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3 Oct 2010 // 10:00 PM

Clinic: Bubblegum

Clinic returns with yet another solid album, this time turning the volume down and letting the '60s psych-pop haze pour in.

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Clinic - Bubblegum (new album / stream)

Clinic has announced that their sixth album, titled Bubblegum, will be released on Domino October 4 (UK) and October 5 (US). Domino has also provided a brief

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Artsy, abstract, droning and electronic. Interesting stuff from Clinic.

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18 Jul 2008 // 6:20 AM

Mercury Rev, Clinic, PAS/CAL…

Mercury Rev Senses on Fire [MP3]       Clinic Tomorrow [Video] PAS/CAL Glorious Ballad of the Ignored [MP3]    

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9 Apr 2008 // 11:02 PM

Clinic: Do It!

I'm beginning to lose hope in the idea that Clinic have yet to unleash their opus.

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8 Apr 2008 // 6:15 AM

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Glue Girls [MP3]       Think I Wanna Die [MP3]       The

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17 Jun 2007 // 11:00 PM

Clinic: Funf

The album title isn't a typo. The extra F is for frustrating.

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21 Jan 2007 // 9:00 PM

Clinic: Visitations

Though not quite as good as their first two CDs, Visitations is a strong and nicely varied album that finds Clinic back in the groove.

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	Clinic: Winchester Cathedral

Clinic are a band with a sound, but are they also a band with a shtick? Call it what you will—consistency versus predictability, innovation

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6 Nov 2002 // 1:00 AM

I didn’t catch much television this summer, but I caught about ten minutes on two separate occasions of Fox’s Gong Show-esque 30 Seconds to

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17 Apr 2002 // 1:00 AM

In 39 minutes, the world is going to end. We are all waiting for that end to begin. There’s a sickness in the air, like

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	Clinic: Walking With Thee

It certainly feels as if things are starting to shift, right? Britney Spears launches an (ahem) acting career, Ryan Adams making a (relative) splash at

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17 Sep 2001 // 4:00 PM

	Clinic: Internal Wrangler

In a recent Spin feature, the members of Radiohead were asked to name their favorite albums of 2000. The one record that showed up on all

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//Mixed media

U2's 'The Joshua Tree' Tour Reminds the Audience of their Politics

// Notes from the Road

"The Joshua Tree tour highlights U2's classic album with an epic and unforgettable new experience.

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