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Wednesday, March 25 2015

20 Questions: Mon Draggor

Richard Jankovich released an electro-pop gem as the Burnside project in 2003. Now, he has a new name, two new albums he's giving away for free, and 20 questions to answer.

Wednesday, May 28 2014

20 Questions: Unicycle Loves You

Jim Carroll's band Unicycle Loves You changes styles every album, and now are smothering joyous pop hooks in fuzzed-out indie grit. This dynamic fuels ULY's sound, but as this 20 Questions reveals, Carroll is fueled by oh-so-much more.

Tuesday, July 16 2013

20 Questions: Sonen

Atlanta's great electro-pop hope, Sonen hits the ground running with their debut full-length Inside The Sun, finally capturing the excitement of their live shows. They also have plenty to say in our latest 20 Questions segment, which is best enjoyed with the premiere of their new music video to boot!

Tuesday, July 9 2013

20 Questions: Imaginary Cities

Oh Canada, where pop music bears the most fruit! Rusty Matyas, of Winnipeg's own Imaginary Cities, turns his attention from the band's stunning sophomore effort Fall of Romance to play a game of 20 Questions in which we're all winners.

Wednesday, June 26 2013

20 Questions: Bibio

He's a brilliant guitarist, a frighteningly good electronic producer, and he may have just released his best album yet. Bibio talks about about the greatest Cocteau Twins album of all time, recreating Withnail & I in his daily life, and how everyone, everywhere, should be listening to Alan Watts.

Monday, June 17 2013

20 Questions: Nico Vega

It's taken four years but Nico Vega stands poised to revive all things rock with its long-awaited sophomore album Lead to Light later this year. Until you get the chance to hear those songs, however, there's always PopMatters' "20 Questions" series to have your back.

Wednesday, May 1 2013

20 Questions: Denison Witmer

What started as a collection of songs for a class project in Engilsh has turned into a career that has garnered comparisons to the wounded-soul recordings of Elliott Smith. Now, Denison Witmer celebrates his new album with a 20 Questions feature full of profound insight for songwriters.

Tuesday, April 16 2013

20 Questions: Meat Puppets

With over three decades of classics behind them and a new album (their 14th) out this year, Curt Kirkwood talks to PopMatters about The Wizard of Oz, the art on chili cans, and the eternal wisdom of Popeye...

Tuesday, April 9 2013

20 Questions: Bad Rabbits

How do you prove your salt when you're an energetic Jam & Lewis-referencing modern-day funk band? By going on the Vans Warped Tour, of course. Now the Bad Rabbits are touring with Kendrick Lamar, have a new album out, and a fresh set of 20 Questions answers in tow...

Thursday, September 27 2012

20 Questions: Youngblood Hawke

They had a huge hit in 2008 under an old band moniker, but after years of touring and playing the major label game, Sam Martin and Simon Katz reinvented themselves as maximalist pop maestros Youngblood Hawke, and Martin tells PopMatters about movies that make him cry, pipes with antlers, and why he feels best in "silk pants from the hills of China".

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