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Thursday, December 11 2014

Abysmal Dawn: Obsolescence

If you bemoan the fact that the metal genre is getting more and more unlistenable due to groups trying to push beyond music into something else entirely, then this will fit the bill.

Friday, December 5 2014

ZOM: Flesh Assimilation

This is pretty damn indispensable listening, and somewhere down below the man with the horns and cape is grinning in wild approval.

Thursday, November 13 2014

Dire Omen: Wrestling the Revelation of Futility

There’s much to like about this group’s sound, direction and weightiness, but the poor production really undercuts the meatiness of their material.

Tuesday, October 28 2014

Obituary: Inked in Blood

On their ninth album, Obituary continue to deliver ash-blackened riffage and unintelligible, swamp-creature squeals straight from the bile sac.

Friday, October 17 2014

Pig Destroyer: Mass and Volume EP

This EP bears the mark of idle hands merely wanting to keep busy.

Thursday, October 16 2014

Mount Eerie: New York - 24 September 2014

Phil Elverum brought minimalist arrangements of songs from upcoming Mount Eerie release Sauna to NYC's Le Poisson Rouge, along with plenty of mystery and endearing stage banter.

Tuesday, October 14 2014

Revocation: Deathless

Deathless should cement Revocation as one of the top metal bands in the world, if they haven’t already reached such lofty heights on previous releases.

Tuesday, October 7 2014

Godflesh: A World Lit Only By Fire

This album's title may suggest that the world is lit only by fire, but Godflesh celebrates the darkness of today to confounding effect.

Wednesday, February 12 2014

‘Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult’ Is Hellishly Illumniating

Black metal is often reduced to a slew of clichés, but Black Metal unpacks the genre’s history in its true form via a huge cast of characters.

Wednesday, January 8 2014

Melt-Banana: Fetch

Fetch marries the lupine, atypical grindcore of their mid-'90s output, with the lunatic pop sensibility of 2007’s Bambi’s Dilemma with results powerful enough to destroy entire continents.

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