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Irmin Schmidt and Bruno Spoerri - “Two Dolphins Go Dancing” (Singles Going Steady)

"Two Dolphins Go Dancing" is a track from the upcoming career anthology of avant-garde composer Irmin Schmidt entitled Electro Violet that releases on 4 December via Mute Records.

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Daft Punk Is Playing at Your House: 10 Essential Dance-Rock Albums

Today, the intersection of dance music and rock music seems only natural. However, the process has been in the making for decades, and this list provides an introduction to ten of the best albums this genre combination has to offer.

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At its best, Cologne's Phantom Band offered a sense of what Can might have sounded like had the group pursued its original vision into the 1980s.

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14 Feb 2006 // 11:00 PM

	Can: Can DVD

Capture Can's potent, not to mention legendary, live presence during their peak years.

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21 Mar 2004 // 11:00 PM


Finally, a DVD from one of the most groundbreaking German bands in the history of recorded music. Holger Czukay, Irmin Schmidt, Jaki Liebeziet, Michael Karoli,

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//Mixed media

The Thoughtful Absurdity of 'Spaceplan'

// Moving Pixels

"Spaceplan is a goofy game that still manages to pack a potent emotional punch.

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