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5 Jun 2013 // 11:04 PM

The Maine: Forever Halloween

After being AltPress cover models for too long, the Maine traded in their easy subgenre hits for real independence. Now, on their second effort without major label support, the band hires the Raconteurs' Brendan Benson to approach, and while not everything works, it's still a somewhat admirable effort, particularly on the lyrical front.

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Early Summer 2012 New Music Playlist

The unofficial beginning of summer brings another playlist with 15 new songs by the Walkmen, Santigold, Spiritualized and more.

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Jon Lindsay: Escape From Plaza-Midwood

Charlotte-based singer-songwriter compares love to a Ponzi scheme and honors his power pop forbears.

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7 Jul 2009 // 12:30 PM

Brendan Benson My Old, Familiar Friend (ATO) Releasing: 18 August 2009 (US) / 24 August 2009 (UK) SONG LIST 01. A Whole Lot Better 02. Eyes on the Horizon 03. Garbage Day 04. Gonowhere 05.

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The Raconteurs: Consolers of the Lonely

Consolers is a labored album, the product of much studio tinkering and a desperate need for the band to prove themselves as a "serious" outfit.

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29 Mar 2005 // 11:00 PM

	Brendan Benson: The Alternative to Love

With music that's deceptively simple and lyrics often prone to over-rhyming, Benson still manages to deliver another melodic winner.

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11 Apr 2002 // 11:00 PM

	Brendan Benson: Lapalco

The good news is that Brendan Benson is back. Six years later, this singer/songwriter returns with a winning sophomore collection of a dozen personal

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//Mixed media

'Hopscotch' is Anchored in Walter Matthau's Playful, Irascible Personality

// Short Ends and Leader

"With his novel, Hopscotch, Brian Garfield challenged himself to write a suspenseful spy tale in which nobody gets killed.

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