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Architecture in Helsinki: Moment Bends

On the other hand, they seem obsessed with escape -- with vacations, with dreams, with visions of UFOS. Often the lyrics are not as happy as the music sounds.

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Architecture In Helsinki: That Beep EP

This Australian's band descent into pop becomes even more apparent in this EP only for the most hardcore Architects.

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Architecture in Helsinki: Like It or Not

Mostly a testament to Architecture in Helsinki’s newfound love affair with the ‘80s.

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18 Apr 2008 // 5:35 AM

Kate Walsh Documentary [Video]A short documentary of Kate talking about her songwriting and the album Tim’s House, over a two-week tour of the

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Architecture in Helsinki: Places Like This

The Aussie indie-poppers are back -- and this time they want to make you dance.

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Architecture in Helsinki + The Blow [2006 Rewind]

Melbourne's favorite indie popsters face PopMatters' Jennifer Kelly. And this time, she's wearing pants...

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7 Jun 2006 // 1:00 AM

Architecture in Helsinki

Ditching the prom for more esoteric delights.

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30 Aug 2005 // 1:00 AM

'Most punk bands break guitars, we break woodblocks.' And how!!

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Architecture in Helsinki: In Case We Die

By painting their already imaginative songs with dazzling new colors, Architecture in Helsinki are quietly reinventing the pop song.

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15 Jul 2004 // 11:00 PM

	Architecture in Helsinki: Fingers Crossed

While the name of the band conjures up images of the artistic-yet-functional, the classical with a nouveau twist, and the cosmopolitan with an old-world charm,

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//Mixed media

'Inside' and the Monstrosity of Collectivism

// Moving Pixels

"An ability to manipulate a collective is a hint at what a little boy's power as an individual might be.

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