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4 Jun 2014 // 2:06 AM

Miranda Lambert: Platinum

Here's a chart-baiting country album that also happens to be an exploration of the spoils, perils, and hypocrisies of female stardom.

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You Can’t Make Old Friends: An Interview with Dolly Parton

On the occasion of the release of Blue Smoke, Dolly Parton talks to PopMatters about her songwriting process, her legacy, and the stories behind her strongest collection of songs in years.

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20 Jul 2011 // 10:00 PM

Dolly Parton: Better Day

The songs are purposefully generic, designed to resonate with the most people at once. Think of this as Dolly’s Life Lessons.

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18 Jul 2011 // 8:30 AM

For Dolly Parton, it’s just instinct

Don’t get Dolly Parton started about end-of-the-world prognosticators. The Country Music Hall of Fame member was raised and remains devoutly religious, as she demonstrated

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Saint Fonda in the Backyard: The Iconic Jane Works It Out

Golden Age Hollywood scion, feminist activist, and general all-around bad-ass Jane Fonda is back, and this time out, she is hitting the campaign trail on behalf of the health of boomers and senior citizens. Fonda keeps Mazur on task and on his toes during this exclusive interview, preferring to focus on fitness rather than feminism or cinema.

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21 Oct 2008 // 2:42 AM

Dolly Parton is down home, or so I am told. Oh, she absolutely looks that way on TV and in concerts. She’s an adorable

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Smart Blonde: Dolly Parton, by Stephen Miller

The frisson between the dual natures of Parton’s appeal, that of a serious musician versus that of a dumb blonde, have made her an enigma.

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Dolly Parton: Backwoods Barbie

Backwoods Barbie has dramatic cheatin’ songs and giddy fun alike, with Parton tapping into both her tacky-glamour persona and her serious songwriting skills for a varied collection of songs that ranks among her best.

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Sarah Borges: Diamonds in the Dark

With her compelling sophomore album, this catchy, rock-country singer-songwriter shows why she should be a star.

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Growing Up Hurts: Dolly Parton’s Albums of “Independence”

The songs in the new Dolly Parton re-issue series illustrate her story of attaining stardom, of growing up in a one-room cabin in the mountains of Tennessee as one of 12 children and then leaving that all behind for a career in Nashville.

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3 Apr 2006 // 4:00 PM

9 to 5: Sexist, Egotistical, Lying, Hypocritical Bigot Edition (1980)

Producer and star Jane Fonda nails it: 9 to 5 endures because of its 'historical synchronicity.'"

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	Dolly Parton: The Essential Dolly Parton

Everyone needs a little Dolly.

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19 Jan 2005 // 11:00 PM

	Dolly Parton: Live and Well

Anyone who thinks Dolly Parton is just the punch-line to a joke about big breasts has clearly never listened to her music. And those who think her music is aimed squarely at simple country folk . . . well, if they got that impression from listening to the stage patter on her otherwise-enjoyable new live album, it's hard to blame them.

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10 Jan 2005 // 1:00 AM

Given the visible solidarity of punk rock lesbians and harmonizing churchgoers, maybe it's time to consider the idea of Ambassador Dolly.

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28 Aug 2002 // 1:00 AM

Before we turn our attention to Dolly Parton’s highly anticipated performance at Chicago’s House of Blues, let’s briefly talk about how a

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	Dolly Parton: Halos and Horns

Although it might seem strange, Dolly Parton’s return to her roots was something of a risk. The first record of her bluegrass trilogy, The

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31 Dec 1994 // 11:03 PM

Dolly Parton: The Grass is Blue

Country’s latest embrace of mall-glam sophistication (see: Faith Hill’s wardrobe for the Breathe booklet) has meant the much-noted betrayal of the music’s

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        Dolly Parton: Little Sparrow

Dolly Parton exudes such charisma and personality that it is easy to forget just what made her a star in the first place. While Parton

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//Mixed media


"No Dollars in Duende": On Making Uncompromising, Spirited Music

// Sound Affects

"On the elusive yet clearly existential sadness that adds layers and textures to music.

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