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12 Apr 2011 // 8:20 AM

U2 sets record for highest-grossing tour

LOS ANGELES — U2 isn’t a band that does things on the cheap. When frontman Bono and guitarist The Edge went to Broadway, they did

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22 Mar 2009 // 9:59 PM

The (Un)lonely Crowd

A festival pass no longer guarantees a communal experience for music lovers. Instead, appreciating events like SXSW is now about social networking and utilizing new technologies. So what does this say about the future of "the concert"?

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11 Feb 2009 // 6:53 AM

Concert ticket prices have doubled in the last decade, and consumers can expect no relief now that Live Nation and Ticketmaster, the two most powerful

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16 May 2008 // 4:43 AM

Are cell phones ruining the concert experience?

What if you gave a concert and the crowd refused to watch? It’s not as far-fetched as it seems. As more and more concertgoers

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	Michel Portal / Richard Galliano: Concerts

The squeezebox is definitely back beyond being damned by George Shearing’s repeating the old definition of a gentleman: a man who could play the

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//Mixed media

Players Lose Control in ‘Tales from the Borderlands’

// Moving Pixels

"This is an interactive story in which players don’t craft the characters, we just control them.

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