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Tuesday, March 24 2009

Part 3: The Sixth Sense to Fight Club (August - October 1999)

Films that have left a lasting impression on their creators (M. Night Shyamalan, Sam Mendes, David Fincher) make up the majority of Part Three of our Films of 1999 overview.

Monday, October 20 2008

What Just Happened

Less an expose than a recap of what even casual observers of the industry know or intuit, What Just Happened relies on clichés even as it deplores them.

Wednesday, September 10 2008

Talk, Talk, Talk: November 2008

Like the sainted sigh of relief that comes after another shriek-filled All Hallow's Eve, November usually means the start of the 'nominate me' process for the proposed prestige pictures of 2008.

Tuesday, September 9 2008

Talk, Talk, Talk: October 2008

What studio suit thought this was a good idea? With four months to schedule your high priced efforts, you instead unload almost 30 overpriced pictures on an unsuspecting movie audience.

Tuesday, March 25 2008

The Perfect Lean, Mean, Macho Machine

The Die Hard series is a true rollercoaster of visual excesses guaranteed to raise the viewer’s adrenaline levels – while invoking intriguing ideological and cultural subtexts that deal with race, gender, masculinity, and social anxieties.

Wednesday, January 2 2008

Live Free or Die Hard

Bruce Willis' career may not have mandated a fourth trip into Die Hard territory. Who knew that action fans needed it so badly?

Sunday, September 23 2007

Perfect Stranger

It’s not so much the endless heavy-handed clues, outmoded dialogue, or totally untrustworthy traits of the main characters that make the movie so unforgivable; it’s the purposeless ending that eschews all previous traits, dialogue, and clues.

Monday, July 2 2007

Die Hard Neocon

In yet another Die Hard film this summer, Bruce Willis will reprise his role as John McClane. But can the public stomach the implicit politics that animate him?

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