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26 May 2011 // 10:00 PM

Daedelus: Bespoke

What's the trade off for accessibility? Here, it's an album custom fit to suit its creator but brimming with ideas.

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10 Sep 2009 // 6:43 AM

Busdriver’s hip-hop delivery is fast and creative

When it comes to word speed and creativity, rapper Busdriver runs over Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg and the rest of mainstream hip-hop culture. Born Regan Farquhar,

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2 Aug 2009 // 10:00 PM

Themselves: theFREEhoudini

"Party Rap Sucks", goes the title of one track here, but if anything this sounds like a wholly celebratory record.

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7 Jun 2009 // 10:00 PM

Busdriver: Jhelli Beam

The latest from Regan Farquhar would be a train wreck in the hands of a lesser man. Instead, fans are treated to another dose of verbal head-trip conscious rap with a side of phat.

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22 Mar 2007 // 3:46 AM

The guy who goes by the name of Busdriver is used to being categorized. Rapper. Poet. Progressive hip-hop provocateur. But the one that really struck

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23 Jun 2005 // 1:00 AM

This MC is too good, too talented and too clever to become a token rapper for well-off liberal arts majors.

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	Busdriver: Fear of a Black Tangent

You're standing at a bus stop. The bus is late, and when it pulls up, the driver looks a little freaked-out and is blasting some bastardized, neo-prog rap. Question: Are you on or off?"

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//Mixed media

NYFF 2017: 'Mudbound'

// Notes from the Road

"Dee Rees’ churning and melodramatic epic follows two families in 1940s Mississippi, one black and one white, and the wars they fight abroad and at home.

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