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17 Jul 2007 // 3:37 AM

WASHINGTON - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama edged his way to a financial advantage over front-runner Hillary Clinton as both Democrats on Sunday reported amassing

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16 Jul 2007 // 9:30 PM

PORTSMOUTH, N.H.—Stealing a page from Oprah Winfrey—his close friend and fellow Chicago celebrity—Sen. Barack Obama launched book clubs in a dozen

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13 Jul 2007 // 3:50 AM

Obama: Nation should be more outraged about urban violence

DETROIT - Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., on Thursday decried the lack of outrage over gun violence in urban America and criticized President Bush’s decision

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9 Jul 2007 // 1:10 AM

Obama asks voters to seize ‘narrow window’ of opportunity

DES MOINES, Iowa—Running first in fundraising and second nationally among Democratic presidential contenders, Barack Obama is asking voters to take a leap of faith

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6 Jul 2007 // 4:01 AM

DES MOINES, Iowa - The clock was creeping toward midnight Monday, but Bill Clinton was still in full grip-and-grin form as he made his way

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6 Jul 2007 // 1:57 AM

NEW ORLEANS - Like religious pilgrims performing the Stations of the Cross, the presidential candidates keep coming to New Orleans to visit the Lower 9th

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2 Jul 2007 // 12:26 AM

WASHINGTON - Barack Obama has raised more in a three-month period than any Democratic presidential contender in history, his campaign said Sunday, giving the freshman

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22 Jun 2007 // 3:42 AM

CHICAGO - Despite often-lofty rhetoric that he plans to bring the nation a “new kind of politics,” Sen. Barack Obama has surrounded himself with operatives

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21 Jun 2007 // 4:47 AM

CHICAGO - A soon-to-be-released biography about Sen. Barack Obama portrays the Democratic presidential candidate as a far more calculating politician than his most ardent supporters

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15 Jun 2007 // 3:48 AM

WASHINGTON—Young people can make a difference in politics, Sen. Barack Obama says in a new campaign video, by speaking up about “the things that

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14 Jun 2007 // 3:15 AM

Chicago is heart, brain center of Obama campaign

CHICAGO—The prime real estate in most Chicago high-rises sits on the side with a view of Lake Michigan’s blue waters. So it’s

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13 Jun 2007 // 4:10 AM

Carefully crafting the Obama ‘brand’

WASHINGTON—One evening in February 2005, in a four-hour meeting stoked by pepperoni pizza and grand ambition, Sen. Barack Obama and his senior advisers crafted a

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12 Jun 2007 // 3:39 AM

Bob Shrum WASHINGTON—For 35 years, ambitious Democrats hired Bob Shrum to help them win the presidency. And for 35 years, they lost. There were Ed Muskie

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5 Jun 2007 // 4:39 AM

Debates have too few voices, too many topics

WASHINGTON - Does Barack Obama have twice as much to say as Joe Biden? Are his views really twice as important? That’s the impression

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4 Jun 2007 // 4:04 AM

Democrats work aggressively to distinguish themselves from one another

MANCHESTER, N.H. - After months of laying equal claim as the leading voice against the war in Iraq, the eight Democratic presidential candidates fought

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3 Jun 2007 // 3:47 AM

WASHINGTON—This presidential campaign may offer a test of whether poverty can make a comeback as a political issue. For more than two years, former

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30 May 2007 // 1:47 AM

IOWA CITY, Iowa - Sen. Barack Obama Tuesday sought to address an issue that polls show greatly concerns voters, as he offered a health care

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14 May 2007 // 3:28 AM

WASHINGTON - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama mocked President Bush for constantly “talking tough” as the Illinois senator spoke about judgment in a crisis during

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8 May 2007 // 2:40 AM

Obama calls for tougher fuel-economy standards

DETROIT - In a frontal assault on the automobile industry, Sen. Barack Obama’s call Monday for tougher fuel-economy standards and new tax breaks for

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7 May 2007 // 2:30 AM

WATERLOO, Iowa - He still lingered for dozens of photos, handshakes and book-signings, but there was a slightly different look and feel to Sen. Barack

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