

They’re four girls whose debut single, released on a good old fashioned independent label, was also the first song they ever wrote at just aged 13. They sound like little else right now -- except the swell of Generation LOL rising up to take on the charts. They’re Poppy & the Jezebels and they’re from Birmingham.

Sunday, February 5 2012

Why Deathspell Omega’s Trilogy Has Changed the Face of Black Metal

The concept of a “trilogy” is such an overdone thing. Be it film trilogies, album trilogies, book trilogies, video game trilogies… we have all seen trilogies in various forms of entertainment media to the point of it becoming banal. At the end of the Deathspell Omega experience however, do not be alarmed if you wake up to find yourself in Silent Hill.

Thursday, October 27 2011

Ssahha! : An interview with Amino Belyamani

With a sonic makeup that includes Middle Eastern, North African, Persian and Western sounds, Ssahha makes truly World music. Pianist and composer Amino Belyamani discusses how this wide array of sounds all come together in his band's latest album Ummi.

Monday, October 24 2011

Now Hear This!: The Street Eaters

"I've only sliced my hands and scalp open 10 or 20 times!" This, as well as musings about whether cockroaches are more evolutionarily intelligent than humans, dominate the discussion with this fierce Berkeley twosome ...

Wednesday, September 7 2011

Now Hear This!: Johnnyswim / Los Angeles

What happens when a Nashville-bred duo moves to Los Angeles? They conquer New York.

Tuesday, March 1 2011

Fingers of the Sun: Under 1960s Revivalism With No Apologies

Is there any decade in American history more often mimicked than the '60s? Fingers of the Sun has been (begrudgingly) labeled Denver's 1960s revivalist troubadours, carrying on that great tradition of eulogizing an era they never lived in.

Tuesday, November 23 2010

The New Champion: An Interview with Bear McCreary of ‘Human Target’

Bear McCreary’s musical versatility has made him one of the most sought-after composers in television. In an interview with PopMatters, McCreary reveals his unabashed love of film and television scoring as he talks about his latest release, the soundtrack to Season One of Human Target.

Thursday, May 27 2010

Now Hear This! Valery Gore [Toronto, Canada]

Hovering somewhere in the interstitial spaces between mainstream pop, jazz, and '70s rock, Valery Gore's lush music has chart potential but is oblique enough in its approach to avoid all the common pitfalls of pop music clichés.

Tuesday, May 18 2010

Now Hear This!: mewithoutYou [Philadelphia, PA]

It's unlikely that a post-hardcore band that transformed into an indie-pop act while filling out its complex religious and philosophical traditions would have made the best album of 2009.

Thursday, May 13 2010

Now Hear This!: Robin Aigner (Brooklyn, NY)

Brooklyn's Robin Aigner writes engaging and emotive history-vignettes that blends Old Time folk, mid-century country-and-western and Eastern European music with the strains of the contemporary singer-songwriter. She is also one of America's most unfairly undiscovered musicians.

Thursday, January 14 2010

Wussy [Cincinnati, Ohio]

Perhaps the question isn’t why “keep on keepin’ on,” but how? You can begin by making a record as good as Wussy, an effortless-sounding album full of spit, regret, and, at times, a damn-near spiritual beauty.

Wednesday, November 18 2009

Reuben Butchart [New York]

The former pianist for Antony & the Johnsons "awakens" with his most elaborate solo work yet.... and it features a plastic bag! Here's the story behind Reuben Butchart's boundless creativity.

Thursday, August 20 2009

FM Supreme [Chicago, IL]

FM Supreme may be young, but she's well on her way toward creating awareness and building momentum for social and personal action using hip-hop, spoken word, and youth activism.

Wednesday, August 19 2009

Nosaj Thing [Los Angeles]

Nosaj Thing's music is mysterious and provocative, bringing a rumbling intensity and highly individual style to both remixes and his own work.

Wednesday, July 15 2009

Mona Mur [Berlin, Germany]

Shedding her wash-out past, Mona Mur has found a new strength and a new focus, balancing the virtual with the real, and rescuing German identity.

Tuesday, May 26 2009

Clint, Michigan [Brooklyn, NY]

After witnessing the genesis of Clint, Michigan's intimate music firsthand, the honesty of its translation to the recording studio has one PopMatters writer expanding his cherished memories.

Wednesday, May 20 2009

Yann Perreau [Montreal, Quebec]

Something in Yann Perreau has cracked open, and while the irritated, despairing musician of his past work was attractive, Perreau's sudden confidence seems like a better fit with his raucous stage persona.

Thursday, March 12 2009

Calmer [Brooklyn, NY]

Calmer's patchwork aesthetic extends all the way from classical and jazz influences to scrap metal instrumentation, all in service of sound collages woven with meticulous care.

Monday, February 16 2009

Radius [Chicago, IL]

Skirting the line between hip-hop and electronica with an aural tribute to the neighborhoods of Chicago, Radius delves deep into the introspection of bone-chilling winters and aimless depression in search of salvation.

