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Sunday, April 26 2009

Summer of Same: May 2009

May's titles include the fourth films in two aging franchises, more Pixar perfection, and the reboot of a TV series from 40 years ago. And they say there are no new ideas.

Wednesday, January 14 2009

OMG - The 20 Worst Films of 2008

There's bad, and then there's 2008 level bad. You know this list is looking down into a deep dark bottomless pit of cinematic despair when Mike Myers' shameful Love Guru didn't even make the Top 20!

Friday, July 25 2008

The X-Files: I Want to Believe

In The X-Files: I Want to Believe, ooky canted shots of trundling agents in "FBI"-emblazoned jackets seem like refreshing counterprogramming amid the rumble of the season's action movies.

Tuesday, April 29 2008

The Return of the Popcorn Circus: July 2008

And it just doesn't stop. If part two in this three-ring play was packed with well hyped product, July just keeps the receipt treats coming.

Monday, December 3 2007

Griffin & Phoenix

It’s hard to tell whether first-time director Ed Stone set out to make the saddest romantic-comedy of all time or to see how much comic relief could be crammed into a maudlin drama.

Sunday, November 25 2007

Studio 60 Live on the Sunset Strip: The Complete Series

Despite its purported faults (critics were divided), Studio 60 Live on the Sunset Strip holds up well on DVD, as viewers can quickly proceed to the next episode without losing momentum, without losing the smart, subtextual thread of the prior episode.

Friday, November 2 2007

Martian Child

Based on David Gerrold's semi-autobiographical novella, the movie digs its thematic hole early, and never finds a way out.

Friday, May 11 2007

The Ex (2007)

Zach Braff just gets more annoying by the minute. Braff brings what he always does -- a basic mopey charm, some sarcasm, even a rudimentary self-awareness.

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