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Duke Ellington and His Orchestra: The Conny Plank Session

A rare treat for jazz enthusiasts comes in the form of a surprising new addition to Duke Ellington's tremendous catalog.

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Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga: Cheek to Cheek

Cheek to Cheek is a sound pairing between Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, though not without flaws.

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Medeski Martin & Wood: 23 April 2013 - San Francisco

MMW has long demonstrated how a bassist, drummer and keyboardist can impact the sonic landscape with their creativity.

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Jazz’s Wizard of Wit—and Much More—Dave Frishberg

Pianist, singer and songwriter Dave Frishberg, something of a cracked lovechild of Stephen Sondheim and Woody Allen's, is a too-little known miracle. The writer of hip ditties like "Peel Me a Grape" is also much more.

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Graham Reynolds & the Golden Arm Trio: Duke! Three Portraits of Ellington

Jazzical misfit Graham Reynolds exhumes the Duke. It's awesome.

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Duke Ellington Is Heard Loud and Clear on Old 78s, Across Decades of Time

From dusty old 78s placed tenderly on the console to reissue CDs spinning easily on the latest-model boom box, Duke Ellington's music spans generations of technology and memory, as told here by the son of a 90-year-old man who loved the Duke.

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Lil’ Pookie’s America: Some Big Shoes to Fill

How can a kid from the 'hood today measure up to the likes of Duke Ellington? or Hank Aaron? A mythical boy from the 'hood meets these major black American figures through three recent books: 'Duke Ellington's America', 'The Last Hero' and 'Willie Mays'.

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Follow Your Heart: Moving with the Giants of Jazz, Swing, and Rhythm and Blues by Joe Evans

It's fun discovering that Jackie Wilson used to be a prizefighter or imagining band members waking up a drugged-out Charlie Parker right before his solo.

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	Duke Ellington: Love You Madly/A Concert of Sacred Music at Grace Cathedral [DVD]

Call it a Portrait of an Artist as a Gentleman, the reissued Love You Madly/A Concert of Sacred Music at Grace Cathedral captures the sophisticated grace of Duke Ellington.

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	Duke Ellington: The Essential

While even a dilettante such as myself could easily catalog a number of omissions, it wouldn't really serve any purpose -- this set covers the necessary bases in as fleet-footed a fashion as possible.

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	Duke Ellington: Centennial Collection

This is a fair sample of Ellington, planned not blind (or deaf?) just by choosing standard items of repertoire in any old performance, but presenting

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	Duke Ellington: Piano in the Background

The core of this CD was issued as a vinyl LP named in parallel with Elington’s piano trio masterpiece Piano in the Foreground. Ellington

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	Duke Ellington: Piano in the Foreground

The divulging of the contents of an extensive variety of archive tapes from Columbia dates, obviously of late by Thelonious Monk, gave some cause to

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	Duke Ellington: Blues in Orbit

In the vast Ellington discography, Blues in Orbit is a set people have tended to stay fond of. The original vinyl issue combined the results

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	Duke Ellington: Masterpieces by Ellington / Ellington Uptown / Festival Session

If you know anyone who still harbours doubts about Duke Ellington’s pre-eminence as composer and band-leader then tie them to a chair and make

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	Duke Ellington: Cocktail Hour

I hate it when they do that. I don’t care that it’s a bargain-priced reissue. I don’t care that it’s great

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	Duke Ellington: The Duke: The Essential Collection, 1927-1961

It is only now that we are seriously beginning to explore the complexities of African-American performance. For years it has been so easily to interpret

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	Duke Ellington: The Duke at Fargo 1940:  Special 60th Anniversary Edition

The Duke at Fargo 1940 documents Ellington and his band’s famous North Dakota dance-hall performance, recorded November 7, 1940. Over the box set’s two CDs and

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31 Dec 1994 // 11:03 PM

 Duke Ellington Black, Brown & Beige(Columbia/Legacy) Duke Ellington Ellington at Newport 1956(Columbia/Legacy) Duke Ellington Meets Count Basie(Columbia/Legacy) Duke Ellington

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Saul Williams Commands Attention at Summerstage (Photos + Video)

// Notes from the Road

"Saul Williams played a free, powerful Summerstage show ahead of his appearance at Afropunk this weekend.

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