Wednesday, February 11 2009

Maya Azucena [Brooklyn, NY]

Maya Azucena is among the most original independent artists to hatch from the New York scene and conquer the world stage. Here's how this warrior built her career from the ground up.

Sunday, October 26 2008

Todd Snider [East Nashville, TN]

After two decades of charting his own path through the music industry, Todd Snider is a musician on his own terms -- when he isn't being kidnapped by his friends and forced to write excellent albums.

Wednesday, October 8 2008

Two Cow Garage [Columbus, Ohio]

After years of building a sound, a fan base, and scraping by in the music business, Two Cow Garage is (once again) poised on the edge of greatness with their upcoming release.

Wednesday, October 1 2008

Sorta [Dallas, TX]

Turning the spotlight on a band that's come to an end may seem odd, but the release of Sorta's final album gives cause to mourn the loss of one of Dallas's greatest bands, and honor the memory of one of its most vital musicians.

Tuesday, September 16 2008

Mandi Perkins [Los Angeles, CA]

After meeting more than a share of mad hatters in the music industry, Mandi Perkins survived the rabbit hole and is gearing up for her first major label release, Alice in No Man's Land.

Tuesday, September 2 2008

Orphans and Vandals [London, UK]

London's Orphans and Vandals are making their engrossing way through familiar territory, singing of the detachment of the nighttime streets and its clouded characters, but made fresh for their naive lack of imitation.

Thursday, July 24 2008

Joe Purdy [Lowell, Arkansas]

Know it or not, odds are you've heard Joe Purdy's music on television -- but there's nothing commercial about this artist. Eschewing the lures and traps of the music industry, Purdy is blazing his own path simply for the love of song.

Wednesday, June 18 2008

Dark Meat [Athens, GA]

Dark Meat is cutting a wild, grimy, jazz-punk path across the musical landscape, and they want you to join them -- in the audience, on-stage, whatever.

Wednesday, May 14 2008

Tickley Feather [Philadelphia, PA]

Philadelphia's Tickley Feather brings a new face to the Philly music scene -- in part by tackling the national stage as a new recruit to Paw Tracks.

Wednesday, April 16 2008

Alan Wilkis [Brooklyn, NY]

Unlike many of his fellow Brooklynites, whose boundary-pushing is an aesthetic in and of itself, Alan Wilkis has no fear of pop.

Wednesday, April 9 2008

Now Hear This: Kevin Grivois [Tahoe, California]

A superstar in Europe, an unknown in America. Kevin Grivois (aka Ké) remembers the "strange world" of his major label ascent and why an election year is bringing him back to the spotlight.

Wednesday, April 2 2008

Salim Nourallah [Dallas, Texas]

Despite intense familiy struggles, Salim Nourallah has truly blossomed into his own as one of the most talented musicians in a too-often overlooked scene.

Wednesday, March 26 2008

Chicha Libre [New York]

Blending the strains of native South American, Latin, African, and psychedelic music, Peruvian chicha music has a trippy, lighthearted vibe all its own. Olivier Conan talks to us about this fascinating genre, his band Chicha Libre, and the syncretism of global music.

Wednesday, February 6 2008

The Teenage Prayers [New York]

Bucking the "nostalgia band" trend by being authentically nostalgic, the Teenage Prayers cause you to give blessings to that raw, purely enthusiastic adolescent music fan in all of us.

Wednesday, January 30 2008

Angela Johnson [New York]

Part-time house diva and full time soul music icon, Angela Johnson has already achieved acclaim as a performer, but now she's ready to challenge the gender assumptions about R&B producers with a collaborative album that might be one of the year's early bests.

Wednesday, November 28 2007

3rd Day Syndrome [London]

3rd Day Syndrome has infected London audiences with their singular style of funk, rock, and soul, all while adhering to a contemporary independent, DIY ethos. Could the U.S. be close behind?

Wednesday, October 3 2007

Yuri Lane [Chicago]

Lights go up onstage revealing one man. The bass drum lays down the initial beat. A boom, chick, boom-boom, chick, punctuated by an explosive blow to the crash cymbal. It’s an orgy of percussion, and it's all coming from a single mouth.

Wednesday, September 26 2007

Kenny Roby [Raleigh, NC]

It would be easy to assume that every decent-sized town has their own version of Raleigh, North Carolina's Kenny Roby -- a hard-working singer-songwriter and an engaging performer. But Roby is the cut above.

Wednesday, August 22 2007

Chris Letcher [London/South Africa]

South African filmmaker and songwriter Chris Letcher talks about the intersection of film soundtracks and pop, what it was like growing up in apartheid-era South Africa and how he got the sounds of a heart transplant ward onto tape.

Tuesday, July 31 2007

Bowerbirds [Raleigh, NC]

Rising up from under the mega-strip mall concrete, Raleigh, NC's Bowerbirds are the best folk act you haven't heard yet.

