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Your Tape Is Our Tape: Mike Mogis Looks Back on Bright Eyes

The saga told across The Studio Albums: 2000-2011 isn't just the story of Conor Oberst's evolution as a songwriter. It's also the story of Mike Mogis's evolution as a producer.

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Conor Oberst - “Hundreds of Ways” (stream)

Bright Eyes frontman releases a freewheeling, genre-jumping single from his forthcoming solo album.

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Scores of Summer 2013: Pulse-Heightening Horror, Twee Indie, Thunderous Action and Old-School Blues

No matter how classically trained (John Williams) or pop-minded (Hans Zimmer) a composer might be, the skill set required for making great movie music is unlike any other form of composition.

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11 Oct 2011 // 4:08 AM

Bright Eyes Get Spirited in a Graveyard

Conor Oberst peels back the petulance to reveal a great performer.

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Conor Oberst continues his musical and spiritual quest with a new ‘Key’

MINNEAPOLIS — With all the cosmic imagery on his recent albums, Conor Oberst could not have asked for a better setting than the riverfront park where

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Bright Eyes: The People’s Key

On The People's Key, Conor Oberst bids farewell to an adolescence marked by histrionics and artistic restlessness. Even enfants terribles have to grow up sometime.

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Jesse Harris: Through the Night

The through-line of Through the Night seems to be a pared-down, unfussy approach to music that clearly comes from the heart.

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Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band: Outer South

Conor Oberst's post-Bright Eyes growing pains continue with an overstuffed, half-baked album that feels more like a compilation.

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Conor Oberst is slated to release his first solo album in over a decade on August 5th. If Oberst wasn’t already busy enough being

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Bright Eyes: Motion Sickness: Live Recordings

This collection of live recordings from Oberst's 2005 tour provides the link between his previously unhinged emotion and his new, more relaxed country persona.

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30 Sep 2007 // 10:58 PM

Various Artists: This is Next

The world is better for every new pair of ears that gets turned on to Of Montreal and Ted Leo. The only real question is this: do you really need this album to begin with?

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23 Apr 2007 // 11:02 PM

Bright Eyes: Four Winds

“Restrained” is a word not often seen in Bright Eyes reviews, but it’s the best way to describe this new EP by Conor Oberst and friends.

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10 Apr 2007 // 11:00 PM

Bright Eyes: Cassadaga

Conor Oberst has (mostly) left his indulgences behind, settling down to create an American indie rock album of substance, maturity, and passion. This is the Bright Eyes we've been waiting for.

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19 Feb 2007 // 9:00 PM

Bright Eyes: In Defense of Preciousness

Despite all the self-absorption, and directly in spite of criticisms about the brittle timber of Conor Oberst's much commented on voice, Feldman lays her love for Bright Eyes out in public to defend the mysterious power of the hope that slips through the cracks in Bright Eyes' usually gloomy demeanor.

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Bright Eyes: Noise Floor (Rarities: 1998 – 2005)

Rewarding hodge-podge of treasure and trash continues the journey of Bright Eyes.

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	Bright Eyes: I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning / Digital Ash in a Digital Urn

Together, though, they should elevate Oberst, for better or worse, into the big leagues of American songwriters.

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1 Feb 2005 // 1:00 AM

The guy who was once labeled an extremely talented -- though a tad simplistic - is now a troubadour of depth and complexity.

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23 Apr 2003 // 1:00 AM

Photo Credit: Cori Taratoot If you’ve ever stared at a blank page, waiting for inspiration, Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes might just piss you

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29 May 2000 // 4:00 PM

	Bright Eyes: Fevers and Mirrors

For Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes, depression is a catalyst. Oberst doesn’t just broadcast the pain of suffering from depression, but the confusion the

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31 Dec 1994 // 11:03 PM

Bright Eyes: Every Day and Every Night

I’ll say up front I know very little about Bright Eyes. I do know they have at least one prior full-length album to their

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//Mixed media

NYFF 2017: 'Mudbound'

// Notes from the Road

"Dee Rees’ churning and melodramatic epic follows two families in 1940s Mississippi, one black and one white, and the wars they fight abroad and at home.

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