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“Lots of Tight Jean Moments”: An Interview with BT

Having just released a new double-disc album, BT sits down to talk about writing songs in code, Avatar, his 400-pound chrome pony, and -- yes -- those many "tight jean moments" he's prone to.

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5 Jul 2007 // 11:01 PM

Tiësto: Elements of Life

On Elements of Life, Tiësto goes straight for what he knows, with another set of techno-trance anthems designed to get the dancefloors bumping.

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21 Jul 2004 // 10:00 PM

	BT: The Technology EP

When listening to trance music, one must consider the time and place of its origination. One must also take into account the artist and his/

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3 Sep 2003 // 10:00 PM

	BT: Emotional Technology

Far be it from me or any critic to trash an artist for pushing the envelope. But BT doesn’t so much push the envelope

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4 Nov 2002 // 10:00 PM

	BT: 10 Years in the Life

I’m going to try to write about this two-disc compilation without being mean or snarky about it. Believe me, there’s plenty to be

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16 Aug 2000 // 3:00 PM

It's been said about a thousand times that electronica needs a face before it can become a part of the US pop music mainstream.

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5 Jun 2000 // 3:00 PM

	BT: Movement in Still Life

There is no reason for BT to not be a star. With his amazing gift for mixing hip-hop, electronica, and rock into transcendently danceable music,

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The Moving Pixels Podcast Explores 'This Is the Police'

// Moving Pixels

"This week we take a look at the themes and politics of This Is the Police.

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