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Tuesday, September 13 2011

The Undiluted Promise of Comics as Vanguard for 21st Century Media

Sometimes, rarely, a work is so good (so well-conceived, so well-executed) that it simply breaks our traditional expectations of comics literature. And this breaking allows us to glimpse the true, rare promise of what the industry can achieve. Davids Lapham and Aja's Wolverine: Debt of Death is this work.

Tuesday, August 30 2011

...And the Men Are All the Same

Remember Tina Turner? In Pherone, creator Viktor Kalvachev delivers a tale every bit as powerful and evocative as Tina's eclipsing of the abusive Ike Turner.

Tuesday, May 24 2011

Oprah May Say Goodbye, But I Say Hello

Not since the Beatles broke up has there been such a communal feeling of abandonment as there is with Oprah's final airing of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Thursday, April 28 2011

Actresses Shining Behind The Cameras

Many columns have been devoted to the successful transitions of actors such as Clint Eastwood and Ben Affleck from acting into directing, but who are some of the women that have excelled behind the camera?

Thursday, April 29 2010

Arizona Dream: Warner Archive Collection

An interesting historical document, coming as it did before Johnny Depp's super-stardom and at the beginnings of "Indiewood".

Tuesday, November 17 2009

Chinatown (Centennial Collection)

Despite bringing film noir into the daylight and into color, this is among the darkest of Southern California tales.

Wednesday, September 23 2009

The Handmaid’s Tale: Not So Sci-fi

The terrifying, 'it could happen today' message of this story is best told in the Atwood's book, rather than the film version.

Thursday, May 7 2009

Voyage of the Dammed

An affecting, if flawed, middlebrow drama about a seldom-discussed Depression-era tragedy.

Tuesday, April 21 2009

Confessions of an Action Star

Painfully unclever, aggressively unfunny, and occasionally unsubtly racist.

Tuesday, April 7 2009

Why Sasha Fierce is more than just “the female version of the hustler”

Seeing these moves come home confirms that they’ve always been the source of B.’s latest trends. This pop diva has managed an effective way of reproducing stardom, like Madonna, mining our dance floors, hiring us sissies to teach them how to assert their masculinity and femininity at the same time.

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