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Sunday, March 22 2009

Part 1: The Thin Red Line to Star Wars Episode I (January - May 1999)

The first part of PopMatters' look back at the films of 1999 is bookended by the long awaited return of two cinematic auteurs of wildly different styles, Terrence Malick and George Lucas.

Thursday, August 28 2008

Robert Frank: The Complete Film Works: Volumes 1, 2 & 3

As Frank’s films reveal, a lack of access to avant-garde cinema is a collective denial of a vital part of our selves.

Wednesday, January 16 2008

Accepting the Blame: The Top Guilty Pleasures of 2007

PopMatters proffers its collection of 2007's most notable defective faves. And it's okay to laugh. After all, we'd probably do the same to you and your uncomfortable fixations as well.

Friday, August 31 2007

Balls of Fury

What really gives the cinematic pallet a high-quality cleansing is a ripe old fashioned dose of certifiable stupid.

Friday, July 20 2007

Hairspray (2007) (2007)

Hairspray doesn't just replay Waters' film, it extends and complicates the original parody.

Thursday, July 19 2007

Hairspray (2007)

When Hairspray is good, it’s fantastic. It radiates an energy and a joy that’s beyond infectious.

Wednesday, July 18 2007

Ice cream server one day, ‘Hairspray’ star the next

Wednesday, May 2 2007

Monkey Business (Part 3: July)

Finally, a month with only one remaining series contender. All wizard based Potter-y aside, this will be the most tenuous time for the business called show. After a strong start, the eccentric collection of entertainments here could make or break this potentially record shattering motion picture season.

Monday, October 16 2006

Click (2006)

At heart, Click is a trivial movie that asks an important question about life, the universe, and everything: how on earth can a man who's doing Kate Beckinsale on a regular basis be at all dissatisfied with his life?

Friday, October 13 2006

Man of the Year (2006)

The troubles with Barry Levinson's movie are many, including an erratic pace and too many unfunny diversions, but the primary issue, strangely, is its lack of pointed political humor.

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