Wednesday, July 25 2007

The Depreciation Guild [New York]

For the two breathing members of the Brooklyn-based band The Depreciation Guild, a love of intense rock music and the vintage video game sounds of the 1980s have melded into something powerful.

Tuesday, July 10 2007

Je Suis France [Athens, GA]

Now ten years into its rule as one of Athens, Georgia's best-loved party bands, Je Suis France has broken out its most professional album ever in Afrikan Magik. But don't worry that they're turning into squares -- the big hit is still an eight-minute space-rock epic... about a whale's erection.

Thursday, June 14 2007

The Cinematic Orchestra [London]

The Cinematic Orchestra's rapid evolution as one of the strongest forces standing on the wall between jazz and electronic music is even more idiosyncratic in that the band has also been steadily reducing the concoction until it's reached a crackling, steady simmer.

Sunday, May 6 2007

The Gubernatorial Candidates [New Orleans]

One of the gems of the often overlooked New Orleans underground rock scene, the Gubernatorial Candidates exist in a place where history overlaps and the Big Easy sidles up to post-punk and post-rock in equal doses.

Sunday, April 15 2007

The Beautiful & Damned [Los Angeles]

Embodying the labyrinthine decay and assured swagger of their Hollywood home, the Beautiful & Damned are fueled by a bit of literary pretension and a drive to expose the grandeur in the intimate and ugly.

Tuesday, March 13 2007

The Slip [Boston/Montreal]

The Slip have moved away from years of jazz-inspired instrumentals and towards more traditional pop structures, leading them into exciting new territory and bringing compositional dexterity to their recent pop.

Sunday, February 25 2007

Now Hear This: Patrick Wolf [London]

Flamboyant, extravagant, even audacious, Patrick Wolf's public image may have garnered him some notoriety, but it's his skill with songcraft that has won him praise. Now Wolf stands poised to tackle the mainstream with his forthcoming The Magic Position.

Sunday, February 11 2007

Dirty Faces

Grimy, blue-collar rock and roll... or is it? Dirty Faces' Get Right with God would be the most intense and powerful straight rock record of the year. That is, if it really were a straight rock record.

Tuesday, January 16 2007

Blacklist [New York]

Born out of twin interests in art and activism, the murky and even problematic practice of either has given way to a band that perches on the ledge between hipster fashion and scene critique.

Monday, January 1 2007

The Quieter Side of Brian Borcherdt

If you've seen Brian Borcherdt on stage this year, chances are it was as a member of the noise-freak supergroup Holy Fuck. But it's in the quieter-but-equally-intense songs of his solo project, the Remains of Brian Borcherdt, that the singer-songwriter's talents appear in full force.

Tuesday, November 14 2006

Hot IQs: “Let’s Inflate”

Hot IQs have claimed a spot atop Denver's indie pile, helping add to the city's resurgent local music scene. And while they definitely have their sights set on the national stage, this band of music geeks-cum-musicians is more than happy to stump for their Mile High hometown.

Wednesday, October 18 2006

P-1’s Box of Surprises

Chicago/NYC's P-1 would rather let their songs define them than any one style, which is probably necessary considering the cross-pollination of influences and sound incorporated in their mix. And his refusal to be pigeonholed might just be the thing that expands their audiences even further as they release their second album.

Friday, October 6 2006

Atomic Swindlers: Intergalactic Lesbian Love Songs

Glam rock laced with obscure super hero references and sapphic celebration, anyone? Yes, please. But don't get too hung up on the sci-fi sex trappings. At the radioactive core of Atomic Swindlers is a solid rock band that doesn't require gimmicks.

Tuesday, September 19 2006

Kill Hannah

Chicago's hometown modern rock heroes are starting to get some play outside the Windy City, proving that dedication and hard work pays off. And if the same devotion that they've generated in local fans can be instilled in new audiences, then the brand extension is likely to blossom following a new album and tour.

Thursday, September 14 2006

Casey Kessel

An independent artist in the truest sense of the word, Casey Kessel may call Nashville her home, but she writes and performs country music on her own terms and at her own expense. Capturing the details of life in powerfully touching songs, Kessel's talents may only currently find their way to public ears in the mouths of others, but odds are that situation won't last long.

Thursday, September 7 2006

The Little Ones

With an EP called Sing Song, the Little Ones capture the sweet/sad, just beginning and already wistfully nostalgic vibe of perfect power pop. Frontman Ed Reyes talks about his journey from emo Sunday's Best to the hand-clapped, euphorically harmonized Little Ones... and his less-than-rockstar penchant for early rising.

Tuesday, August 15 2006

The Little Killers

Once the only active band on the legendary Crypt Records roster, NYC's the Little Killers rampage on with a new label, a new record, a new producer, and a smokin' old-style approach to rock 'n' roll.

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