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Friday, April 10 2015

Callous Masculinity and Robot Sexuality Conflict in ‘Ex Machina’

This artificial intelligence flick uses the nerd archetype to make points about masculinity, ego, and empathy.

Thursday, August 21 2014

‘Transcendence’ Is a High-Tech Mess of Subplots

Like Dr. Caster's (Johnny Depp) experiments, Transcendence is much smarter in theory than it is in practice.

Wednesday, March 24 2004

The Encroachment of the Public

As privacy fades, so do intimacy, personal safety, and self-esteem (mental health) and with them social cohesion.

Wednesday, February 11 2004

The Pathology of Love

Behavior changes are reminiscent of psychosis and, biochemically speaking, passionate love closely imitates substance abuse.

Wednesday, January 21 2004

The Basic Dilemma of the Artist

We are prisoners in the universe of our emotions; our weapons of language are useless.

Wednesday, December 10 2003

The Columnist in the Mousetrap

Agatha Christie's opus is a portrait of our age as it emerged, all bloodied and repellent, from the womb of the dying Victorian era.

Wednesday, October 1 2003

Morality as Collateral Damage

The universal imperative 'thou shall not kill (another human being)' is easily over-ruled by the moral obligation to kill for one's country. The imperative 'though shall not steal' is superseded by one's moral obligation to spy for one's nation.

Thursday, September 4 2003

The Folly of Parenthood

Many (children) continue to live with their parents into their thirties and consume the family's savings in college tuition, sumptuous weddings, expensive divorces, and parasitic habits.

Thursday, July 24 2003

The Myth of Mental Illness

Suicide, substance abuse, narcissism, eating disorders, antisocial ways, schizotypal symptoms, depression, even psychosis are considered sick by some cultures -- and utterly normative or advantageous in others.

Wednesday, July 2 2003

Just War or a Just War

What is legal is not always moral and what is legitimate is not invariably legal.

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