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Tuesday, August 22 2006

Summer in the Cities

It is time to face a fundamental vacation truth: no matter how post-touristic we like to think we are, no matter how much money we throw at travelling halfway around the world in order to escape our mundane routine lives, there are only two types of holiday-goer and both are of the Real Touristik variety.

Wednesday, June 14 2006

From the Beautiful Game to le beau jeu

On French footballers playing in England, and the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

Monday, May 8 2006

The Cult of Mediocrity: Jane Birkin, Serge Gainsbourg and the Medio-cultural

The UK and US are often accused of promulgating the cult of celebrity because of their post-industrialist, neo-liberal take on the world that sees culture as a commodity. France, however, is guilty of pandering to the cult of mediocrity.

Monday, April 17 2006

The Learning Curve

Costambeys-Kempczynski imagines a French version of The Apprentice. The day after the first episode is aired, French employees would stand around the coffee machine, point at each other, and shout 'Vous êtes muté!'; that is, 'You're Transferred!'.

Monday, March 13 2006

Going Cuckoo

Homeland Security resides with the Ministry of Agriculture. From mad cows to birds with the lurgy: there's no getting away from biological warfare. Channel Crossings takes a political detour to see why British and French ministers never bite the hand that feeds them.

Wednesday, February 8 2006

How to Earn Your Anti-social Badge of Honour

Awright all you bus-riding yobs! Fix up! Look sharp!

Wednesday, November 30 2005

The Good Old Days Tomorrow Brings

'Tis difficult for a modern man of means and ability to be the intellectually, culturally, environmentally, absolutely inclusively-thinking global specimen of the species the world demands of him. New Puritans and Neo-Cromwellians battle for his soul.

Thursday, October 6 2005

I Drink Therefore I Am

One can't be left alone to indulge one's poison, these days, without some bothersome governmental agency, or the busy-body press, sticking its nose in one's businesses.

Sunday, September 11 2005

We Say ‘No’; You Say ‘Non’. Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off.

England vs. France. A bit of good humour on both sides, heard just above the snarls.

Wednesday, May 11 2005

When the Bulbs Flicker in the City of Lights

There was a time when a simple trip cross the English Channel would place your social status in the ascendancy, much like serving in the colonies in the 19th century. But nowadays in Paris, try finding an affordable broom cupboard of one's own.

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