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Thursday, December 11 2014

Abysmal Dawn: Obsolescence

If you bemoan the fact that the metal genre is getting more and more unlistenable due to groups trying to push beyond music into something else entirely, then this will fit the bill.

Friday, December 5 2014

ZOM: Flesh Assimilation

This is pretty damn indispensable listening, and somewhere down below the man with the horns and cape is grinning in wild approval.

Tuesday, October 28 2014

Obituary: Inked in Blood

On their ninth album, Obituary continue to deliver ash-blackened riffage and unintelligible, swamp-creature squeals straight from the bile sac.

Friday, October 17 2014

Pig Destroyer: Mass and Volume EP

This EP bears the mark of idle hands merely wanting to keep busy.

Wednesday, October 15 2014

The Acacia Strain: Coma Witch

Coma Witch is a bracing, unapologetic, mesmerizing album. And it could very well be easily one of the best metal albums of the year.

Tuesday, October 14 2014

Revocation: Deathless

Deathless should cement Revocation as one of the top metal bands in the world, if they haven’t already reached such lofty heights on previous releases.

Tuesday, December 17 2013

Ragnarök: 2013 Gloomy Awards: The Most Interesting Metal Albums of 2013

Every year a slew of great albums from the louder spheres are missed, misplaced, or overlooked on those end of year lists. Ragnarök's Gloomy Awards seeks to redress that imbalance.

Wednesday, October 9 2013

A Path Beyond Premonition: An Interview with Luc Lemay of Gorguts

Technical death metal luminary Gorguts recently released their first album in 12 years and we discuss its concept and creation with band leader and Canadian metal legend Luc Lemay.

Thursday, September 19 2013

Ulcerate: Vermis

You could write a doctoral thesis on death metal band Ulcerate's complex musicality, and the band's latest album, Vermis, is another stunning mix of science run amok, organic madness, and clinical brutality.

Thursday, August 22 2013

Exhumed: Necrocracy

Necrocracy is playful, while also feeling legitimately demented.

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