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15 Jul 2009 // 7:28 AM

More than homophobic, ‘Bruno’ offends most everyone

“How do you protect yourself from being attacked by homosexuals?” Sacha Baron Cohen asks in “Bruno,” his latest guerrilla-style, envelope-nuking spoof. But while Cohen’s

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13 Jul 2009 // 3:02 AM

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City hotelier Blaine Proctor makes his screen debut in “Bruno.” Involuntarily. “We signed a waiver under false pretenses,” he explained. Proctor,

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12 Jul 2009 // 12:50 PM

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Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Bruno’ is an equal opportunity offender

Among the narrowly focused special-interest groups poised to get lathered up over “Bruno” — comic-critic Sacha Baron Cohen’s new exercise in carefully calibrated bad taste —

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Sacha Baron Cohen’s newest comedy, Bruno is already being met with a smack-down by gay rights activists who are calling the character’s stereotypical

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//Mixed media

The Moving Pixels Podcast Looks at the Scenic Vistas and Human Drama of 'Firewatch'

// Moving Pixels

"This week we consider the beautiful world that Campo Santo has built for us to explore and the way that the game explores human relationships through its protagonist's own explorations within that world.

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